How Does DSers Work with AliExpress?

How Does DSers Work with AliExpress?

Dropshipping can be challenging and a bit overwhelming if you are new to it, or are submerged by hundreds of orders and thousands of products. But solutions exist to help you.

AliExpress dropshipping can become immensely easier to manage by using the right tools. DSers is one of such tool.
As AliExpress official dropshipping solution, it uses the AliExpress API to ensure safe and efficient management of your store, products and orders.

Unique Partnerships

DSers is one of the first official AliExpress dropshipping partners. By using the AliExpress API, DSers is able to help its users with specifically created features, set a new standard in product import and management and a top of the line way to place orders efficiently.

DSers AliExpress dropshipping solution - DSers

This unique partnership between DSers and AliExpress is one of the reasons of our success and the close collaboration we enjoy with the AliExpress team ensures that we provide the best support and most qualitative feature to our users.

DSers has used this unique partnership to develop revolutionary features and use the latest technologies to give its users the tools to make the best out of AliExpress services and simplify their online business processes.

Unique feature

One of the most revolutionary features in dropshipping come from the hard work of DSers Mass Supply Program team, in collaboration with the AliExpress team and the use of AliExpress API and is called the Supplier Optimizer.

With it, you can easily search and find automatically all the suppliers on AliExpress that are providing similar products that the ones you are currently selling in your store, or wish to sell. This opens the door to high margin optimization, allowing you to increase your profits across the board!

You will simply need to have the AliExpress URL of a product. Then you can copy this link and paste it inside DSers Supplier Optimizer. With the use of big data and AliExpress API, DSers will search the AliExpress database for any similar products that are available on AliExpress and will propose you a list of results.

This list of available suppliers will include the price at which they are currently selling the product you are interested in but also the supplier ranking, the number of sale, shipping price and more!

With DSers Supplier Optimizer and the AliExpress database, you will be able to find the best supplier for your products and significantly increase your margins and profits easily.

Product Data

DSers also use AliExpress to help you better manage your products in different ways. To start with, when you import a new product you want to sell in your online store from AliExpress, it is directly added to DSers Import List using the AliExpress API.

The API helps to actually import all the data of the product from the AliExpress database directly, to make sure that all the information is transmitted correctly.

It is important to note because some other dropshipping solutions actually only copy the information from the AliExpress product’s page as they don’t have access to AliExpress database.

This can create some data loss or, if the supplier modifies some product information, you can also experience some issues with your orders. With DSers Import List, you can be sure that all the data of each of your product is accurate.

AliExpress Supplier Optimizer - DSers

Another advantage of DSers and AliExpress partnership is the mapping. Mapping is a term to explain the process of linking your store products to AliExpress suppliers.

With DSers, you can easily and reliably link one or more supplier to a product you want to sell. Different type of mapping are available, from simple mapping where you can have a main supplier and a substitute suppliers to prevent running out of stock, to upsells mapping with Buy One Get One offers and Bundles.

Once you have chosen a supplier to use for your product and copied to link in the supplier management page, DSers will access the AliExpress database to list you the entire supplier’s available option and variations of the product. You can then connect your online store product’s variations to the desired AliExpress product’s variations. With the AliExpress API, DSers ensures that your products are correctly mapped and ready to be ordered!

DSers dropshipping

Place Orders to AliExpress In Seconds

DSers Bulk Order - Place 100s of orders to AliExpress in a few seconds with a just few clicks


It doesn’t stop there, with DSers and AliExpress API, you can enjoy some automatic inventory syncing and updates. Depending on your plan, you will get a notification every time a product’s price or stock changes, and you will also be able to directly echo those changes in your store. The AliExpress API ensure that you get up to date information concerning your products prices and inventories, so you never get bad surprises.

Orders Data

Where DSers makes the most of its partnership with AliExpress and the use of AliExpress API is with the order placement. With all the features we described above, DSers ensures that all the products information from AliExpress is correct and all the orders data are accurate.

This, added to DSers technology, you can place up to 100 orders in a few seconds. This is the best feature of DSers and will help you to save a tremendous amount of time and greatly simplify the order placement from your online store to AliExpress.

Link your store products to AliExpress - DSers

In addition, DSers is able to keep track of all the orders once you have placed them and to automatically synchronize their status and information. When you order is paid on AliExpress, you don’t have to do anything anymore to the order, everything will be automatic.

DSers will get data from AliExpress and mark the order as paid first. Then once your suppliers ship the orders, AliExpress will automatically notify DSers of the status change and transmit the tracking numbers for each individual product and order. This further alleviates your workload and simplifies the order tracking for you.

Place hundreds of order to AliExpress - DSers

Finally, with DSers, you will be able to enjoy order optimization and edition with few simple steps. The order optimization will help you to bypass some of AliExpress systems that may cause your orders to fail.

In the same way, DSers is aware of all the requirements from AliExpress for all types of order to certain countries and has created feature accordingly to adapt and make sure your orders don’t fail. There is also a possibility for you to edit your orders right until the point of placing them, in case you want to modify a supplier or a shipping method, to give you as much freedom as possible.

AliExpress has been working closely with DSers to make sure we can provide you with the best dropshipping solution possible for your online store. The unique partnership allowed DSers to create tailor-made features and highly efficient ways for you to manage your dropshipping store.

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