How to Start International Dropshipping Business - Ultimate Guide 2024

How to Start International Dropshipping Business - Ultimate Guide 2024

Updated by March 18,2024

International dropshipping is one of the best methods to target the global marketplace without taking your company's brand abroad. While a product or service may not sell well domestically, it can be a hit abroad. For that, you'll need to take your name in the dropshipping industry first. Let’s start with this guide on how to start an international dropshipping business.

There are two perspectives on how dropshipping internationally works.

  • Your suppliers and clients are located in a different nation from yours.
  • The bulk of your consumers is in a different nation compared to your provider.

When your supplier is situated in a different nation, this is a form of international dropshipping. Let's take an example where your supplier and clients are both in the UK, but your company is legally headquartered in the US.

How Does International Dropshipping Business Work?

The phrase "international dropshipping" is most frequently used when your supplier is headquartered in a different nation than where your business and the bulk of your consumers are based. This may have a significant effect on the customer's experience, especially with the shipment. Many foreign shipments are reaching the doorsteps of your clients more quickly than one may anticipate because of the flourishing global eCommerce market.

Domestic Dropshipping vs. International Dropshipping

There are two types of dropshipping: domestic dropshipping and international dropshipping. Dropshipping with a domestic focus doesn't cover more than one area. On the other side, international dropshipping offers global coverage. Both domestic and international dropshipping services offer pros and cons.

Pros and Cons of Domestic Dropshipping


  • It has a recognized target market.
  • It’s simpler to enter the market.
  • Delivery is improved as somewhat speedier and more seamless.
  • Much more affordable and flexible in terms of location.

  • Its clients restrict it to a particular area.
  • The possible profit margin from this has a limit.

Pros and Cons of International Dropshipping

Pros and Cons of International Dropshipping


  • International dropshipping offers a bigger target market because it is not nation-specific.
  • It illustrates the possibility of maintaining a more significant profit margin.
  • Scaling and expanding are generally easy processes.


  • High transportation prices.
  • It requires more excellent monitoring and demands longer turnaround times.

What to Consider about International Dropshipping

When beginning an international dropshipping business, there are numerous factors to keep in mind. Here are some of these things that you should observe.

Shipping Carrier

Working with a shipping carrier that complies with all shipping requirements is crucial when dropshipping. To be safe and effective, you should work with a foreign dropshipping company that offers global delivery.

You can use these international shipping companies:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • DHL
  • FedEX
  • E-Post

Shipping Rates

Shipping carriers, package size and weight, country of origin and destination, customs laws, and shipping rates affect shipping costs.

Delivery Time

In this field, time is of the essence. Delivery time is a crucial consideration when shipping internationally. Several factors typically influence the delivery time. The destination, shipping company, rules, and other factors, which vary from country to country, all affect the delivery time.

Destination Country Regulations

Different nations have particular laws and regulations that specify how specific procedures must be carried out. In dropshipping, the same situation occurs.

Destination Country Regulations

Countries have regulations, approvals, and bans on bringing packages to some areas. It is crucial to understand the legislation governing the goods and commodities shipped in. Fines are also imposed for breaking the laws and regulations of these nations. These consequences might range from paying fines to having the shipment seized and more.

Customs Clearance

In the global dropshipping industry, customs clearance is a crucial factor to consider. The required paperwork for internationally transported items must be in the correct formats. This will reduce the likelihood of delays, penalties, and goods seizures.

Terms and Conditions

You must be aware of the conditions and legal standing of overseas dropshipping companies before signing up. It is also crucial to completely comprehend their return policies, payment procedures, insurance, protection, express liability, promises, and other terms. This tends to keep customers' trust in overseas dropshipping companies regarding obligations, liabilities, and exceptions.

9 Steps to Start International Dropshipping

Without a plan, you shouldn't get into dropshipping. Without a strategy, you'll encounter many pointless difficulties that will quickly demoralize you. This is the reason why this road plan to global dropshipping has been created. Watch your company expand as you take each step slowly.

Step 1: List out Your Target Countries

You should first conduct market research before launching your internet business. You must know the markets where your products might be successful and profitable.

Step 1: List out Your Target Countries

You can rapidly determine the demand for certain things with the help of technologies like Google Trends. Simply enter your search terms in the search area to discover how consumer interest in the product has evolved.

A product could be in high demand in certain nations while in much less demand in others. As a result, you must eliminate any countries that have no interest in the goods you are offering. Find the list of nations with the best potential for selling your products. It will be beneficial for your future endeavors.

Step 2: Evaluate the Level of Competition in Your Niche

You should take a closer look at each location after you have a list of probable nations. Online retailers competing for the same market share may oversaturate some countries. It will be tough and expensive to outperform the competitors in these situations. Customers have more options than your business, and advertising efforts in crowded marketplaces are far more costly.

Step 2: Evaluate the Level of Competition in Your Niche

High levels of competition, however, are not always a reason for you to withdraw. Keep in mind that the products and marketing initiatives of the rivals could not be of the best caliber. And this is where you may enter the market and succeed! However, you should concentrate on the nations with ideal circumstances if your common sense suggests the rivalry is too fierce.

Step 3: Learn about the Local Laws and Regulations of Your Target Market

Regarding shipping over international borders, every nation has its own regulations and rules. To do this, you must thoroughly understand the import rules and local ordinances in each country you want to target.

Step 3: Learn about the Local Laws and Regulations of Your Target Market

You risk receiving harsh penalties and fines if you fail to provide the cargo details. However, becoming aware of the rules will help you stay out of difficult circumstances like these and will keep your company out of legal problems. Stay ahead of potential troubles by being fully informed.

Step 4: Choose Your Dropshipping Suppliers

The trustworthiness of your business partners is crucial, as we've already discussed. But if you want to dropship overseas, there is yet another factor to consider. Every country you intend to target should be serviceable by your providers. Additionally, your customers want their items delivered as fast as possible and they are pretty unlikely to want to pay additional delivery expenses.

Step 4: Choose Your Dropshipping Suppliers

In the interim, an AliExpress seller may offer free or inexpensive delivery for one nation but not another. In some cases, the delivery can be more expensive than the item itself to some states, who would want that? You should thus visit AliExpress and select the vendors that offer affordable shipping services to all of your desired destinations.

Step 5: Configure Appropriate Payment Gateways

You see something that you want to acquire immediately and without hesitation. You can't, though. Your credit card isn't accepted at the store, and you forgot your cash at home. Sad, yes?

Step 5: Configure Appropriate Payment Gateways

If you don't want your customers to feel the same way, your online business has to use the proper payment gateways. Verify that the payment solutions you are about to configure are accessible in the selected nations and as varied as possible.

Step 6: Conduct Unique Advertising Campaigns for Each Nation

History, culture, and customs are unique to each nation. You must take regional diversity into account while producing your advertisement. Every country you target should be approached in a particular way. Furthermore, you should convert your advertisement into the native tongue of the targeted country if you want to receive the most remarkable results.

Step 7: Remember to Include Reviews

One of the most crucial components of success in international dropshipping is your reputation.

Step 7: Remember to Include Reviews

How do customers decide if your online business is worthwhile to purchase from? Obviously, from those who have previously been through this experience! Don't even question it: customers that visit your business read the feedback that others have left about your goods and customer service.

Fortunately, even if no one has purchased from you yet, you may establish a strong foundation for your internet business immediately.

Step 8: Bring Convenient Customer Service

Step 8: Bring Convenient Customer Service

You should give your customers outstanding customer service if you don't want unfavorable reports about your online store to circulate widely on the Internet. It implies no opportunity for miscommunication between you and your clients. There will be issues if you don't speak English or the other target languages well enough.

Step 9: Order Fulfillment and Shipping

Step 9: Order Fulfillment and Shipping

The last step is dropshipping fulfillment and shipping. When you receive orders from your international dropshipping business, you must start your order fulfillment and shipment right then. The delay will have a massive impact on international shipments.

Bonus Tips: DSers Helps to Find International Dropshipping Suppliers

Finding international dropshipping suppliers has always been a challenge. Everything seems so simple on the internet, yet it’s not always the case. The majority of global dropshipping companies or firms have a web presence. However, picking the right international dropshipping providers is quite essential. To obtain proof, it is vital to extensively research these vendors online and look at customer reviews.

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Final Words

While researching packing and suppliers may seem monotonous, it's one of the most crucial methods to advance in international dropshipping. The reality is that international shipping may be challenging since there are several moving parts and rules associated with it.

Overall, creating an international dropshipping business is not a big deal to those with enough passion and knowledge of international dropshipping.

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