Facebook Retargeting: How It Improves Your Sales

Facebook Retargeting: How It Improves Your Sales

Are you looking for a campaign to sell more products on Facebook? Do you feel it is hard to remind customers to buy your product? Don't worry, Facebook retargeting will take care of these issues!

But, what is Facebook retargeting and how do you set up this strategy on your page? Read the whole post to explore the answer.

What Is Facebook retargeting

Facebook retargeting is becoming more and more popular these days. That is because the number of people using social media is increasing significantly. Retargeting Facebook will help you find new customers and improve your sales revenue through advertisements. Also, these ads are supposed to be a "reminder" to customers who are interested in your products but have not bought them yet.

2. What is Facebook retargeting - DSers

Benefits of Facebook Retargeting

As I have mentioned, Facebook retargeting brings a lot of benefits for your business. In detail, here are 3 outstanding advantages of this tool:

Precise Segment

A business always wants customers to buy its products. So, if you select a strategy to attract customers who visit your page but do not buy products, you are losing money!

A survey demonstrates that for every 1,100 people who visit a website, up to 98% of people leave without buying anything. But, Facebook retargeting will help you change that. It will remind all customers and make them feel interested in your items. And, of course, the proportion of customers who buy the product will increase.

Higher Profit

Sometimes, customers will not immediately buy your products. They might forget that they have seen your products if they have not purchased them before. That is why you should have this tool to increase the product display on Facebook. Let's make new customers remember your products and buy them. As a result, the profit is increasing.

Advertisements Target Customers

You can focus on target customers, for instance, people who have added your items to their shopping cart but have not yet purchased them. By retargeting them with advertisements, you can persuade them to buy items with discounts.

5 Types of Facebook Retargeting

Before choosing Facebook retargeting, you should understand all the types of this tool. Then, it is easier to decide which type you will choose for your business. Check 5 types of Facebook retargeting that I have found for you in this part!

Video Retargeting

Facebook has a large number of users who watch videos on it every day. According to research, approximately 500 million of the 2,9 billion Facebook users watch video content. That is why retargeting people via video is a smart step for businesses. Besides, this advertisement tool also helps you control the proportion of people watching videos.

6. High quality videos will interest audiences - DSers

How can we create video retargeting for your page?

Step 1: Access to Facebook's advertisement manager.

Step 2: Click "Create audience", and on the list, select the option "Custom audiences".

Step 3: Choose "Video" and continue to click "Use Facebook origins".

Step 4: A screen like this photo above will appear. You can select the option that meets your demand.

7. Customer audience option - DSers

And about the video, I would like to share some tips with you:

  • You should create high-quality videos that are at least 30 seconds long and no longer than 3 minutes.
  • Add your message or call to action to them.
  • If possible, your video should include a subtitle for the videos.

Target Customers Who Show Interests

For those who already have an e-commerce website, it is vital to encourage buyers who have added their items to the shopping cart. This Facebook retargeting is a great help to businesses in getting buyers to make the final purchasing decision. Moreover, you can also use this strategy when your items have discounts or special offers.

Retarget Regular Buyers

Regular buyers are as important as new customers. The producers also need to focus on them and encourage them to continue buying products. These customers are familiar with your brand as well as your products. Therefore, it is much easier for you to prepare a strategy that is retargeted.

8, Let_s make old buyers to be loyal customers - DSers

Here are some tips for you to create the perfect strategy:

  • Make your customers understand the value of your item.
  • Let them know what you will do to make your products better.
  • Give them a special offer for that product or additional items.
  • Try to attract them to other products that are high-priced or bring more profits.

Target Customers Who Interact with Your Facebook Fanpage

If you have many buyers who frequently interact with your items but are not ready to purchase them, Facebook retargeting will be suitable for you. When you decide to choose this marketing strategy on Facebook, it helps you to reach a variety of users:

  • People who often visit your page.
  • Those who interact with your advertisements on Facebook.
  • Those who used to click the “Get start” option on Messenger of your page.
  • Users who have saved any of your page's posts or status updates

It is very easy to start retargeting with this type of retargeting:

Step 1: Access “Facebook origins” on your page.

Step 2: Choose the “Facebook page” option and get ready to retarget.

Dynamic Retargeting

Dynamic retargeting is considered one of the best options that brings a large amount of profit to all e-commerce. This strategy allows businesses to create many kinds of advertisements, beginning with various product types.

When you select this strategy, your advertisements will appear in the latest news section of users who have visited your website before. Plus, it also does a good job when you have discounts. You should choose a dynamic strategy when:

  • Your business has a website that sells a lot of products.
  • There are a variety of products in inventory.

How to set up dynamic retargeting? Follow these steps:

Step 1: In the Facebook Events Manager on your page, click "Connect to Data Source". Then, select Web and choose to Get Started.

Step 2: Choose "Facebook Pixel" and continue to click the "Connect" option.

10. An example of Facebook pixel - DSers

Step 3: Give a name to your Facebook Pixel and insert your website's URL.

Step 4: After clicking Continue, you can set up your website. Choose the option to “Set up Pixel now”.

Bonus Tips before Using Facebook Retargeting

To be more successful in Facebook retargeting, I also want to share with you some tips. Keep reading and do not forget to take note of the tips if you find them effective.

Maintain at least one retargeting strategy for your business

Many successful businesses will run more than one advertisement campaign for their products. Depending on your budget, you can decide how many strategies to use to attract customers. But, remember that you should keep running at least one strategy that is suitable for your products or online store.

11. Try to keep running more than 2 strategies - DSers

Remarketing or retargeting customers can help a business improve its sales revenue. However, that proportion is just an insignificant number of total customers who visit a website in a month. Therefore, it is better to run more strategies based on your budget to attract all customers.

Select appropriate remarketing funnels

Not all strategies will help you improve your product's sales. Instead of investing money on too many campaigns, just choose what you need. For instance, if you have a fan page with a lot of followers who frequently interact or post status updates, it is better to set up an advertisement with discounts to attract them.

Attractive Copywrting of Ads

The content of advertisements is very essential, no matter they are in videos or posts. If possible, you can hire a team or a member to help you create content for each ad. And, of course, it is a big mistake when you forget to add a message or call to action to the ads you created.

Offer Special Discounts

As I said above, the psychology of customers is that they are often attracted by promotions. Therefore, you should offer discounts to attract new customers and retain regular customers.

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In addition, items with discounts will help you sell products quickly, especially products that are less popular to sell The tip for you is to ensure that this special offer does not affect much on your sales revenue.

Check Advertisements' Performance Frequently

The frequency of advertisements is also an important "rule" that all businesses should focus on. Even if audiences like your advertisement, the dense frequency can make them feel bored or "sick".

14. Check the frequency of advertisement - DSers

To be a successful business, you should put yourself "in the shoes of customers." So, in your Facebook Ads Manager report, don't forget to review the advertisement on the frequency metric.

Exclude Users Who Already Converted

Users who have already converted should be excluded from your retargeting strategy. That is because they will easily feel bored or disturbed when they have to see your advertisement again and again.

Instead, let's exclude them and prepare other strategies to attract them for a long time.

Follow these steps to exclude converted users:

Step 1: Create a Facebook Custom Audience of previous converts.

Step 2: On the advertisement set level, you select “Exclude” to remove these converted audiences from your campaign.

15. Create a custom audience to exclude converted customers - DSers

Final Word

So, what are you waiting for? I believe that you gained general information about Facebook retargeting. Iti's time to practice, practice, and practice to reach your target! Last but not least, do not forget to visit DSers blog to learn more selling tips, especially in dropshipping.

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