How to Dropship with DSers from AliExpress to Shopify - Upgraded Dropshipping Solution

How to Dropship with DSers from AliExpress to Shopify - Upgraded Dropshipping Solution

Buying from AliExpress and selling elsewhere, such as on Shopify is never a secret to making money online. But there are different challenges for people to handle all things between platforms, such as how to find qualified suppliers on AliExpress and how to process orders from Shopify to AliExpress quickly. You may already have been using tools like DSers and Oberlo, the two most popular dropshipping apps on the Shopify app store, to help you save time, energy and increase profits.

To improve your AliExpress dropshipping experience, DSers and Oberlo partner to provide an upgraded dropshipping solution for Shopify merchants. Thanks to the migration tool developed by Oberlo and DSers, starting from May 12, you’re able to migrate your Oberlo data to DSers securely in a matter of minutes to scale your business with better solutions.

How DSers Makes Your AliExpress Dropshipping Easy

DSers is an official partner of AliExpress as well as a trusted partner of Shopify. With the proven integration, you will enjoy a more smooth product sourcing on AliExpress, easier product and supplier management, automated order fulfillment, and more.

1. Product Sourcing & Placement

It’s time-consuming to find the qualified product suppliers for your store. DSers selects the most trustworthy suppliers for you to quickly sell their products on your Shopify stores.

With the DSers Chrome Extension, you are allowed to import products on by clicking on the DSers button that appears next to the Add to Cart button on the AliExpress product page. Besides, whitelisted by AliExpress, DSers helps you place 100 orders in bulk to AliExpress in seconds.

2. Product & Supplier Management

With DSers’ Variant Mapping feature, you can easily manage AliExpress suppliers for products sold on your Shopify store. It helps you merge options that have separate AliExpress listings, replace current items with a better or cheaper version, pull out-of-stock variants from a different supplier, and etc. DSers also enables you to split products with so many SKUs and hide products as you need.

DSers dropshipping

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In addition, the Supplier Optimizer feature facilitates your process of finding new suppliers that sell exactly the same products but with better ratings and cheaper prices. You can easily find alternatives to your current supplier with just a few clicks by using an AliExpress product page URL or even a product picture.

3. Order Fulfillment

Placing orders to AliExpress one after another is quite ineffective and tedious. Integrated with Shopify and AliExpress, DSers syncs your store orders in real-time and allows you to batch place orders to AliExpress in just seconds, which saves you precious time for growing your e-commerce business.

What’s more, to help you increase the order placement success rate, DSers automatically fix your customer order information like error name, phone number or address.

4. Order Tracking & Notification

DSers will get the order tracking number after your order is shipped from AliExpress sellers and push the information to your Shopify store.

With the shipping confirmation email well set, your customers will receive the notifications about their order package. This feature can greatly help you improve your customers’ shopping experience.


DSers is always dedicated to saving you time, energy and increasing your profits with comprehensive and ultimate e-commerce solutions.

To better sell on Shopify with AliExpress, you can upgrade your dropshipping service from Oberlo to DSers with the migration tool. DSers wish you all the success you have ever dreamed of in your online dropshipping businesses. Best of luck!

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