Marketing Strategies and Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2022

Marketing Strategies and Tips for Black Friday & Cyber Monday in 2022

The secret to sticking out in a sea of advertising is to plan a Black Friday marketing campaign. And for that, you must understand it! Every store, brick and mortar or eCommerce, has advertising deals. Customers are actively seeking them out. So, how do you drag their attention to your product or service?

Understanding Black Friday & Cyber Monday (BFCM: 25-28 Nov, 2022)

The term "Black Friday" is a colloquial term for the day following Thanksgiving. Due to the beginning of the holiday season, it is frequently the busiest shopping day of the year. The origins of Black Friday may be traced to the middle of the 20th century. Black Friday was first used by police in Philadelphia to describe the chaotic traffic on the day following Thanksgiving. For retail companies that relied on holiday shopping, it was effective to get their finances "in the black" (making a profit) as opposed to "in the red" (operating at a loss).

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The duration of a Black Friday sale varies depending on the company. Several well-known firms start offering Black Friday offers before the beginning of November to encourage early holiday shoppers and prepare for erratic delivery schedules. On the other hand, some merchants who sell online begin their Black Friday marketing on Thanksgiving and continue them until Cyber Monday, a holiday shopping event that exclusively takes place online.

Additionally, they may also do more promotional offers and run a different deal each day of that shopping weekend. Small and medium-sized businesses can participate in Small Business Saturday, an event highlighting local and small merchants. Despite having its roots in the US, Black Friday has become a marketing buzzword used by companies all around the world.

Today, we will discuss the top essential eCommerce strategies for your Black Friday campaign:

Top 7 Marketing Ideas for Black Friday to Maximise Sales

Black Friday will attract businesses of all sizes, so developing a strong holiday marketing plan is essential to luring new clients and out-competing big-box stores. To assist you, we have come up with seven of the top Black Friday marketing tactics:

1. Shoppable Content = Brand Sales & Trust

You may start with Shoppable galleries, also known as Shoppable Content, to begin with, the greatest and most useful Black Friday marketing plan. By labelling goods, prices, descriptions, and CTAs, social media or user-generated visual material highlighting a brand's products can be made into shoppable galleries or feeds.

You may compile graphic material, attach items to it, and then distribute these shoppable galleries on your social network profile, emails, or websites. It's an excellent way for online retailers and other businesses to improve profits while spending a small amount on other things like brand recognition and customer engagement.

2. Enhance Social Media Presence to Draw Potential Clients

The number of online shoppers influenced by social media and its Content is always rising in this world of social media addicts. A report indicates that millennials are the most prominent buyers in Black Friday sales. Additionally, the fact that millennials make up the largest segment of social media users supports the necessity of using these platforms to promote a brand's image and its goods.

Brands should plan the post using scheduling applications within a desirable period, i.e., the part of the day when people are most engaged on social media. To increase exposure and sales on Black Friday, brands should prepare their social media marketing strategies well in advance of the sale.

3. Evergreen Tempting Benefits (Offers & Discounts)

You might associate "Black Friday" with significant discounts on popular goods and exciting offers. However, this is not exactly the only thing that the clients receive.

They receive a lot more! Free delivery, simple returns, cash back, extra points, prizes, gift cards, and other perks are only the beginning! All of this is included in this holiday sale to overwhelm shoppers with the brand. It is a clever and efficient technique to expand your consumer base and increase the number of devoted clients.

4. Build Loyalty Schemes for Black Friday

Beyond this quick, one-time offer, Black Friday and Cyber Monday may present an opportunity for something more. Your website will experience a surge in new visitors. You went to great lengths to entice each of them to your store and win their business. However, avoid getting your hopes up too much. Although Black Friday and Cyber Monday are special shopping days that draw large crowds of customers, they seldom return, and the retention rate will be lower than it would be during a typical month.

Both the provider and the recipient gain from an effective referral code. For bringing in a new client, the giver receives a discount or gift, and the recipient also receives one. It's a pleasant experience that increases the likelihood of your offer gaining popularity. This sort of promotion fits perfectly with the Black Friday buying frenzy, "Refer this to a friend and get a considerable discount on your next purchase."

5. Black Friday Email Marketing

One piece of advice that will always be effective for merchants is to notify your clients beforehand. In order to score the finest Black Friday prices, shoppers are tech-savvy and know how to plan their sales season far in advance. Send them a pre-sale teaser email that gives them a sneak preview of what's to come and all the information they require to decide whether to purchase online at least one week beforehand.

In the weeks leading up to Black Friday, send warm-up emails with clues or teases. Start teasing it early to your subscribers so they're on the lookout for the announcement, whether your Black Friday offer is a special discount of up to 70%, an exclusive product, or a completely original campaign. Make sure you have contacted customers who leave their carts unattended before Black Friday.

Some of those abandoned conversions will be picked up by an email automatically sent in response. Additionally, thank them in a follow-up email; it would be a lovely touch. 5-7 days after a sale has ended, is the perfect time to send an automatic thank-you email.

6. Add a Chatbot to Your Website to Simplify Customer Service

More customer service requests resulting from an increase in shoppers. You just should not avoid it. Customers will contact you with FAQs regarding orders, delivery, and returns. Adding a chatbot to your website may streamline and automate your customer support services.

When a customer service agent is required, they may intervene and take over the discussion. The chatbot can handle simple FAQs. Your team may free up time to concentrate on more significant problems by using this technique to reduce the repetitive tasks that are holding them down.

7. Establish a Sense of Urgency

When writing the text for your sale products, show urgency to clients to get them enthusiastic. Customers are more likely to act if your Black Friday marketing conveys a feeling of urgency or scarcity. Creating a sense of urgency is crucial because it attracts attention, among other things. For instance, an email that sticks out and conveys urgency is more likely to get spotted in a crowded inbox than one that does not.

Customers might be urged to shop quickly rather than wait. Customers will be compelled to take advantage of your Black Friday discounts as soon as possible by giving them a limited-time discount or exclusive access to sale products.

What Distinguishes Cyber Monday From Black Friday

After the American Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a shopping day that includes online and physical sales. In contrast, Cyber Monday is an online-only event that takes place the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Final Words

You can use many ways to promote your brand during the 2022 holiday season. Black Friday has historically benefited a lot of shops, and if you take the appropriate steps, it may do the same for your store.

Do thorough research and stay current on any market activity linked to Black Friday Sales in 2022. Keep in mind that your competitors are also moving side by side and providing tempting offers. Make additional efforts and attempt to stand out as much as possible to ensure that Black Friday 2022 is a success for your retail company.

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