Modalyst vs Oberlo: Choose Your Proper Dropshipping Tool

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Choose Your Proper Dropshipping Tool

Dropshipping is a profitable business endeavor and one of the easiest and lowest-risk ways to get goods if you're just starting out with your eCommerce business.

There are many dropshipping tools that may get you started, Modalyst and Oberlo are the two that gain many concerns of comparison. Let’s check out Modalyst vs Oberlo comparison in this article.

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Know the Basics

Modalyst and Oberlo are 2 of the most well-known dropshipping tools. These Shopify applications are fantastic at simplifying dropshipping and making products accessible to e-commerce firms. Let's have a look at what they are!

What Is Modalyst

Basic information:

  • Two MIT graduate students founded it in 2013 in the United States.
  • More than 150,000 online retailers selling products on Modalyst.
  • 4.2-stars rating on Shopify.

What Is Modalyst - DSers

Modalyst is a mobile app that brings together products from leading European and American manufacturers. Their supplier network is one-of-a-kind and diverse. Because the products are exclusively supplied by businesses that have been independently evaluated, Modalyst can develop consistent shipping regulations and processes. As a result, online buyers may expect speedier and more dependable delivery.

These suppliers offer extensive product pages that Shopify shops may use to integrate photos, descriptions, and inventory levels into their dropship store. When new items become available, retailers may quickly import them into their online businesses.

What Is Oberlo

Basic information:

  • Formed in Lithuania in 2015.
  • Oberlo has sold almost 85 million products.
  • On the Shopify app store, Oberlo has a 4.3-star rating.
  • Worldwide available.

What Is Oberlo - DSers

Now we'll take a look at Oberlo, a dropshipping plugin. Oberlo is a Shopify app that is quite popular in the store. Oberlo operates in the same way as the Modalyst plugin, allowing you to use the Oberlo app to upload and manage products in your e-commerce store.

Oberlo is a Shopify app that can only be used on Shopify. It doesn't work with Woocommerce, Wix, or Bigcommerce. After you've made an account, you can rapidly explore the Oberlo marketplace to locate the greatest products and simply add them to your store. Oberlo will give you all of the listing's product information and inventory data, including images, descriptions, wholesale pricing, and variations, instantly. Unless you want to, you don't need to make any adjustments.

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Features

To choose the most proper tool for your dropshipping business, the most important things that need to be considered are their features. Let’s move on to the comparison between the two dropshipping tools.


  • Unlimited Products: Without worrying about shelf space, you may choose as many Modalyst products as you like or as many as your site's bandwidth permits.
  • Inventory Lists: You may quickly organize products into lists and export them based on themes or categories of your choice with just a few clicks.
  • Real-time Alerts: Modalyst provides inventory level alerts. Price, pictures, and descriptions are all updated on a regular basis.
  • Modalyst Dropshipping: You won't have to bother about logistics because products are transported straight from suppliers to clients.

Modalyst Feature - DSers

  • Virtual & Digital Inventory: Modalyst has a huge product variety with hundreds of brands and millions of products in its database. Products are in stock and available to ship as soon as clients place an order.
  • Centralized Sourcing and Communication: This cuts down on the time it takes to identify trustworthy dropshipping brands.
  • Order Management: Orders, lists, chats, and payments can all be managed in one spot.
  • Export Data Option: With only a few clicks, exporting lists is a breeze. If you're selling on Amazon, Squarespace, eBay, or other marketplaces or shopping carts, these lists are already set up for you to submit quickly.
  • One-click Sourcing and Personal Domain: You may add an item to your store with one click after installing Modalyst's Shopify and/or BigCommerce Apps.
  • Communication Tools: As brands change their profiles or add items, keep an eye on them. You may also have a conversation with businesses to learn more about their products.
  • Modalyst Support: To assist you with any questions, live chat support is accessible, as well as specialist email or phone assistance.


Oberlo's marketplace connects you to suppliers all over the world, allowing you to offer a wide range of items online. Here are its key features:

Oberlo Feature - DSers

  • Statistics: You can make the best data-driven decisions and look at product potential before selling with Oberlo's in-depth product statistics.
  • Suppliers: Oberlo finds great suppliers for you who are proven top achievers, so you don't have to look for them yourself.
  • Order Shipping: By selecting 'Order Product' and confirming the order, you may deliver your stuff to your customers' doorsteps. Oberlo will handle everything left.
  • Product Page Customization: Change any product's description, title, or picture as needed.
  • Pricing Automation: You may define pricing rules and price things in bulk using Oberlo.
  • Order and Sales Tracking: Oberlo's integrated order monitoring keeps you informed about the status of your orders at all times. You may also keep track of your revenue using a simple sales and expense dashboard.
  • Multiple User Accounts: You may hire people to assist you in running your online shop.
  • E-packet: You may use this functionality to filter and import just items with short delivery periods.
  • Product Wish Lists: Oberlo lets you manage numerous wish lists and import products easily.
  • Connect Existing Products: You may link your Oberlo store to the things you're presently selling.
  • Change Product Suppliers: Oberlo makes it simple to choose between multiple providers with varied costs.

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Pricing

The next thing to consider when picking a proper dropshipping tool for your online store is its pricing. The two options that we often consider are the free option and paid option.

Free Plan

  • Modalyst: The Free Hobby Plan - The free plan from Modalyst is designed for hobbyists and people who are just getting started. You can look at as many things as you like, but you can only add up to 25 to your store. It's also worth mentioning that only their non-premium products are available.
  • Oberlo: Explorer Plan - Oberlo's free plan allows you access to up to 500 products as well as the basic Oberlo capabilities.

Paid Plans


  • The Startup Plan ($35 a month): When you're ready to introduce a larger range of items, this strategy goes into effect. The product limit has been increased to 250, which should allow you to stock a wide range of items.
  • The Pro Plan ($90 a month): This is Modalyst's most popular plan, according to them. You receive access to premium products, and the number of things you may sell in your store is unlimited. This might be the option for you if you want to do limitless business and deal with handpicked retailers from suppliers in the United States and Europe.

Modalyst Pricing - DSers


  • Oberlo Boss Plan ($29.90 a month): It seems to be suitable for large webshops. It includes all of the Oberlo features and allows you to place an unlimited number of orders each month. The Boss Plan also comes with multiple user accounts and advanced features, making it great for growing businesses.

Oberlo Pricing - DSers

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Pros and Cons

After reviewing the features and prices, you can base on the advantages and disadvantages of both tools to choose for yourself the most suitable tool.

Modalyst Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of Modalyst:


  • High-quality products.
  • Integrate with Shopify, Wix & BigCommerce.
  • Higher profit margins.
  • Fast shipping.
  • A marketplace of unique suppliers.
  • Products shipping from the United States.
  • Mostly US/EU suppliers, some with free shipping.
  • Private label dropshipping program.
  • Automatic tracking at the lowest pricing plan.
  • Inventory level notifications.
  • Directly connect with suppliers.


  • No free trial for a paid plan.
  • 5% transaction fee on all pricing tiers.
  • No access to premium brands on the first and second pricing plans.
  • A limited selection of low-cost products.

Oberlo Pros and Cons


  • Rated as a good Shopify plugin.
  • Oberlo suppliers offer faster shipping times and more reliable products.
  • Automatic order fulfillment.
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Product reviews on Aliexpress products.
  • Integrates with Shopify.
  • Strong customer support.
  • More economical long-term with no transaction fees.


  • No free trial for a paid plan.
  • Source products are only from Oberlo and Aliexpress dropshipping platforms.
  • Only available on Shopify.
  • Aliexpress products have longer shipping times.

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Final Verdict

Modalyst, as we've seen, provides high-quality suppliers, which is a must for most eCommerce businesses. It's also a cost-effective way to combine your product search and order management systems. Modalyst curates its supplier network with great care and attention, combining it with pricing, shipping, and return policies. All of these are advantageous to their merchants and customers.

Modalyst vs Oberlo: Final Verdict - DSers

Oberlo, on the other hand, is familiar with the issues that eCommerce sellers confront when it comes to ordering fulfillment and product creation. When it comes to expanding your store's product choices, its one-click and/or automated methods, as well as inventory updates, make all the difference. Oberlo has a competitive advantage over other applications thanks to its unique collaboration with AliExpress.

Although there is only one option available in terms of pricing, Oberlo nevertheless delivers on its promise of easy dropshipping.  On Modalyst, users must upgrade to paid plans to access the complete supplier network, which charges transaction fees.

Which one is the best depends entirely on your requirements, since each software has its own set of capabilities tailored to the kind of products you want to manage. Both have been carefully tested by the Shopify community and have received excellent reviews and ratings. However, before deciding on one, assess the benefits and drawbacks, as well as your company's demands.

Bonus: Dsers - An Alternative to Both Modalyst & Oberlo

DSers ‑ AliExpress Dropshipping - is a good option for a dropshipping tool for your online business. Because of its ability to process hundreds of orders at once, DSers are really simple to use. The fact that DSers is one of the most popular AliExpress dropshipping apps in the Shopify app store further adds to its perfect rating score.

Bonus: Dsers - An Alternative to Both Modalyst & Oberlo - DSers

Key features of DSers‑AliExpress Dropshipping:

  • Supplier Optimizer: With only one click, you can easily find the proper suppliers for your on-sale products.
  • Bulk Order: With DSers, you can place hundreds of orders once time on AliExpress.
  • Auto Sync Tracking Numbers: Tracking numbers will be automatically synced with your store and PayPal.
  • Auto-update Order Status: Order status from AliExpress will be automatically updated for DSers and your stores.
  • And more features: You can explore them by yourself on DSers official website.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


A free plan is available for DSers. If you want to use additional handy DSers services, you may opt for the Monthly / Annually Payment Plan, which starts at 15.9$.

Final Words

Hopefully, through the detailed comparison, this article has helped you choose a proper dropshipping tool between Oberlo and Modalyst. If you still can not weigh the two tools above, the alternative DSers may be a good option to start an online business.

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