How Does DSers Simplify Your Workflow with Dropshipping Agencies

How Does DSers Simplify Your Workflow with Dropshipping Agencies

When you dropship with agencies, it involves processing batches of CSV files, which inevitably costs you a lot of time and is inefficient.

The pain point between dropshippers and agencies is that, without marketplaces and dropshipping tools like DSers, both parties need to share information through CSV files time and time again. If you dropship with agencies and want to take good advantage of DSers Agency feature to streamline and simplify your workflow, it is important to understand how DSers automates the whole process.

How DSers Agency Feature Works

With the Agency feature, you can bring all your agencies together, map your products with agencies and manage and track your Agency orders in one app.

By simply asking your agency who uses Dianxiaomi as its ERP to connect with DSers, you can enjoy the automated synchronization of order statuses and tracking updates between your Shopify store and your agency’s ERP. That way, you will be able to stay away from the hassle of dealing with CSV files. That surely saves your energy to some degree.

💡 Note: In addition to Dianxiaomi, DSers will partner with more common ERPs in the future. Stay tuned!

How DSers Simplifies Your Workflow

With the integration of ERPs, DSers helps to free you from the order information sync between you and your agency (as highlighted in red in the table) in the agency dropshipping workflow.









Make and pay for an order on your store


Generate the order on Shopify


Send the order info via CSV files to your agency


Calculate the money and ask you to pay


Make payment and notify your agency


Check the payment and upload CSV files to ERP


Request the warehouse to pack packages and shipping providers to ship out them


Get tracking numbers from shipping providers and send them to your agency


Download CSV files with tracking numbers and send to you


Upload tracking numbers to Shopify


Fulfill the order and send an email to your  buyer

Final Word

From above, you can learn that even if you are dropshipping with offline agencies, DSers is useful for you to manage products and process orders. It not only centralizes your dropshipping businesses, but also improves your order fulfillment efficiency.

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