Brazil's New CPF Requirements: Adaptation Tips for Dropshippers

Brazil's New CPF Requirements: Adaptation Tips for Dropshippers

According to the Brazilian Government, from 2024, the CPF (Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas) will be the only general identification number in the country and will be required for various services, including taxation on international parcels. For dropshippers selling products to Brazil, customers must provide accurate CPF numbers, else risking failed deliveries.

Fortunately, the government has opened the CPF verification API to major e-commerce platforms including AliExpress. In the near future, AliExpress will most likely release an update regarding the mandate. From December, DSers will also take advantage of the official integration with AliExpress, employing the automatic CPF verification result directly to our users.

Note that the API might have limited capacity. Therefore, it will somehow impact your ordering experience on DSers and AliExpress. Let's delve in how you can best manage orders destined for Brazil and optimise your store accordingly.

Timeline Comparison

Here is a timeline that helps you understand the differences before and after the verification is effective.


DSers/AliExpress Action

Your Ordering Process

Risk Alert

Before December

AliExpress CPF verification is available for individual buyers.

You can still make orders from the DSers app to AliExpress without CPF verification.

Note that directly ordering on AliExpress or using DSers Chrome Extension to order on AliExpress will trigger the CPF verification automatically.

Possible Clearance Failure: 20% chance of random checks causing issues if the CPF verification doesn't match during customs.

After December

DSers displays AliExpress' CPF API verification result.

When you process orders in DSers, automatic CPF verification will be applied for every order. Not-matching CPF will lead to failed orders. 

Delayed Order Processing: Estimated additional 5 seconds for CPF verification per order.

Potential Order Failure: If CPF info doesn't correspond to the recipient's details, the order will be moved to the Failed Order tab in DSers. You will need to update the CPF info to reorder.

Why Does This Matter to Dropshippers

As the government's CPF API is exclusively available for certain platforms like AliExpress, it's crucial for your store customers to provide the correct CPF information. When you place the order to AliExpress, verifying the CPF is a must. If the number doesn't match, the order won't proceed.

In such cases, you'll need to spend extra time and effort to contact the customer for the right CPF details and reorder to AliExpress. So it's important to optimise your storefront to make sure you can smoothly go through the CPF verification.

Tips to Navigate the Changes

Given the restrictions on individual merchants, it's highly recommended to prompt your customers to ensure that the CPF information aligns accurately with the recipient's details before placing an order. This proactive step helps avoid potential shipment delays or order failures.

Optimise Your Store Checkout Process

  • Include a CPF information box in your store's checkout process. (following this guidance)
  • Create a Confirmation Pop-up for customers to double-check CPF accuracy before finalizing the checkout process.

Tips for Solving Ordering Issues

  • Expect slower order processing due to mandatory CPF verification. As mentioned earlier, it may cost an extra 5 seconds even more per order.
  • Report orders taking longer than usual to DSers' customer support for immediate assistance, as the API integration is new and might be causing interruptions.

We understand the significance of these changes for your dropshipping experience and are actively streamlining the verification process and providing professional assistance. Our aim is to ensure a smoother experience for you and your customers despite these enforced regulations.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to our customer support team at Your understanding and cooperation during this transition period are greatly appreciated.

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