Let’s Get You Started with a All-in-One Marketing App for Shopify!

Let’s Get You Started with a All-in-One Marketing App for Shopify!

Are you tired of paying for 4-5 different apps and see no results? Then Growave is the perfect app for you.

Growave can help you replace several apps on your Shopify store and save a ton of time and money.

It’s the only kind of app on the market that combines multiple features under one dashboard.

Get started with Growave:

You may ask, what is Growave and who is it for? In this article, we will make an in-depth review of Growave and clarify all the questions that you might have.

What Is Growave

Growave is an all-in-one marketing platform for small and medium-sized Shopify brands that combines Loyalty and Rewards, Wishlists, Reviews, Social Login, Instagram & UGC, and a Q&A widget all under one platform.

This app helps Shopify merchants reach, engage, and convert their customers.

Growave dropshipping app - DSers

Growave is very easy to install and use despite its extensive functionality. Also, it offers affordable pricing to suit any brand’s growth stage.

Such rich functionality of the app makes it the ultimate platform for online store conversions and sales. It is as much as six times more cost-effective than any of the alternatives on the market.

Another highlight of Growave is fast and responsive 24/6 customer support. Growave’s customer support is always there to help you if you have any questions regarding the app. This is the reason why Growave has over 1,200 five-star reviews.

Who Is It for?

Growave is best for growing Shopify businesses looking to build engagement, investing in word-of-mouth marketing tools, and increasing customer retention.

Also, the app is used by global brands such as Unilever, Kookai, Mustela, Inkbox Japan, Boeing Store and many others.

What Makes It Different from Competitors?

The app's all-in-one feature is extremely useful. You can track (and give) pretty cool benefits to your consumers by integrating social logins and Instagram, reviews, and loyalty.

Also, Growave offers affordable pricing compared to competitors making it an ultimate solution for growing merchants. Growave has a free plan for brands that just opened and offers Reviews, Wishlist and Social Login.

What Are the features?

Social Login – grow your email lists and customer base with a simple feature. On your Shopify store, it provides one-click signup and login.

Also, it enrolls your shoppers in a loyalty program if you have one, so there is no need to sign up for it separately. Social login is available starting from a free plan.

Reviews – increase conversions on your website by displaying social proof. Growave's reviews feature is designed specifically for Shopify merchants who want to influence their consumers' buying decisions.

Through gathering photo and product reviews, this top-rated Shopify reviews app will help you create more conversion-optimized content. Reviews feature is available from a free plan.

Wishlist – convert shoppers’ intent to sales. Customers can create a wishlist of items they like, store it for later, or share it with a friend using Growave's wishlist feature.

And it also helps to get products redeemed, which is particularly important during the holidays.

With this feature, you can reduce cart abandonment rates and send reminder emails to customers who have added your products to their wishlists. Wishlist is available starting from a free plan.

Loyalty & Rewards – create a stand-out loyalty and rewards program for your Shopify store. With Growave loyalty programs, you can engage, retain and reward your customers.

Growave allows you to integrate both points-based and VIP tiers-based loyalty programs on your Shopify store.

Unlike many competitors that allow you to have only up to three VIP tiers, with Growave you can set up as many tiers as you desire. Note that the loyalty program is available from the Starter plan with VIP tiers available from the Growth plan.

Instagram & UGC – turn your website into a stunning gallery that sells. A shoppable Instagram feed allows you to pull photos from a hashtag, tag the product in your backend dashboard, and then let users shop the look by tapping on the product, adding it to their cart, and then buying it. Instagram feed is available starting from a Starter plan.

What’s the Price?

Growave offers affordable pricing on their plans. Also, you can get 20% off your subscription by opting in for an annual plan.

Growave dropshipping plan prices - DSers

Is Growave Right for My Store?

We strongly encourage considering Growave for your store if you want to have several features under one dashboard.

Growave is suitable for any store no matter the size whether you are a small business or an established enterprise.

Migrating from other apps to Growave may seem challenging, but their team will make it easy for you by seamlessly integrating your customer data into the app.

Install Growave now and start growing today!

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