Dropshipping Resources: Informative Blogs, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels to Follow

Dropshipping Resources: Informative Blogs, Podcasts, and YouTube Channels to Follow

Over the last few years, dropshipping businesses have certainly evolved a lot. Gone are the days when any run-of-the-mill online store would start working in its initial stage.

Now, you need to be aware of the market trends and must practice cutting-edge eCommerce techniques to be ahead of your competitors. Therefore, to help you excel, I have come up with this extensive list of various dropshipping resources (blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts) that you must follow right away.

The 5 Most Informative Dropshipping Blogs [Freely Accessible]

If you like to read about the latest trends in the dropshipping business or be familiar with the overall steps for setting up your online store, then the following dropshipping resources would come in handy.

1. DSers Blog

DSers, which is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool, has come up with an informative blog that every dropshipping business owner or enthusiast should follow. The official DSers blog features all kinds of content like marketing tips, how-to guides, store setup tutorials, eCommerce news, and so much more.

DSers Blog - DSers

On the DSers blog, you can explore different niche-specific articles listed in numerous categories as well. There are in-depth tutorials to help you set up your dropshipping store with platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, and more. Also, you can get to know about different marketing tactics to grow your business and turn it profitable in the long run.

šŸ’” Know More: DSers Blog

2. Do Dropshipping

As the name suggests, this is one of the best dropshipping resources for beginners. The blog will make you familiar with different dropshipping platforms, back-end tools, and will also teach you how to use them effectively.

Do Dropshipping - DSers
Source: Do Dropshipping

Most of the informative content on the Do Dropshipping blog is targeted at beginners, but it has covered some advanced topics as well.

šŸ’” Know More: Do Dropshipping

3. Conversion Kitchen

For all those who want to level up in their dropshipping business, Conversion Kitchen would be just the perfect blog to follow. It is one of the most informative dropshipping resources, which is freely accessible.

Conversion Kitchen - DSers
Source: Conversion Kitchen

The blog is updated regularly with articles on different topics like reviews, how-to guides, marketing tips, store designing tutorials, inventory management, and more.

šŸ’” Know More: Conversion Kitchen

4. Dropshipping Teacher

From themes for your dropshipping store to niche ideas, you can get to know about all kinds of things on Dropshipping Teacher. The blog is created to ensure that newbies would get 100% free and effective dropshipping resources without getting confused.

Dropshipping Teacher - DSers
Source: Dropshipping Teacher

The website is quite user-friendly and has numerous categories like niche selection, store management, inventory management, white labeling, and so on.

šŸ’” Know More: Dropshipping Teacher

5. Within the Flow

Withing the Flow is another resourceful blog that is followed by several dropshipping enthusiasts. The blog is managed by a team of dropshipping store owners and features all kinds of in-depth articles related to the ongoing industry trends.

Withing the Flow - DSers
Source: Withing the Flow

Apart from that, you can also find tutorials regarding niche selection and store setup on this freely accessible blog.

šŸ’” Know More: Within the Flow

There are also other excellent personal blogs like Manh Tran Blog that share inspiring people. You can always learn from them.

Top YouTube Dropshipping Channels for Beginners and Pros

While there are tons of YouTube channels related to dropshipping and affiliate marketing, the following content creators would be our recommended picks.

1. Biaheza

Biaheza is a young Youtuber who hosts a dedicated channel about dropshipping and related content.

The best thing about the channel is that it is beginner-friendly and would help you come up with an online store with minimum investment.

šŸ’” Know More: Biaheza's Channel

2. Kevin David

With over 1.3 million subscribers, Kevin David is one of the most popular YouTube content creators in the dropshipping domain.

He has come up with some of the most extensive dropshipping resources that are not only informative but are also fun to watch. You can watch videos related to expert tips, experiences, and how-to guides on this channel.

šŸ’” Know More: Kevin David's Channel

3. Wholesale Ted

This is another resourceful YouTube channel that has tons of original content regarding the dropshipping and wholesale business.

The host has shared some of her own experiences of building dropshipping businesses that would certainly be helpful to you.

šŸ’” Know More: Wholesale Ted's Channel

Best Dropshipping Podcasts to Follow

Lastly, if you are looking for dropshipping resources to listen to while running or driving, then you can explore the following podcasts:

1. Automate Your Success

Automate Your Success has come up with a dedicated series for Dropshipping (Talks from Dropshippers to Dropshippers). In the podcast, the host invites various leading dropshipping experts to talk about their experiences and share their two cents with others.

Buzzsprout - DSers
Source: Buzzsprout

A new episode of the podcast is dropped every week on all the leading platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and more.

2. Dropshipping Secrets

Do you want to learn some dropshipping secrets that are often not known to beginners? Then this would be one of the best dropshipping resources for you.

 AnchorFM - DSers
Source: AnchorFM

The podcast features various leading players in the industry who would talk about their experiences so that you can learn from them, and be successful in your business tactics.

šŸ’” Know More: Dropshipping Secrets

3. Ecommerce Empire Builders

This is another informative podcast about dropshipping that you can listen to on all the leading platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and more.

Spreaker - DSers
Source: Spreaker

The podcast is hosted by Peter Pru and has numerous episodes about dropshipping, eCommerce tips, affiliate marketing, and so on. The host often invites industry-specific guests and posts 2-3 new episodes each week.

šŸ’” Know More: Ecommerce Empire Builders

Bonus Tip: Start Your Dropshipping Store with DSers

Iā€™m sure that these dropshipping resources would help you get all the needed information about creating an online store. If you want to get better results and select the best products for your store, then you should take the assistance of DSers.

DSers dropshipping

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It is a preferred B2B solution for online store owners, letting them manage their business without any hassle.

Ā· DSers is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that is fully compatible with platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Ā· You can find millions of products on DSers from all kinds of suppliers and can make orders in bulk as well.

Ā· The platform offers a unique Supplier Optimizer feature that would help you select the best-rated and most profitable supplier for any product.

Ā· Apart from that, DSers offers tons of other advanced features like automatic order status updates, stock management, syncing of tracking numbers, variant mapping, and much more.

Final Word

So, what are you waiting for? After following the above-listed dropshipping resources, you can certainly get your doubts resolved about the domain and get all kinds of ideas to start your online store as well.

Ideally, by following the right resources like the DSers blog, you can certainly excel in your online business. With the help of expert suggestions and inside tactics that are covered in these shared resources, you can jumpstart your business and be a few steps ahead of your competitors for sure.

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