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We’d like to partner with store experts, bloggers, KOLs, app developers,etc.

What is a partner?

You think DSers dropshipping is a great app? So do we! DSers is one of the leaders in the dropshipping and ecommerce industry and is always looking for new opportunities to work with the best people out there. You have a dropshipping plugin or app that fits well with DSers? You are a blogger, a YouTuber or have your own audience? With over 110 000 users, DSers can help you expose your brand and your content to the masses.

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Introduction to DSers Partner Program Possibilities

How to become a partner?

It’s simple, click on the Become partner button, create your Partner account and enter your information.
Our partner team will then contact you back with your dedicated link and all the details you will need!

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Apply for partnership and get your affiliate link

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Recommend DSers to your audience the way you want

DSers Partner Program Promotion


Earn a part of all the subscription payment we receive from your link

Why become a partner?

With your dedicated affiliated link, you will be able to earn from 10 to 30% of the subscription revenue generated from your link for up to 12 months! Simply share the link with your audience, or use it in banners, and enjoy the benefits! Once your partner account is created, DSers will provide you with all the details to login to your partner account and follow your progress.

DSers Partner Program Introduction

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