10 Best Brand Name Ideas & 3 Free Business Name Generators

10 Best Brand Name Ideas & 3 Free Business Name Generators

When you are setting up your dropshipping business for the first time, there’s so much that goes into planning this move. The biggest hassle is deciding the name.

You have a perfect idea, great tips for the logo, but what is the name? Let's see:

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How can you find a name for your brand that stands out and makes you surge ahead of competitors?

In this article, we have found some unique, viable, and amazing name ideas for business. Check out the list, take inspiration, and find your own unique name. To further make your task easier, we have also suggested three of our favorite business name generators. Here’s a list, have a look.

Check These 10 Name Ideas for Businesses: Get Some Ideas

If you are a dropshipping business, we have found the best name ideas for business. However, don’t get disheartened if you don’t find your favorite name on the list. After this, we have given three business name generators that help you find the right business name for your dropshipping store. Start exploring.

1. Mystic Works

This is generic but one of the best name ideas for business. If you are a dropshipping business selling mystic products like funny socks or other such products, this name will look good on your website.

However, you can always tweak it a bit and check availability on Google. For example, Mystic World or other synonyms.

2. Fusible

The idea behind this best name idea for a business is the ability to fuse with real life. For example, some exemplary products or services that fuse with the daily routine and help you seamlessly.

If you are a dropshipping business selling something relatable, then you can use this business name and even create an amazing logo around it.

3. SeekingYou

If you are selling niche products or delicate items, then you can definitely add this name to your brand. It delivers a unique message to your customers, which spikes curiosity and helps them explore your brand.

For example, delicate wear, candles, or other such products on a dropshipping store can go with this name.

4. QuickCare

As the name suggests, this is the perfect and the best name idea for a business that is in healthcare. For instance, healthcare applications offer supports to patients quickly and almost immediately.

Contrary to this, this can be also a brand name for a personal care brand. If you offer quick beauty consultations or something similar, this is the best name idea for a business.

5. Kid-clo-thing

Any dropshipping business selling out kids’ products or clothing items can use this name. It is quite a unique name for e-commerce. If you use the right designs for the logo and branding, you can easily create a brand value around this name.

Evaluate if the domain of the name matches your requirements before using the name for your business.

6. Invesmart

Today, investment is important for everyone. Therefore, there’s a huge shift in the way people invest their money and save their incomes. Invesmart can be a perfect starting for a business willing to help people in this domain.

If you are creating a community that removes the hassle from investment, this is the best name idea for a business.

7. SecSense

SecSense is basically for security solutions. With the increase in digital adoption due to the pandemic, cyberattacks have also increased. SecSense can be a name of a product that offers cybersecurity to businesses.

This is also the best name idea for a business that is selling security locks or other products that ensure the physical or digital security of the owner.

8. ClassicShopper

Classic Shopper is a minimalistic name for just any dropshipping store. Any dropshipping business can use this name idea for selling products. However, we believe that it might suit a marketplace selling different types of products in a niche or otherwise.

For example, a dropshipping store selling clothing items, accessories, beauty products, etc.

9. CraftyShopper

As the name suggests, this is the best name idea for a business in two cases:

Firstly, you are selling something crafty. For example, crafty cards, customized T-shirts, or other such items are considered crafty.

Secondly, you are selling products that promote the craft. This can include craft supplies, glue sticks, colored paper, painting supplies, etc.

10. Winter ShopHaul

Winter ShopHaul is the best name idea for a business that sells winter products. For instance, a dropshipping store selling sweaters, hoodies, and jackets. Everything related to winters can be sold under this name.

💡 TIP: For all the best name ideas for business that we have discussed above, it is best to first check the availability. Further, use your creativity and modify the names of the business and build a unique name around your goal and purpose.

Here Are the 3 Free Business Name Generators

If you don’t like the name ideas for the business given above, you can open these business name generators and search for the perfect name. Your dropshipping store needs a recognizable name, and these business name generators help you find the same.


Wordlab is a well-known business name generator. It has 7 million and probably more business name options. You only need to sign up to join the community and start searching for a name in your industry.

It is also possible to search directly on the website. Just type a related keyword in the search bar.



Dat-O-Mator gives you some random business name ideas. You have to click the search bar and it will display names. Select the one you like, cross-check for the domain name, and finalize the right name for your dropshipping business.



The last business name generator on the list is Namesmith, where you can get suggestions for names. Here, you type of keyword and it gives you some name suggestions for your business. Basically, try different keywords and see if you can find the name that suits your dropshipping business.


💡 TIP: We believe that the idea is to take inspiration from these business name generators. You have to tweak the name a bit and use a unique brand name for your dropshipping business.

How to Search on Business Name Generators

How can you use the above business name generators for best name ideas for business?

  1. The first step is to open the website on your computer.
  2. On the home page, you will find a search tab.
  3. Here, type a relevant name. For example, for a Candle dropshipping business, you should type Candle.
  4. Explore the options given and select the right name.

You can use various keywords and find the best name ideas for your business.

Dot-O-Mator is a unique business name generator. Here, you have to select Beginning and Ending. This gives the best name ideas for business.


Your dropshipping store should have a unique name, and when you can’t find it, you can use the above business name generators. To make your task simpler, we have also added some customized best name ideas for business. These are some names that we found on the internet or we created internally. Taking inspiration from these ideas, you can change some things and find relevant unique names.

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