DSers Bundle Products:
Create Pack Of AliExpress Products
What Is DSers Bundle Products
Upsells are an important part of online ecommerce business. Being able to increase the average cart value can be a game changer for your store! With DSers, you can create pack of products, from different AliExpress suppliers. Those product bundles are a good chance to provide new attractive offers , discount and reduced price to your clients while, at the same time, selling more products together than you might have been able to normally, if you were to sell them separately.

How To Create Bundles Of Products

Create Your Future Bundle
First you have to create the future bundle product shell. For that, access your online store backend system. This means that you need to create a product, with a name, picture and also, possibly, different variations if you want to include different bundle in the same product, or sell different size of the bundle for example.
Import The Product In DSers
Once you product is created in your store, you need to import it to DSers to connect it to the AliExpress suppliers you want to use. This takes only a few seconds. Click the “ Import Store Products ” button and select the product you newly created to add it to the list of online product available in your DSers account.
Connect AliExpress Suppliers
Now that your product is in DSers, you need to decide which AliExpress supplier you want to use. You can have up to 5 different products in the same variations. Import each AliExpress supplier you want and then select which variant you want to sell in your bundle. You can select multiple variations of the same supplier, to sell two different colors of the same t-shirt, or you can select different product from other supplier, it’s up to you!
Add More Suppliers
With the bundle product, you can have a lot of variation for the same bundle, it’s all about your needs and your ideas. The more variations you have, the bigger the changes you have to sell more. Of course, you can create even more bundles to sell different pack of products to increase your offer variety!