Top 10 Business Plan Software to Help with Your Business 2024

Top 10 Business Plan Software to Help with Your Business 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

Business Plan software is a one-stop solution for the entire business plan creation process. It will help you organize information for the business plan and allow you to choose between a traditional business plan or a more dynamic video presentation.

Most entrepreneurs have to rely on the best business software to draft business plans electronically. It works best when they need to show their plans to investors or consulting companies. When using the business plan software of your choice, you'll come across various templates that are basically samples of effective business plans to make your job a bit easy.

Many great business plan software providers focus on essential templates designed for different categories of businesses like service companies, the manufacturing industry, the health industry, the food industry, retail, banks, restaurant, sports and entertainment, education, and so on.

However, there are many business plan software options available to help you create a professional plan that can guide your business to success. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which software is best for your needs. So, this write-up will mention the top ten business plan software to help with your business in 2024, so let's begin with the first one.

1. LivePlan

First, in this list, we have LivePlan, which is effective for those looking for template-rich and affordable business plan software. With LivePlan, you get over 500 free and full-length sample business plans and step-by-step assistance to make a trouble-free start.

1. LivePlan Homepage - DSers

Coming to its features, you get to compare the industry benchmark, gain access to educational materials, a one-page business plan, and more.

As LivePlan is one of the most affordable options you can get, you need to pay as per its plans, and the price for them are:

  • Pay-as-you-go Plan: $20/month (billed monthly)
  • 6-month Plan: $18/month (billed every 6 months)
  • Annual Plan: $15/month (billed annually)

According to some users, using LivePlan requires a learning curve, and they cannot customize the financial projection dates. Apart from that, you get limited third-party integration which can be a major drawback of this software.

2. Cuttles

2. Cuttles Homepage - DSers

When it comes to understanding the whole perspective of growing your business, Cuttles comes forward as the best business plan software. Its fully interactive and guided interface helps entrepreneurs to start businesses more efficiently than they could. In addition, Cuttles has features such as a freemium version to use, a one-page pitch section, proper financial forecasts, a team feature to showcase your team, a multilingual option, and multiple share & export options.

Regarding the prices, most users rely on its freemium plan with limited features, no guidance, and no share & export option. Other than that, you get three plans:

  • Seed Plan - €8 (billed annually) - for startups and early-stage businesses with a one-page business plan template, financial forecasting tools, and investor readiness tools.
  • Grow Plan - €16 (billed annually) - for small to medium-sized businesses with a five-year financial forecast, a pitch deck builder, and a business model canvas.
  • Series Plan - €48 (billed annually) - for larger businesses seeking funding or planning to go public with a detailed financial model, advanced analytics, and a fundraising dashboard.

3. GoSmallBiz

3. GoSmallBiz Homepage - DSers

GoSmallBiz was founded in 1996 by a famous name Fran Tarkenton. This business planning software works efficiently for small business consulting and running your business as you like. GoSmallBiz offers a step-by-step guide to go through every single aspect of the platform and comes with about 100 business templates. In addition, you get reports on your financial data, and you can integrate with social media platforms.

To use GoSmallBiz, the paid plans start at $15/month to $199/year. It is a great option for entrepreneurs who need several additional business tools and a wide range of templates. However, the interface of GoSmallBiz may feel outdated to some, and it can be a bit more costly than other options available.

4. BizPlan

4. Bizplan Homepage - DSers

BizPlan is specifically built for startups, and you can use it for customizable business pitches and planning options to attract investors. It has a modern, and easy-to-use user interface that startups may find highly beneficial. It also comes with a step-by-step business plan builder and multiple drag-and-drop tools to build templates. Coming to its pricing, there is no free trial, but there are three pricing plans to use BizPlan:

  • Monthly Plan: $29/ month
  • Annual Plan: $20.75/ month
  • Lifetime Access Plan: $349

BizPlan provides a financial command center through which you can track all business financials in one place. It also offers a plethora of online courses and the option of unlimited account collaboration. However, BizPlan can be problematic for those looking for industry-based templates and mobile compatibility.

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5. PlanBuildr

5. PlanBuildr Homepage - DSers

PlanBuildr is an excellent business planning software for entrepreneurs and small business owners that helps create comprehensive business plans. It comes with a user-friendly interface through which users can create professional-grade business plans without any prior experience in the same field.

One of the key features of PlanBuildr is its customizable business plan templates. Some pre-built templates are great for restaurants, retail stores, and service-based businesses. In addition, PlanBuildr also includes a financial forecasting tool that enables users to create detailed financial projections for their business.

PlanBuildr comes with a free trial and annual subscriptions as well. The annual subscription is available at $7.99 per month, and you must pay $47 to use PlanBuildr for 60 days.

6. Business Sorter

6. Business Sorter Homepage - DSers

Business Sorter is a cloud-based business plan software that is focused on creating business plans in a more simplified manner. With the help of Business Sorter, you can create an effective business plan in hours and keep track of everything. The reason behind that is the novel 273 card sort system which speeds up the whole process.

You can keep your ideas and thoughts in one place and get effective tips for drafting the strategies. In addition, Business Sorter also provides educational resources for experienced users and multi-device access. Coming to its pricing, Business Sorter offers four different plans, and they are:

  • Small Team Plan: $80/ year for only 3 users (billed annually)
  • Medium Team Plan: $240/ year for only 10 users (billed annually)
  • Large Team Plan: $640/ year for up to 30 users (billed annually)
  • Enterprise Plan: Custom Pricing with unlimited users.

However, there are no video educational resources and limited options for financial planning.

7. Enloop

7. Enloop Homepage - DSers

Enloop is a web-based business plan software created to help entrepreneurs and small business owners create and manage business plans effectively. With the help of artificial intelligence and automated financial forecasting tools, you can easily analyze data and gain valuable insights regarding business growth.

Enloop guides users through the process of creating a comprehensive business plan by providing templates, financial modeling tools, and analysis of key performance indicators. Users can input financial data, market analysis, and operational plans, and Enloop will generate a customized business plan complete with financial projections and charts. In addition, Enloop offers business plan grading, industry benchmarking, and collaboration tools for teams.

Users have to pay $11/ month (billed annually) for the Detailed plan and $24/ month (billed annually) for the Performance plan. However, several users have claimed that the customer support of Enloop can be improved.

8. Upmetrics

8. Upmetrics Homepage - DSers

If you're about to start a business and looking for the right business planning software, Upmetrics would be a good option. It provides almost everything, from planning processes to building growth strategies. You get more than 200 sample plans, step-by-step-step guidance, and financial forecasting options when using Upmetrics. Coming to its reliability, Upmetrics is used by more than 100k entrepreneurs worldwide to plan their businesses and create effective growth strategies.

To use Upmetrics, there's a free demo, and the paid plans include the following:

  • Upmetrics Solo: $9 per month
  • Upmetrics Team: $14 per month
  • Upmetrics Premium: $48 per month

Despite all the useful features, you won't find real-time live tracking of the system when using Upmetrics. In addition, many users have claimed that it creates pretty generic business plan templates and provides financial forecasts for 5 years.

9. PlanGuru

9. PlanGuru Homepage - DSers

PlanGuru is a business plan software known for financial planning and budgeting. You get 20+ forecasting methods, effective performance analyzing tools, and a rolling forecast. With PlanGuru, you also get a rolling forecast, and this tool enables you to assess the potential effects of your expenditures on your cash flow in advance. It helps you make informed decisions about spending and better understand the impact it may have. In addition, PlanGuru works with Quickbooks, Xero, and Excel.

Regarding the pricing, the Monthly plan is available at $99/month, but if you want additional users, it will cost $29/month. Also, the Annual plan is available at $899/year with additional users at $299/year.

However, you'll get no templates for basic plan drafting, and a user must have some prior financial knowledge to use the PlanGuru property.  

10. MAUS MasterPlan

MAUS MasterPlan is a strategic planning and business management software developed by MAUS Business Systems, an Australian-based company. It is highly effective in assisting business owners and managers when forming comprehensive business plans and strategies.

10. MAUS MasterPlan Homepage - DSers

MAUS MasterPlan offers a range of features, including financial forecasting, goal setting, SWOT analysis, and risk assessment. With a myriad of templates and tools for creating business plans, marketing plans, and financial reports, MAUS MasterPlan surely becomes one of the best business planning software out there. The software keeps a structured and well-organized approach to planning and managing the finances, helping them to achieve their goals and grow their businesses.

Coming to its pricing, the Business planning & HR Pack is available at $97/month, the MasterPlan Lean plan at $299/year, and the Business Planning Pack at $499/year.

Overall, MAUS MasterPlan is a useful tool for businesses looking to create a detailed and well-structured strategic plan. It can help businesses to identify their strengths and weaknesses, set achievable goals, and develop a roadmap for success.

Wrapping Up

As you've now gone through the 10 best business plan software available in 2024, you can easily decide which one will fit well for your business needs. You can consider specific features, the pros and cons, and most importantly, your budget to determine the right option for you.

For future recommendations related to eCommerce and other marketing trends, continue reading the blogs available on DSers blog page.

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