Must-Listen Motivational Podcasts That Ignite Your Inner Drive

Must-Listen Motivational Podcasts That Ignite Your Inner Drive

Looking for a boost in motivation? These best motivational podcasts will help you quit bad habits, manage your money better, and achieve your fitness objectives. We've compiled a list of 16 of the best podcasts, including topics such as business success, personal growth, health, and wealth. While these podcasts will not suddenly transform your life, they are jam-packed with inspiration, insight, and encouragement to help you become the greatest version of yourself. So tune in and prepare to unleash your potential!

Top 16 Motivational Podcasts to Follow

Get ready to fuel your motivation with our best selections of 16 great podcasts! Let's begin your road to realizing your greatest potential!

1. Shopify Masters

Shopify Masters - DSers

If you want to establish an internet business but don't have much money to spend, Shopify Masters is for you! It's a motivating podcast for anyone fresh to the corporate world. They discuss online selling, dropshipping, and how to establish your own online business. The nice part is that they interview ordinary people who have made it big in the internet business, sharing their stories, offering great advice, and even answering questions from listeners like you. It's not like those expensive business podcasts with high-profile CEOs; these are actual folks who worked hard to succeed. So, if you need a burst of encouragement to start your online business, give Shopify Masters a listen!

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2. So Money

So Money - DSers

Do you want to become more financially knowledgeable and develop wealth? So Money is your go-to podcast! This show, hosted by finance expert Farnoosh Torabi, focuses on money management and financial success. Tune in to hear Farnoosh address your money questions and talk with successful people from diverse industries. They open up about their financial paths, including their mistakes and successful choices. Episodes advise budgeting, investing, debt management, and other topics. Plus, with new episodes coming every few days and lasting between 25 and 50 minutes, you'll always have access to fresh financial advice!

3. The School of Greatness

The School of Greatness - DSers

"The School of Greatness" with Lewis Howes is a source of encouragement and inspiration for everyone who wants to learn from the finest. Lewis, a top athlete, author, and entrepreneur, invites extraordinarily successful people from all areas of life, including business titans, sports legends, and entertainment celebrities, to share their secrets. You'll hear from the crème of the crop, including bestselling author Dan Harris, entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, and comedian Kevin Hart. Each episode is jam-packed with tales and insights to motivate you and help you live your best life, covering everything from overcoming anxieties to nailing relationships and from business acumen to success. Plus, with new episodes dropping every couple of days, ranging from quick six-minute boosts to deep dives lasting up to 1.5 hours, there's always something fresh to inspire you on your journey to greatness.

4. The GaryVee Audio Experience

The GaryVee Audio Experience - DSers

Looking for a push to get started and achieve your goals? Look no further than "The GaryVee Audio Experience"! It's a high-energy podcast by entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk, the mastermind behind VaynerMedia, a top-tier social media marketing business. Gary is all over social media, providing daily information, so you know he has the goods. This podcast is jam-packed with business and marketing strategies and insights about self-improvement and living a successful life. Episodes drop often, ranging from fast doses to lengthy sessions, so there's always something to keep you going. Are you ready to plunge in and hustle? Gary has got your back!

5. Entrepreneurs on Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire - DSers

Want to be fired up and learn from the finest in business? Check out Entrepreneurs on Fire! It's a motivational podcast discussing business, marketing, and how to think like a great entrepreneur. The host, John Lee Dumas, always interviews very successful company leaders. They provide their success secrets and recommendations, allowing you to pursue your business goals. They release a new episode every two days, generally between 25 and 30 minutes long. With almost 2,500 episodes, you'll always have inspiration!

6. The Mindvalley Podcast

The Mindvalley Podcast - DSers

The Mindvalley Podcast is a veritable treasure trove for anybody wishing to expand and release their potential. This podcast, hosted by Vishen Lakhiani, Mindvalley's creator, delves deeply into personal improvement. It's like a helpful guide who helps you overcome doubts and concerns and find your inner strength. Each episode is like a mini-workshop, packed with actionable suggestions and tactics for improving your mentality, beliefs, and performance. You will hear from experts in psychology, science, business, and spirituality about various issues. And the greatest part? You may watch anytime, with new episodes available every few days. So, if you're ready to expand your mind and achieve new heights, The Mindvalley Podcast is your go-to source!

7. Optimal Living Daily

Optimal Living Daily - DSers

Are you among those who need a fast source of motivation or inspiration? Optimal Living Daily is just what you need! Rather than accumulating fascinating items in your favorites, this free podcast reads them. Every day, the hosts select the greatest pieces from the internet, authored by professionals and authors you'd like to hear from. They address various themes, including business, mindfulness, personal improvement, and minimalism. And the greatest part? Each episode is brief, lasting between six and ten minutes, making it ideal for fitting into your hectic schedule and keeping you encouraged wherever you go.

8. The Tony Robbins Podcast

The Tony Robbins Podcast - DSers

When you think of Tony Robbins, you typically see motivation. He is a well-known American author, lecturer, and philanthropist. In his podcast, he discusses how to elevate regular life experiences. The Tony Robbins Podcast tells stories of tremendous achievement, relying on his own life and the experiences of other clever people worldwide.

9. The Ramsey Show

The Ramsey Show - DSers

Do you need money inspiration? Listen in to The Ramsey Show! It is a podcast broadcast by Dave Ramsey, a financial expert and best-selling book. Dave's whole focus is on helping people confront their financial problems. He doesn't sugarcoat anything; he comes straight to the point. This podcast has several suggestions on budgeting, debt management, investing, bookkeeping, and even understanding insurance. And get this: there's a new episode every day, each lasting an hour, so you'll always have useful tips!

10. The Mindset Mentor

The Mindset Mentor - DSers

The Mindset Mentor podcast is like having a friendly coach in your ear who helps you find your path through life. Rob Dial hosts each episode, which is brief yet filled with incentives to pump you up. It's all about offering practical guidance on essential topics like coping with regrets, keeping focused, and improving your life. What's amazing is that Rob speaks to you like a buddy, making personal development and self-care feel simple to grasp. It's ideal for a morning boost to get your day started with encouragement and motivation.

11. Nutrition Matters

Nutrition Matters - DSers

"Nutrition Matters" is an excellent podcast on eating healthily and feeling good about food. Paige Smathers, a dietitian and nutritionist, hosts the show, full of useful advice for making healthy choices and having a great connection with your food. Paige interviews health and wellness professionals in each episode, as well as sharing inspiring tales from those who have struggled with eating disorders or weight difficulties. Despite only releasing two new episodes every month, there is a large archive of over 175 episodes to explore. Each episode lasts around 45 to 1 hour and 15 minutes. So, if you want to learn more about maintaining a balanced diet and feeling good about your eating, this podcast is worth checking out!

12. Side Hustle Pro

Side Hustle Pro - DSers

Side Hustle Pro is a weekly podcast for those who want to transform their interests into profitable business endeavors. Nicaila Matthews Okome hosts the show, jam-packed with interviews with successful side hustlers who reveal how they made it big. Each episode is a treasure of actionable insights and tactics, whether you're deciding what to sell, dealing with money issues, or wanting to become large. Expect to hear from celebrities such as Myleik Teele, Tiffany Aliche, and Courtney Sanders, who have all succeeded through side ventures. With episodes ranging from 30 minutes to an hour, including some inspiration and know-how, it is simple, even on your busiest days.

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13. The Happiness Lab

The Happiness Lab - DSers

Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale University psychologist, hosts "The Happiness Lab" podcast, your ultimate happiness guide. Every week, Dr. Santos delves into numerous happiness themes supported by psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics research. The podcast has a warm and approachable tone, like receiving advice from a trusted friend. Listen in to hear from leading positive psychology specialists and people who discovered happiness unexpectedly. Episodes range from 30 minutes to an hour, making them ideal for raising your spirits anytime and anywhere.

14. The Tim Ferriss Show

The Tim Ferriss Show - DSers

Embark on an adventurous trip with Tim Ferriss on The Tim Ferris Show! Tim is an expert in uncovering the keys to success. He speaks with high-achieving individuals, from successful businesspeople to professional sports, to learn what drives them. Each episode is jam-packed with actionable suggestions to help you achieve your personal and professional objectives. Tim doesn't simply talk; he digs deep and shares techniques, tools, and routines you can implement. So buckle up and prepare to be inspired!

15. Happier with Gretchen Rubin

Happier with Gretchen Rubin - DSers

Want to increase your happiness in life? Check out "Happier with Gretchen Rubin," a podcast hosted by Gretchen Rubin, author of "The Happiness Project." Whether you're depressed or want to lift your spirits, this podcast offers something for everyone. Gretchen gives practical insights and recommendations for achieving a happy life via good habits, similar to her book. It's like having a friend cheer you on as you strive for a more joyous and full existence.

16. Impact Theory

Impact Theory - DSers

Looking to make major changes in your life? Impact Theory, presented by Tom Bilyeu, is an excellent tutorial. Tom, passionate about learning and business success, invites prominent people to discuss relevant themes. Tom's presentation is jam-packed with insight and practical ideas gleaned from co-founding Quest Nutrition and assisting thousands of others. Impact Theory may help you improve your profession, relationships, and personal growth. Tune in to receive the information and tools you need to take action and live the life you want.


These best motivational podcasts are more than just brief lifts; they're tremendous tools for changing your life. Tuning in provides inspiring tales, insightful insights, and the motivation and assistance you need to take action. From handling your money to creating a positive mentality, each podcast on this list provides something unique to help you move forward. So, whether you want to succeed in business, improve personally, or live a healthier life, these podcasts will help you reach your full potential. It's time to accept the adventure and let these podcasts light a fire within you!

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