Manage Multiple Stores in One Place

DSers saves your time and energy on managing multiple stores from different ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix in one place.
Connect Multiple Stores with DSers

Connect Multiple Stores with DSers
With DSers ecommerce integrations, you can connect your stores from Shopify, Woocommerce, and Wix with DSers. Therefore, it becomes easy and quick to manage multiple stores with DSers dashboard without logging into your accounts on different ecommerce platforms. DSers allows you to create and edit products for each store and manage orders together or separately.
Manage Orders in One Place
All orders from every store linked with DSers will be synced automatically to DSers dashboard. You can manage them as you like by simply selecting "All stores" or one store name. DSers also makes it easy to search for specific orders by queries and filter orders by note, customer name, email, tracking number, order date, country information, etc. The most amazing part is letting you place 100s of orders to AliExpress in seconds in batches.
Set Up Pricing Rules to Multiple Stores
It's common for dropshippers to run multiple stores selling various products in different types of niche markets. DSers helps you create and apply pricing rules to multiple stores. For example, the costs and margins vary according to your selling products like shoes, phone case, and outdoor equipment. You can make a price rule by setting up the product cost range, shipping cost, profit margin, breakeven and more advanced options to ensure the best price for your products.
Customize Tracking Notifications for Each Store
In order to help you better manage multiple stores, DSers optimized the tracking settings for sending fulfillment notification emails to different stores. You can activate and deactivate the Shopify Shipping Confirmation mail in DSers. You can customize the email template for different stores. By turning it on for a store, Shopify will automatically send the email to your customer once a tracking number has been generated from AliExpress and synced to DSers.

Manage Multiple Stores on Shopify,
WooCommerce and Wix Using DSers!