Best Free Shopify Apps for Your Online Business

Best Free Shopify Apps for Your Online Business

When you are creating a Shopify store for your dropshipping business, including paid apps and plugins for better functionality can mean more expenses. This is why we have created a list of free Shopify apps that help online business owners market, manage, and upgrade their businesses.

Whether you have an e-commerce store or a dropshipping business, these free Shopify apps are designed for every store on the platform. Have a look at these free apps, understand how they work, and create a successful business on a budget.

So, let’s start exploring free Shopify apps for your online business.

9 Best Free Shopify Apps for Your Online Business

We have researched and found the 8 best free Shopify apps. In the list, there are different types of apps for different functions, such as email support, SEO optimization, sales optimization, etc.

Let’s start exploring further:

1. Sales Notification

Just as the name suggests, the Sales Notification app is designed to send sales notifications to your customers. These notifications help you encourage more purchases and improve revenue. For example, you can create cart notifications that help you increase emergency purchases in customers.

1. Sales Notification Sales Popup - DSers

Other than this, the app also helps you create a recent visitor notification that allows your dropshipping store to look busy.

With the help of this free Shopify app, you can even hide products that are free or you don’t want to show in Sales Notification.

2. Thank You Email

Once the customer makes a purchase with you, we forget to market to them. We spend time and effort grabbing customers, but why do we stop re-marketing to these customers for repeat purchases?

2. Thank You Email Marketing Tool - DSers

To help you market again, you can share a Thank You or open-ended email from your business after the purchase. Post purchase, customers already expect this from the store. Sending this personal note with the Thank You Email free Shopify app will help you create a relationship with the customer. They are then more encouraged to make a repeat purchase.

3. Product Reviews

Product Reviews is another great free Shopify app for your online business. This gives you social proof and helps you feature your customer reviews on product pages.

3. Product Reviews - DSers

How does this impact your business?

When people observe other people liking and buying the product, they are encouraged to do the same.

Additionally, the Product Reviews app is SEO optimized. This means that you can easily improve your Google ranking with the help of the app and its features. Isn’t that amazing?

4. Plug in SEO

SEO optimization is imperative for your dropshipping store. While you may think otherwise, why would people reach you if they don’t even know your store exists?

4. Plug In SEO - DSers

For this reason, you need to improve the visibility of your store and that requires a good SEO tool. Plug in SEO is a free Shopify app used by many online businesses.

Here’s how Plug in SEO helps you:

  • Improve your ranking on SERPs and allow potential clients to find you.
  • Ensure better organic traffic because you become more visible to SERPs.
  • Ensure technical SEO aspects, including bulk edit SEO, rich snippets, and meta descriptions. There are additional features, such as 404 broken link fixing, blog optimization, and keyword research.

5. Growave

With the help of Growave tool, you can market your dropshipping store in the best possible manner. This tool allows engaging, reaching, and converting customers without much hassle.

5. Growave - DSers

Through this amazing free Shopify app, you can connect with your audience using Wishlists, Reviews, Loyalty Programs, Instagram Galleries, Social Login, and other features.

  • You can use features, like Q&A, referral programs, Wishlists, automated emails, reviews, rewards, Instagram galleries, etc.
  • You can customize your customer support efforts and improve the manner in which you cater to customer requirements.
  • It is possible to integrate Growave with other applications, such as Loox, PushOwl, Omnisend, Klaviyo, etc.

6. NotifyVisitors

NotifyVisitors is an email marketing app designed exclusively for Shopify businesses. It helps Shopify store owners to stay connected with their customers by sending targeted email campaigns. With NotifyVisitors, you can craft personalized email messages that are tailored to each of your customer's interests and needs.

NotifyVisitors - DSers

You can also take advantage of email automation, dynamic segmentation, email triggered actions, and A/B testing options to ensure that your campaigns are effective and reach the right audience on time. Additionally, you can use NotifyVisitors’ advanced analytics to gain valuable insights into each email campaign you create so you can modify and optimize them for maximum effectiveness. All in all, NotifyVisitors makes email marketing for Shopify businesses simpler, more efficient and automated than ever before!

7. Keep Cart

If your customers are leaving your store from one device and checking it from another device, you can use this Keep Cart free Shopify app. This app is designed for cart abandonment because it allows your users to use any device to shop in your store.

6. Keep Cart - DSers

For example, if the customer has logged in to their account on your store from their mobile, they may be able to access the same cart on their computer. This will reduce the hassle for the customer and allow them to sync their carts between devices. They don’t need to restrict themselves and only shop from one device, which will also reduce the cart abandonment rate.

8. Exit Intent Popup

If you want to get more subscribers to your email or newsletter, you can definitely enjoy this Exit Intent Popup app. At the right time when your customer is about to leave the site, you can show them a popup to help them subscribe.

7. Exit Intent Popup - DSers

How does this help?

  • You can offer a discount and encourage users to signup, which will improve your email list.
  • This will allow you to customize your efforts and stimulate more purchases from customers with unique offers.
  • Exit popups also help reduce the rate of cart abandonment, as it offers some discount or deal to the user, which helps them stay.

Just remember to check your mobile readiness with this app. You don’t want to hover over the screen of mobile users. Optimize the mobile version to receive the best results.

9. Web Push Notification

The last free Shopify app on the list is the Web Push Notifications app. This is gaining popularity because most users respond to web notifications well.

8. Web Push Notification - DSers

For example, if you want to promote a new blog, you can send a web notification to the user and users may check the blog immediately by clicking on the notification.

This is just a generic example, you can actually use the app to offer discounts to customers. The method is proven valuable because people see a notification of the live sale and they tend to click. When you get this feature for free for your online business, why not use it?

Which Shopify App Should You Use

Ideally, every dropshipping business can use any of these apps. Many businesses use every app at once and receive a lot of benefits.

However, the final decision ultimately depends on your requirements. For example, if you only need support for marketing, you can just download an app for SEO and email marketing.

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If you need to get more leads, then you can explore the web push notification application. Similarly, evaluate the requirements of your store, understand how these free Shopify apps can help, and download the ones you need.


We have explored a list of 8 free Shopify apps for online businesses. Evaluate every app, understand the features offered by these, and start downloading for dropshipping excellence.

Don’t hesitate to compare the features of these apps with paid applications to understand what you are not receiving with these free versions. Also, prefer using the freemium app, which gives you an option to upgrade later for better features.

You should consider some paid apps as well, such as Dropshipping Management apps like DSers. This will help you improve your profitability, maximize revenue, and increase your customer base.

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