Funny Tweets Ideas to Reach More Audiences and Increase Brand Awareness

Funny Tweets Ideas to Reach More Audiences and Increase Brand Awareness

Potential clients and customers must interact with your brand a minimum of seven times before they are ready to buy.

No matter how enticing your offer is, if they're unfamiliar with you, you will struggle to find any way to make them hand over any of their hard-earned cash.

You can win in two ways if you include comedy in your social media marketing strategy. First of all, it's the quickest way to create entertaining and engaging content. Secondly, the techniques used by comedy writers to craft their jokes can also be used to produce creative projects even if you don't intend to be funny.

Ultimately, a joke is just the result of two seemingly disparate ideas coming together in a way that makes sense thanks to a hidden "truth" framed in a clever way to bridge the gap.

Those hidden truths give you multiple opportunities to tie your brand to news stories, relatable tropes, and trends - opening up new avenues for content creation.

Funny Tweets ideas to reach more audiences and increase brand awareness.

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Branding with Twitter

branding with tweet

It's no secret that social media is crucial to a brand's success. You can use it to show your brand personality and beliefs, thereby engaging your audience and customers. In addition, it connects you to high-spending millennials who are very active on social media. Twitter offers the convenience of a direct conversation with people.

The importance of Twitter engagement:

the importance of Twitter engagement

People who dive into social media marketing and Twitter marketing are primarily concerned with the number of followers they have. If you don't have an impressive Twitter following, how can you possibly appear popular, important, established, and respected?

Your follower count matters, of course, in a lot of ways. As you gain followers, you increase the number of people who are exposed to your content semi-regularly. So, the more followers you have, the more people are exposed to your content regularly.

Engagement on Twitter, however, can be more important in many cases. Too many brands overlook or (more likely) undervalue engagement rate as a way to measure how relevant your content is to your target audience.

The same is true if you have 100 followers and 20 respond, but if you have 10,000 and only 20 respond, it's less impressive and indicates a lack of relevancy, quality, or adhering to some of the best practices discussed here.

Don't forget that engagement on Twitter is extremely valuable when it comes to building relationships with members of your target audience. Retweets and replies, in particular, can be incredibly useful for starting meaningful discussions with audience members.

Additionally, engagement on your tweets can act as powerful social proof. People pay attention to tweets with a lot of likes, replies, and retweets and that can sometimes be enough to make them trust you or capture their attention.

Funny Tweet Ideas

tweet ideas

It helps to have a sense of humor in your brand, along with sharing information and brand-related content. Ensure that your responses to questions sound friendly and approachable (the degree of casualty is determined by your brand voice). You can do this by:

1. Using memes

You can use memes to create a sense of relatability with your audience by using them. There are many popular or trending images, graphics, and phrases out there that can be used to boost Twitter engagement for brands.

2. Using jokes

Use a joke (or text illustration in this case) to share something relevant to your brand.

3. Socializing

The social media network is called social for a reason - and yet, most brands appear, broadcast their message, and then disappear. What if you took the time to engage with your audience? You can even follow them back if they follow you, and insert yourself into their conversation in a funny way (brand-related).

It can be a great way to practice your newfound comedy chops without overextending yourself.

4. Making a funny Twitter banner

Content isn't the only thing that lets you show your sense of humor - even the details of your online presence are part of the picture.

Consider repurposing your Twitter banner - if it's currently a glossy promo image - into a fun, funny brand awareness campaign.

Instead of boring brand recognition visuals, add layers of comedy that are constantly changing.

5. Using infographics

What if you could find an entertaining way to tell your audience about some interesting facts and figures?

Using an infographic, layer a funny idea or joke on top of each key fact or figure. Your audience will not only eat them up, but they'll almost certainly share them, too.

Since search engines love original graphics, it's the perfect time to invest in something special if all your imagery is from stock photo libraries.

6. Retweeting other funny tweets

Anything goes on Twitter! It's always possible to find something to repost if you don't know what to post.

Study what other users are tweeting or mentioning, look up the most popular hashtags, etc. There could be a jokester out there who posted something funny that relates to your brand.

7. Keeping your Tweets brief

We're forced to keep our tweets short automatically, with Twitter limiting our posts to 280 characters (which was a significant increase from 140 characters). As it is, sharing more posts would be challenging, but limiting them just a little more would lead to more engagement.

Several different sites and surveys indicate that the perfect number of characters for shareable tweets is between 80 and 110 characters, including hashtags and user tags, especially if you are hoping for more retweets.

Your tweets will be more likely to provide a value between 80 and 110 characters (whether you're entertaining, informing, or sharing an opinion) while still being short enough that users can retweet them easily. By this length, users will be able to add in their thoughts and hashtags as well as refer back to you. On the other hand, if you used all 280 characters, people would have to edit your tweet and cut it down so they could add their text, and for many, that's just not feasible.

8. Don’t overtweet

While it can be difficult to get your content seen, you don't want to overwhelm people with too many tweets. You'll not only see your engagement drop pretty quickly if you post too many.

Several case studies have shown that brands should tweet between 1 and 3 times a day to increase engagement. However, engagement decreases when they post four or more in a day.

One of the best benefits of scheduling tools is that they make it easy to see how many Tweets you'll be posting that day.

Final Thoughts

When all is said and done, finding your brand's voice and personality will help you make your message relatable to your audience. Take some funny Tweet ideas and make them happen, you will gain some followers, gain some laughs, and boost your brand engagement on Twitter as a result!

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