Why Is DSers for You

Why Is DSers for You

Before we started developping our own dropshipping solution, we actually tried to use all the existing tools that were already there. None of them was doing everything we wanted.

We acknowledge older platform and the hardwork they did, but they just felt outdated. So we decided to do something ourselves: Get the best ideas and features from here and there and create the best dropshipping tool for all: DSers!

Why Is DSers for you?

Our Goal

The first mission of DSers is to help you treat your orders fast and effectively. You receive an order on your store, it then syncs to DSers immediatelly and automatically.

Then you just have to click one button to place it to AliExpress. Once the order is on AliExpress, you pay for it, and you're done! It is that simple!

Our Partnerships

DSers is the new standard for any dropshipping business and is the unique Official Partner of AliExpress. Compared to other solutions, like Oberlo and Dropified, we are in constant contact with the AliExpress team to keep on improving our platform and making it as reliable and efficient as possible for our users. AliExpress partnership also means you're put on AliExpress whitelist!

In addition to our partnership with AliExpress, we also work with Admitad Affiliate Program to allow our users to make more money. Place your orders with DSers, and earn some Cashback!

Improving Your Experience

But placing orders is just one of the great things you can do with DSers. Every store owner will know that it's important to be able to customize your products and offers, and you can do that in many ways.

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


First, you can quickly and easily import products from AliExpress and edit them directly in DSers before your put them in your store.

You can split those products, create bundles or buy one get one offers as you please!

You can also make country specific mapping to send your products to your clients faster than ever!

The Standard for Dropshippers

And don't worry about fulfilling orders or sending mails to your customers, DSers does that automatically! Like stated earlier, once you have placed an order to AliExpress and paid for it, you don't need to do anything anymore!

DSers will automatically move the order to an Awaiting Shipment status, and when your supplier actually generates a tracking number for this order and ships it out, DSers will synchronize the tracking number from AliExpress to Shopify, marking your orders as fulfilled and send the shipping confirmation mail to your customer!

We are constantly looking for new features and trying to make things faster and easier for our users.

Our goal is simple, helping you to get rid of the boring tasks by simplifying and automating them, so you can spend more time on what matters to you: Growing your business.

Feel free to check one of the many articles if you want more details about a speficic feature, and never hesitate to contact us, we proud ourselves in helping each customers as much as we can!

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