How to Manage YouTube Channel to Grow Your Dropshipping Business

How to Manage YouTube Channel to Grow Your Dropshipping Business

YouTube provides a great platform to interact with your audiences whenever you upload videos relevant to your dropshipping business. Your potential buyers can ask their queries, and you can answer them using YouTube's latest feature. So let's learn more about the impressive social media platform and how you can instantly connect with millions of people.

A YouTube business channel for dropshipping can give you many elements to explore. For example, through your channel, you can interact directly with your audience, listen to their pain points, solve their issues and create a bond with your audiences. Of course, there is more a YouTube handle can provide you. Let’s cultivate!

How YouTube Boosts Dropshipping Business

YouTube, like social media, has a massive user base. The good part is that YouTube authority also introduced new features and functions for business owners to utilize the platform and gain advantages for their business growth. However, dropshipping is no exception; hence, you will find numerous opportunities to connect directly to your buyers, engage them in the comments section and ask them to subscribe to your channel for the latest available products of your store.

Before going for YouTube features for business owners, let’s learn a few interesting facts about YouTube:

  • More than three customers spend 2 minutes on YouTube watching videos, checking product launching, and educating themselves.
  • Approx 96% of tech product buyers and IT decision-makers watch product launching and review videos.
  • Approx 52% of online buyers check YouTube videos before going for any online purchase.
  • Approximately 69% of consumers bring traffic to your channel and provide leads.

Thus, 2 billion active YouTube users can turn the fate of your business anytime if you know how to use the most effective marketing platform.

YouTube Features for Business owners

YouTube has launched valuable features for business owners and dropshipping businesses, too can be beneficial if you know what the features are and how to use them.

YouTube Creator Studio

YouTube Creator Studio is a dashboard for channel creators to effectively manage and control their YouTube channel. If you create content for your channel, you can view, monitor, edit, optimize and check the performance of your videos. Further, the dashboard includes analytics, insights, and comment filters and helps track your channel's traffic. Utilize the data; you can calculate the lead and conversion ratio.

Subscribers Option

Its subscribers' option helps you to check how many views you get after uploading your new video on your channel. In this feature, subscribers will get the latest video notification once you air it on the platform.

Watch Later Option

Dropshipping owners can ask the viewers to add the video in Watch Later option if they're busy to check the product details you've explained in your recent video. Watch later option is a great feature for working professionals to review the videos in their peacetime.

Super Chat Introduction

Super chats are super as they'll connect your audience during your live stream. If you're live streaming, you can directly interact with your potential buyers via chats and answer their queries.

Filter Comments

Comments on videos can be a great communication mode, and you'll get numerous feedback, ideas, and suggestions for your dropshipping products—filter comments to prevent trolling and distasteful comments. In addition, the feature enables valuable comments that can help to grow your business.

YouTube Shorts and Stories

After TikTok and Instagram's successful launching, shorts and stories also made their presence on YouTube. This helps content creators create thoughtful stories and shorts that impact viewers significantly. Viewers download those clips and go viral. It's another way to get highlighted online and double your sales.

Live Streaming

It's heaven for marketers and business owners as Live Streaming provides brief exposure to many users, and you can make it an interactive session with your potential buyers. It'll be helpful during holiday or festival seasons and declare discounts, offers, and giveaways on your Live streaming so that existing and potential buyers can get the information.

Video Management for Several Devices

Now people prefer to browse their smartphones in their free time. Thus, video management helps business owners manage and control their videos run on which devices and how many views the videos have got.

These are a few valuable features YouTube has launched for business owners and marketers. Thus, if you link your dropshipping store to your YouTube channel, you will get the following benefits:

  • Massive outreach
  • Direct interactions with your potential buyers
  • You can upload more useful and valuable content relevant to your products
  • Open opportunity to connect with your buyers through comments and Super Chats

You can connect the store link to your YouTube handle and experience business scale if you have a Shopify store. Before building up the connection, you need to check the YouTube guidelines whether matching your channel:

  • You're from a YouTube business-eligible country or region
  • Your handle has 10,000 subscribers
  • Your channel is getting the monetization approval
  • It's not a Kid's channel
  • Your channel maintains all YouTube monetization policies

Once you achieve all these criteria, you are eligible to link your Shopify store to your YouTube channel.

Connect Shopify to Your YouTube Channel

Step 1: Log in to your YouTube Studio

 Log in to your YouTube Studio - DSers

Step 2: Choose the ‘Monetization’ option from the left

Step 3: Tap on ‘Shopping’

Step 4: Tap on ‘Connect Store’

Step 5: Tap on ‘Shopify’ and click on ‘Continue’

Tap on ‘Shopify’ and click on ‘Continue’ - DSers

Now YouTube directs you to set up the process by sending you the prompt. Once you receive it, click on Add App and add Google Channel to Shopify. Your next steps will be on Shopify. Do the following:

Step 6: Click on the ‘Add Sales Channel’ while adding the Google app at the top right.

Click on the ‘Add Sales Channel’ while adding the Google app at the top right. - DSers

Step 7: Choose ‘Connect Google Account’ and sign in

Step 8: Once connected with your Google account, you must complete the store requirements on the next page. Here you need to click a few more to complete the process.

Step 9: You need to ‘Add Google Merchant Account’ ( if it's not there, you need to create it)

Step 10: Click the ‘Agree’ button on Google's Terms of Services.

Step 11: Choose ‘Complete Set up’

Now, your Shopify store is connected to your YouTube Channel. Sync your store products with YouTube for YouTube verification

Step 11: Click on ‘Get Started on the next page.

Click on ‘Get Started on the next page - DSers

Step 12: Click the ‘Continue’ button to confirm your channel meets all the requirements.

Click the ‘Continue’ button to confirm your channel meets all the requirements. - DSers

Step 13: Choose your channel, and click on the ‘Agree’ button to YouTube Shopping terms of service. Next, tap on ‘Complete Setup.’

Once the whole process is complete, YouTube will verify whether your store products match Google Merchant Center Policies. It'll take 4 or 5 business days, and you'll get notified through mail once they do the review.

After the setup process, you can monitor the traffic of your store website and verify the conversion ratio. If you want to escalate your business further, you can try DSers dropshipping tool to avail the automation in dropshipping business.

DSers Dropshipping Business: Increase Your Sales in Dropshipping

Once you connect your Shopify store to your YouTube channel, you will get maximum exposure to your viewers. What if you can provide them with quality products from AliExpress suppliers? DSers dropshipping tool helps you to connect with the best Suppliers from AliExpress to increase your sales. With DSers, you can place multiple orders, auto-updated order tracking details and 24 x 7 customer care support. What else do you want?

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


Advantages of DSers

DSers can provide you with all the advanced advantages to upscale your business. Here is the benefits list you can avail of once you link your Shopify store to the DSers tool:

  • You can place 100s orders with DSers
  • It'll help to sync the tracking number to your store and PayPal account
  • It'll help you to optimize shipping costs by auto-select the low-cost and fast shipping option
  • There'll be no stock shortage as you'll connect the best AliExpress suppliers with DSers
  • You can hide products you don't want to sell anymore

Thus, DSers can provide you with an optimized drop shipping experience, and your customers can avail of the best products at the lowest price.

Bottom Line

As YouTube provides numerous opportunities to convert leads into sales, DSers dropshipping tool will provide you automation service to satisfy your customers with good products. If you value your customers with quality items, low prices, and timely delivery, your customers will never go anywhere.

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