AliExpress Product Research: Strategies to Maximize Profits During Off-Season

AliExpress Product Research: Strategies to Maximize Profits During Off-Season

There’s no doubt in the fact that the product you are selling is the king! What is the reason?

People visit your dropshipping store for your products. Hence, it seems logical to focus on product research when you hit off-season for your main product. While you may already know basic AliExpress product dropshipping and research strategy, we have explained some valuable unique tips for off-season product research.

AliExpress Product Research: Lesser Known Strategies

How can you strengthen your off-season strategy? Is there a way to maximize your profit in the off-season? We have explained nine lesser-known tricks for product research. Keep reading for more details.

1. Facebook Ads

One of the best tricks is to use Facebook intelligently.

When you see an ad for ecommerce on Facebook, you should click it, add a product to the cart, and leave it. Now, that makes Facebook algorithms think that you are a potential customer. Therefore, as soon as you abandon the cart, Facebook follows you. It starts offering you similar products from the same or different ecommerce platforms.

After abandoning your cart, when you visit your Facebook, you will see many of these ads come up. You can search these products on AliExpress and add them to your dropshipping store.

Now, as a new dropshipper, you may want to ask how to know which product is the best for your store. For this, you simply check how popular the product is, what is the rating, and how many people have reviewed it. You can also use Google Trends for details.

Similar to the above trick, there’s another Facebook method for product research. You can randomly search on Facebook with keywords. For example, 50% off. You will see many ads show up. You can select the ones with more likes and evaluate if this would be the right product for your AliExpress product dropshipping store.

2. Viral Videos

Another important tip for product research is to follow pages that post viral videos. You can follow these pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram. In viral videos, you may find products that are not really trending currently but may become popular in the near future.

When you spot these products, quickly visit Google Trends and search the trend for the product. This will help you know if the product is reaching peak trend or not.

3. Game Ads

Similar to Facebook Ads, Ads in between games also show you relevant products. If you have clicked on a trending product on the internet while using your phone, you may receive relevant ads when playing games as well. If you click on one of these ads and view the product, you may receive many more ads of related products. This trick may additionally offer your more insights into trending products.

4. Short-Term Trends

Many trends are short-term. For example, fidget cubes. These were important for a short period of time and everyone was buying them. If you may have pitched in this short-term trend at the right time, you may have made a lot of money. Isn’t it?

Therefore, the fourth most important tip for product research is to find products with proven results. Fortunately, you may already know about these crazy hits because you are also a customer. As the trend rises, you will start noticing it on your own social media. So, always keep an open eye for short-term trends.

5. Use Google Trends

Most of the successful AliExpress product dropshipping businesses use Google Trends to validate products. We have already referred to this in many of our contents.

The reason behind this is simple: Google Trends offer a deep insight into how much popular a product is in a particular region. You can check various related products, search-relevant keywords, and filter by different factors to know whether a product is worth putting on your dropshipping store or not.

For every trick that we are discussing in the list, you can cross-validate everything on Google Trends. For example, if you go to Google Trends right now and search Fidget Spinner (while adding filter Worldwide for the past 5 years), you will see a sharp rise in demand.

6. Check the Sales

When you are dropshipping AliExpress products, you can check the number of products sold. So, if you land on a product that seems relevant, you can actually see how many pieces of the product have been sold by the seller. If the number is increasing, then you can consider using this product on your dropshipping website.

7. Check Rating

You can easily check the rating of the product on Amazon, AliExpress, Google Reviews, and other platforms. This will help you know whether a product is valuable or not. You can easily understand if users are liking the product or not.

However, here, we are talking about seller rating. That is what we are interested in. Visit the AliExpress seller page and deeply understand the seller review. You need to read reviews, evaluate the number of reviews, and see the rating as well.

For example, if you find a seller with 4,000 reviews and a 10,000 rating, which means a 4.8-star rating, then you should order products from the seller.

8. Use Smart Seller Search

For smart seller search, you can use a dropshipping tool like DSers.

Visit our website and download DSers chrome extension. This extension helps you integrate your AliExpress account to the tool and manage everything from a centralized location. You can manage your products, find sellers intelligently, and support customers.

How DSers smart search helps find sellers?

DSers has an in-built AI engine that helps you find a better supplier for a variety of products. On AliExpress, you can always find more than one listing for a product category. Which one should you buy? Obviously, you would prefer buying from a seller with a good rating, fast shipping, lower pricing, and high quality. Fortunately, DSers Supplier Optimizer already figures out these factors for you and helps maximize profits.

You can identify the right seller for products identified from all the methods and maximize your profits.

9. Check Competitors

Lastly, check competitor websites to see what they are selling in the off-season.

What is the competitor’s off-season strategy?

There are two ways to achieve it:

· You can simply visit competitor websites and see products they are selling. If there is something that you are interested in, you can start selling it too.

· Another off-season strategy is analysis on AliExpress. Let’s see how it is done:

When you go on AliExpress, look for trending products in a category. You need to see how many are sold.

For example, if 1500 units of this product are sold, then that is a good sign. You can get a very high count as well. However, that would also mean more competition. So, this is a good number to start with.

Open the reviews section or rating section of the product. Check how many ratings are there. If you find only 300 reviews, then that means other purchases are from dropshipping stores. This gives you an idea of how many people are actually purchasing the particular product from dropshipping vendors.


Product research is a crucial activity for dropshipping businesses. Considering the nature of the business model, product research is the only factor that makes your surge ahead of competitors. Therefore, use the above off-season strategies to maximize your profits.

Don’t forget to use DSers Chrome extension to improve seller and product research. Check more details on our website.

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