What Is DSers Mass Supply Program

What Is DSers Mass Supply Program

Let's have a quick look of DSers Mass Supply Program:

What Is It?

It's a program to offer our users a direct contact to manufacturers for their products. With AliExpress and 1688 supply team, we have created the DSers Mass Supply Program. It's DSers' way to help you get the best supplier service possible!

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The Mass Supply program has been live for a while and made substantial progress by helping thousands of users to find quality products and better suppliers!

How Does It Work?

DSers Mass Supply Program is supported by the AliExpress Sourcing team and 1688.com. Has one of the biggest platform in the world, we'll be able to help you find suppliers with 10 to 30% discount along with a reliable and stable service.

How to Apply?

The program is currently based on invitation only, but you can still apply to be added on the waiting list!

Apply today by mailing: Supply-support@dserspro.com

Please make sure to provide the following: -Name of your store (Full Shopify domain: xxx.myshopify.com) -The AliExpress product link of the product for which you want to find a better and discounted supplier

-The targeted country (to which country you plan to sell this product to)

-The shipping method you would like to use (if not available, we'll put it ont the waiting list)

-Sales for this product  over the last 7 days

💡 TIP: All the information you provide us with will be kept confidential.

Some limitations apply at the moment, as we roll out this service to more and more user

Only product shipping to European countries are supported

Only AliExpress Standard Shipping is available for those product

Some products may not be available at first for those two reasons, and also to ensure the quality of the product and reliabality of the supplier.

If a product is not yet available, it will be added to our list, and we will contact you back as soon as we found a suitable one.

If you are not eligible to the program at the moment, you will be put on the waiting list and contacted later.

We will send you a notification in DSers when suitable products are found.

You can find an introduction about AliExpress Global Supply Center here.

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