Create An Attractive Sales Offer of Dropshipping Products

DSers lets you edit the products from multiple AliExpress dropshipping suppliers and launch different product offers, such as BOGO and bundle, to boost sales.

Buy One Get One Offer
How to make your product offer stand out from the rest in the dropshipping business? It is known that there are many people selling similar products, you can even easily find the same products on AliExpress. Creating a Buy X Get Y offer can be a great way to give the extra nudge to attract and convert potential customers. The lowest price may not be the best marketing strategy for retailers but the Buy X Get Y offer can make customers feel like they're getting the best deal at a lower price and more items.
Create A BOGO Offer
When you're editing a product in DSers, you can easily find the BOGO feature in the product mapping page. DSers allows you to add several products from multiple AliExpress suppliers to one product offer. For example, you have the sneakers in white, black and blue but want to promote the white ones. You can create the ''Buy 1 pair of White Sneakers Get 2 pairs of Socks for Free'' offer only for the white sneakers by importing shoes from supplier A and add socks from supplier B when you map the product.
Product Bundle Offer
As mentioned above, it's key to make your product unique from other competitors, especially when you're running a dropshipping business. In addition to redesigning the product pictures and modifying the title and description, selling products in a bundle offer can be of great help to boost sales. Based on your marketing strategies, you can let the product bundle offer look like one unique product offer or a bundle offer of sales products using the DSers Bundle Offer feature.
Bundle Products As You Want
To make things clearer, take an example where you are selling a phone case in a bundle. You can find a beautiful phone strap and combine it with the phone case as a product bundle. Though they may come from different suppliers, DSers allows you to bundle them in one product and place orders to those suppliers at the same time. If you want to sell the phone case with the screen protector, you can match them as you want, such as ''Transparent Phone Case + Curved Edge Screen Protector'' and ''Black Phone Case + Full Cover Screen Protector''. The combination possibilities are limitless and you can create the perfect offers for your customers to convert them.

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