DSers Auto Update Order Status:
Auto Updates Aliexpress Order Status
What Is Auto Update Order Status
Keeping track on the status on each individual order is paramount in ecommerce online businesses. DSers is here to help you making sure that you know in what conditions are your orders. Is this order placed? Is it shipped? Was there an issue in my store or in AliExpress? With our dropshipping technology, we are able to automatically keep track of the status and information of all your orders. New orders will appear as soon as you receive them and orders will be moved to different tabs according to their current standing.

How Order Status Auto Update Works

Different Order Status
Your order will go through a lot of different stages and it’s very important to know what to do with each of them. You may have received an order which is not paid yet, so you should know that you need to contact the buyer to let him know you can’t process this order yet, in the same way, you should know if an order has been canceled or fulfilled!
Automatic Checking
DSers dropshipping will automatically check the status of the order in your online ecommerce store and in AliExpress after you have placed the order. Regularly, our system will launch a synchronization cycle to individually verify each of the orders and will then update the status in DSers and in your store if necessary.
Automatic fulfillment
The order status automatic update is especially useful once you have paid the orders on AliExpress. Because DSers automatically synchronize the status and information of an order, you don’t have to do anything anymore after the payment. DSers will sync the order as paid and will then sync the tracking number.