Dropshipping Books - A Complete Guide to Sell Books Online Quickly 2024

Dropshipping Books  - A Complete Guide to Sell Books Online Quickly 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

Many things have changed in our world because of the internet. Email has replaced snail mail for consumers. The reason we don't use long-distance phone calls is because we use Skype. Shopping on Amazon saves us from fighting for parking spaces at the local mall and from battling crowds.

We can also earn a living online selling on Shopify, as we use email to market our products and services, Zoom for meetings, and Google for research.

There are many more disruptions we have experienced due to the internet. Book publishing is one of the industries that have been disrupted the most, and one of those where an individual entrepreneur can easily have a successful online venture. Specifically, dropshipping books online. During the ongoing pandemic, an increasing number of people turn to read paper books at home.

Let's see how to dropship books:

Why Dropship Books Online?

You will find that dropshipping books online offers many advantages for eCommerce entrepreneurs. In the first place, you won't need to worry about expensive shipping costs, depending on the book's size and weight.

The inexpensive ePacket shipping option on AliExpress, or free shipping for most products, makes shipping rates more affordable when you're dropshipping from AliExpress.

Moreover, you can choose from a variety of book suppliers on AliExpress. With a huge selection of dropshipping books for kids and adults, you will find something that appeals to you.

dropshipping books

If you want, you can even add complimentary items, such as pens and art supplies, without any risks. Manage your store without having to buy inventory by adding or removing products.

The Best Reasons to Sell Books Online

The experience of holding a book and opening it, regardless of the availability of eReaders like Kindles, iPhones, and others, still cannot be matched.

Throughout history, books in all sizes, shapes, and categories have proven to be great sellers and make for great items to sell on your dropshipping store.

The global books market size is anticipated to reach USD 159.3 billion by 2028, according to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc.

There are numerous niches in the book market to explore, and the more niche you go, the more opportunities you have to get into hot little pockets of the market that are ultra-lucrative.

If you want to start a dropshipping store, then any book niche is available to you, whether it is Teenage Werewolf Romance Novels or 17th Century Gothic Farmer Poetry.

Best Strategies for Dropshipping Books

1. Carefully Examine Your Supplier's Store

As you've noticed, buyers order and review only a limited selection of AliExpress titles. Therefore, you'll see that few orders have been placed for the majority of the books on the platform. There is no way to tell how good or how trustworthy the product is from this.

2. Request More Detailed Images and Descriptions from the Seller

As soon as your store visitors view the product page, they should understand how it works and what benefits they will receive.

Therefore, your goal is more than to use catchy images and a visually appealing product gallery to showcase the line. There should be useful information in the description, such as age restrictions (if any), the number of pages, type of cover, color of illustrations (if any), and weight. Having these details allows the customer to make an informed purchase decision, and they will believe that you are an expert in what you're selling.

3. Sell What You're Familiar with

Having expertise in the products you sell is one of the best ways to increase profit margins. Because you have first-hand experience with the product, you know what people are looking for in a product of that type.

With this knowledge, you can write more compelling product descriptions, provide better customer service, and create more attractive package deals based on the products you recommend buying together. To sell a product effectively, all you have to do is know more about it than the average buyer or seller.

Reflect on all of the experiences you've gained from hobbies, passions, and interests you've pursued throughout your life.

The most common products you have used are? In your experience with using these kinds of products, what have you learned most sellers aren't aware of?

4. Verify the Language Used in the Books

It is common to see books in both Chinese and English on AliExpress - as well as bilingual books.

types of books

Your target audience will value books that are written in a language that is relevant and appropriate for them.

Several people use books as a means to learn a new language: you don't necessarily have to cater to native speakers.

5. Identify the Potential Target Audience for Your Offer

Who will purchase your books?

It is impossible to design a successful marketing strategy and develop a well-received product offer without knowing the answer to this question. You can collect valuable information about your customers if your business is already running.

6. Consider What Sets You Apart from Others

Is there a reason why people should buy from you rather than a local store? Would your young store make them want to buy books online instead of from a large eCommerce platform?

Are your prices going to be your competitive advantage? Do you have a product range? Do you have a loyal customer base? This is something you should seriously consider.

7. Expand Your Product Offerings after a While

What are your plans for scaling your business?

Your venture can grow in different ways based on the type of book you choose.

Consider adding toys, clothes, accessories, and other items made for children of the same age to your store offer if you sell children's books.

Find art supplies that your customers will happily buy and use if you sell anti-stress coloring books and drawing guides.

You can safely include craft books in your store if you consider the materials and supplies needed by the crafters you want to target.

Doesn't this seem like a fairly natural way to increase your average order value and profits overall?

Where Can You Find the Major Book Distributors?

There will be no shortage of book vendors to choose from since books are so popular.

platforms for selling books online

There are over 129,000 books on AliExpress, over 46,830,000 on eBay, over 1,731,000 on Etsy, and an astonishing number of books on Amazon. You'll need to drill down to multiple categories before you see any books.

This means you can find a book vendor for every need. However, when you consider starting dropshipping book online, AliExpress could still be your first choice as there are many suppliers or manufacturers who support dropshipping model as well as shipping options while you will find it’s not easy to reach suitable suppliers on other platforms.

DSers dropshipping

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Bottom Line

Dropshipping books can be an excellent way to get your business up and running quickly, but as mentioned, it isn't the fastest way to passive income. To successfully dropship books, you must work hard to keep customers happy and returning.

In other words, the dropshipping business model makes it possible for you to sell books online without even investing a penny. However, there’re many preparitions and skills required to help you succeed in dropshipping books online. Best of luck on your dropshipping business. Cheers!

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