Why Emotional Marketing Is Important: Examples and Tips

Why Emotional Marketing Is Important: Examples and Tips

What do we mean when we say, "Try emotional marketing"? It is not like you wish to make your audience cry, weep, or get emotional. The idea here is to bring in emotional aspects to deeply connect with your audience, male and female alike.

While we tend to connect emotions to a female figure naturally, emotional marketing is associated with every human being of all ages. The difference is the type and demographics of our target audience. For example, teenagers may be targeted differently than people in their late 40s.

Overall, the motive for tapping into the emotional power of connecting with the audience is deep trust and engagement. In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about emotional marketing.

What Emotional Maketing Is

Emotional marketing is the method that businesses use to target human emotions, which helps attract leads, convert customers, and improve satisfaction. For instance, using anger, sadness, or happiness in relevance to a sensitive topic or in different situations to appeal to customers.

If you look at it, we always tap into one emotion too much: hope. We tend to create many of our marketing campaigns around the hope of a deep connection with the customer.

Importance of Emotional Marketing

We all feel it. There’s nothing we can do to stop feeling different emotions, even towards brands, products, or non-living things. For example, when you end up buying a product that is totally not worth the price, you feel disheartened and you never want to buy from that brand again.

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This is proof that emotional marketing is important. Here are some more reasons why:

  • The right way to make an amazing first impression is through emotional marketing. Wouldn't it impress your users if you created your ad with a hint of laughter in it? If you use this emotion, you can make a great first impression in a blink.
  • If you look at it, then you will realize that your last major purchase will be an emotional decision. We don’t tend to buy big things or things that are not necessities out of the blue. We purchase it with emotion. That final push to buy that new car is related to how you are emotionally connected to the decision (Triggered by the sales team or people around you).
  • Emotional marketing is the best way to rebrand or use word-of-mouth marketing. When we are happy with the decision, we share its results. Similarly, if we are angry with the results, we may try to write a bad review and prevent many other people from buying the product.

Tips for Emotional Marketing

For a dropshipping store, emotional marketing is an important tool. It helps you improve your revenue and increase your customer base.

Some tips to help you improve emotional marketing.

Understand Your Audience

The first and most imperative step is to understand your customers. When you are trying to use emotional marketing to attract your audience, you need to write content according to the likes and preferences of your users. How would you know which emotion would work best for your audience without knowing the audience?

So, start by creating a buyer persona. This should include likes, dislikes, demographics, and other important details about the audience. For example, if your audience includes teenagers or women in their late twenties, then you can spike emotions related to desires, feminism, and other such topics.

Knowing your audience will save you so much trouble in testing different emotions, knowing the right type of content, and using the correct style of writing.

Utilize Color Strategy

There’s no doubt about the fact that we tend to emotionally relate to colors. This is why color psychology is an important thing in business now.

For instance, you will always notice that a doctor’s office or a therapist's office will always have calming colors. This includes neutrals, pure whites, or pastels. Not to mention, the decor and everything else will perfectly sync with this mood. This is to ensure that the patient feels calm and anxiety-free when visiting for therapy. In place of this, if the office was painted yellow, how would you feel?

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We are sure you already cringed at the thought of it! Isn’t it?

The point is to use the right color therapy for strong emotions such as joy, excitement, and love. If you were to show harmony or a new venture, you may use green or blue more.

Become a Storyteller

We can’t stress this point enough for dropshipping businesses. Your marketing is what makes you stand out. For your marketing to stand out, you need to become a storyteller. If you are a storyteller, you are automatically using emotional marketing.

Now, here, we are not necessarily asking you to design a story for all your campaigns. Sometimes, you are writing it in a way that flows well, helps every user connect, and invokes different emotional connections.

But, of course, using an actual story in your ads and videos is a good idea to help the user understand how your brand helps people, what your aim is, and what your belief system is. This improves emotional connection and users’ trust in your brand.


When we are inspired by something, we definitely feel a rush of emotions, such as joy, hope, etc. You may feel like you have an opportunity with this brand, isn’t it?

Hence, try to inspire people with your brand. Make something new, create a unique identity, and support social causes.

For example, "Red Bull gives you wings" connected many people and inspired people to achieve their goals.

Similar to this, you can create something unique for your brand, tie it to a leading cause, and see how it grows your brand. For example, an eco-friendly brand or eco-friendly products inspire people to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Make this a part of your manufacturing, sourcing, and marketing.

As a dropshipping business, you can have an all-natural product e-commerce store. That’s emotionally appealing.

Support A Cause

Finally, the biggest win is supporting a cause at the right time. For example, you will see many brands breaking the barriers and supporting feminism. They are changing the meaning of what it means to play like a girl, work like a girl, and act like a girl. These notions emotionally attach people – people who have personally experienced inequality.

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Ascertain that your company is emotionally connecting with the user through these causes.

If you see a trending topic on Twitter, check how you can pitch in. Create a marketing campaign around it and start connecting with your audience immediately.


Emotional marketing helps dropshipping businesses improve their conversions and lead generation. For this reason, the above discussion talks about the basics of emotional marketing and a few important tips. Increase your revenue. Know your audience. Tap into the power of the above methods.

Don’t forget that emotional marketing can always go the wrong way. Hence, you have to know how to handle negative emotions about the content that may hurt many people. This will help you to maturely move forward and connect with your audience regardless of the campaign results.

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