Not-So-Common Skills Exhibited By Successful Dropshipping Stores

Not-So-Common Skills Exhibited By Successful Dropshipping Stores

Dropshipping is an ecommerce business model which allows businesses to become a middleman. This means they don’t keep an inventory of products, they source them from a retailer or manufacturer to get it directly delivered to the customer.

For example, a successful dropshipping store would source products from AliExpress when a customer places an order. This order is then directly shipped to the customer.

Although the dropshipping model is quite simple and successful, many find it challenging to set up a store. For these businesses and entrepreneurs, we have found some uncommon tips. Check what skills you need to open a successful dropshipping store:

Unknown Reasons Behind Dropshipping Store Failure

unknown reasons behind dropshipping store failure

First, let’s see the reasons why dropshipping stores fail. There are both failures and successes in this industry; just like any other. But, in dropshipping especially, businesses fail due to some specific reasons.

  • The topmost reason is the inability to select the right niche. When you are starting your dropshipping store, choosing a niche that is popular is imperative. If your research is inaccurate and you are trying to sell something like plain notebooks, no one may buy it from you.
  • Similar to the above, another big reason for failure is the inability to set the right pricing. Now, if the manufacturer is offering the notebook at $2 and retailer at $4, and you have marked it at $10, who would buy from you?
  • Many dropshipping stores don’t have the patience to allow the store to grow. You need to spend time and resources to make it successful. It won’t start revealing results overnight. You need to slowly and gradually improve your outreach.
  • When you are creating an online store, you need to choose the correct storefront. For example, Shopify is one of the best platforms for beginners. It is simple to set up and easy to manage.
  • Lastly, many dropshipping owners don’t know how to manage their business. They are not worried about customer service and they fail to respond to customer queries on time. This leads to a bad customer experience which ultimately pushes you down.

Uncommon Things About Successful Dropshipping Stores

Did you know that in 2017, more than 23% of e-commerce sales were made and fulfilled via different dropshipping stores? We are one pandemic later, which has increased digital transformation. Hence, naturally, the count kept on increasing.

If you are willing to create a successful dropshipping store, we have collected a series of uncommon tips. Check these things to improve your dropshipping outcomes.

1.Focus On Quality Products

focus on quality products

When you want to create a successful dropshipping store, quality should be your upmost concern. People today want to buy quality products at optimum pricing. They won’t accept lower quality. Even if you succeed with low quality initially, your customers will start raising their voices eventually. Bad reviews on the internet will ruin your reputation.

Therefore, right from the start, focus on selling unique, optimum, and valuable items. These should be products that are high-quality and optimally priced. For instance, you can’t sell quality scrunchies at a very high price. At the end of the day, these are scrunchies, so you need to justify the pricing accordingly.

2.Harboring Quality Tie-Ups

For a successful dropshipping store, the second thing that you need is successful tie-ups. You can collaborate with just any retailer or manufacturer. For example, even when you are finding products on AliExpress, you need to purchase from sellers who offer optimum pricing, free or low shipping fees, and quality product. If these standards are not matched, you need a new supplier.

Over time, focus on nurturing your relationship with certain sellers. They would offer you better offers and lower pricing eventually. Even if not that, you would get accurate inventory details and quality.

3.Simple Storefront Design

To design a successful dropshipping store, you don’t need to be a master at coding and you don’t need to know everything about being a developer. Shopify storefront helps you use pre-designed templates and easy dashboard-based editing to create a store.

Remember that you need to create a fast, robust, and clean store. The design may not be extremely unique, but if the website is fast and the design is simple and user-friendly, you can still make a successful dropshipping store.

Initially, work on basic features rather than spending a lot of time on only the website. There are many other things to look after.

4.Use Of Dropshipping Tool

dropshipping tool - DSers

Once you have created your dropshipping storefront, you absolutely need a dropshipping tool to manage your products and orders. Whether you are selling one or a thousand products to a few or thousands of users, you need to manage everything and automate certain activities.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


For this reason, we suggest using DSers dropshipping tool. The tool is designed to keep user feasibility in mind. Here are some features of DSers dropshipping tool:

  • You can manage different suppliers using DSers intelligent supplier tool. On the dashboard, you can find the optimum supplier for a product order. On AliExpress, you will be able to find the same product from different sellers, at different pricing, and shipping rates. To select the best one, DSers offers an AI-optimized medium.
  • When many orders are piling up, you don’t need to go to AliExpress and place them manually. You can place many orders at once using the DSers tool. It is that simple.
  • After you have placed orders successfully, you are able to automatically track them from the DSers dashboard.
  • The above feature also allows the offer of quick and optimum customer support to users when they ask queries.
  • If you have more than one store on different platforms, you can manage many stores using DSers dashboard easily. There’s no need to purchase different tools for this purchase.

DSers tool helps you create a successful dropshipping store. It optimizes your seller selection, manages your order placement, and improves order tracking and support services. What more could we ask for?

5.Social Media Marketing

Successful dropshipping businesses require state-of-art marketing. This means that you should never forget that dropshipping is all about your marketing campaigns and strategies. If you are not using social media, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook correctly, you are not making an effort to build a successful dropshipping store.

So, understand different marketing platforms and start marketing.

6.A Source of Passive Income

Initially dropshipping should only be a source of passive income. This means for your financial stability, try starting a dropshipping store as a side business while you continue your job or current endeavors. This will offer you stability and you won’t be on the edge of quitting every time something goes wrong.

Of course, this means that you may have to work extra for a while. However, once the dropshipping store starts earning you more than your primary work, you will be able to switch to dropshipping full time. Taking calculative decisions here helps you eliminate abrupt decisions and anxiety.

7.An Amazing Offer

Every now and then, your store should have compelling and unforgettable offers for your users. Create discounts, bundles, or similar offers to spike sales. This will allow you to grasp new users from time to time.

Remember that once you have a conversion, you can market and upsell and cross-sell very easily. You need to push the user to take out the credit card for the first time with offers. Once they have made the purchase, your product quality, marketing excellence, and optimum customer service should be enough for repeat purchases.

8.Focus On a Niche Store

focus on a niche store

Many dropshipping businesses don’t focus on the niche. (We have also stated this as a reason for failure).

In dropshipping, you don’t want to create multiple product categories. Having niche products is kind of a unique selling point of dropshipping businesses. Your users can search from various products on a marketplace easily. Isn’t it?

We are trying to make their task easier with a niche store. So, get out your notebook and search for research. Brainstorm ideas, check the relevance of these ideas on Goole Trends, randomly check on Twitter for popularity, and create a list of niche products – not random products you like.

For example, selling products related to marvel characters or a minion store with T-shirts, shorts, socks, and other related products. Pick a field that is popular but less active on e-commerce. This will help you draw many customers and create a successful dropshipping store.


Creating a successful dropshipping store involves making the right moves all along. For this, we have discussed 8 crucial tips offered by experts and some of the leading dropshipping businesses. Check how you can become a successful dropshipping store and move towards your goal.

Don’t forget to check out DSers dropshipping tool for automated supplier and shipment management. Explore our website for more details.

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