10 Best YouTube Alternatives for Content Creators to Post Videos

10 Best YouTube Alternatives for Content Creators to Post Videos

According to Business Insider, US adults use YouTube more than any other platform. Despite its position as the most popular video platform and search engine, there are some better alternatives.

In light of ever-increasing videos showing ads each time and algorithms that interfere with uploads, many YouTube video creators have taken to looking at other options. A variety of options are available.

YouTube videos should be made, but these other YouTube alternatives can be beneficial for posting and promoting content as well. You can at least reach people who don't watch YouTube videos by using alternatives to YouTube.

This alone makes it worthwhile for creators to check out an alternative to YouTube. There's no need to spend a lot of time on it. Most video platforms allow you to post your content.

Is YouTube Replaceable

Online video platform YouTube is one of the oldest and most established. The platform attracts more than 2 billion logged-in users every month, and its global audience watches billions of hours of video every month.

As a result, the options on our list are unlikely to completely replace YouTube any time soon from a market and audience perspective.

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You may still want to consider a different video strategy if you don't have an established YouTube channel.

In addition to YouTube, there are great alternatives you can use to reach new audiences or convert website visitors into leads.

Reasons for Using YouTube Alternatives

Other reasons exist for posting and promoting videos on alternative platforms besides accessing a huge audience that isn't on YouTube. Various YouTube alternatives offer different monetization methods, content focus, and geographic reach.

Nevertheless, numbers aren't everything. Each video platform offers a different audience.

Youtube Homepage - DSers
Source: Youtube

Because YouTube collects and utilizes user data in a way they do not like, many cybersecurity and IT professionals do not use the platform. YouTube alternatives that emphasize creative video techniques are preferred by some video creators.

Additionally, paid platforms to appeal to very different audiences than free ones. The price sensitivity of viewers who pay for content is usually less than that of other purchases.

Although many people use YouTube, it is free for viewers. Your ideal audience may be more concentrated on alternative platforms, especially if your value proposition emphasizes quality over price.

10 Best Free YouTube Alternatives

1. Metacafe

Metacafe was created in 2012 as an alternative to YouTube and Dailymotion, but today it is exclusively dedicated to presenting entertaining short clips, a concept that is especially popular in the United States.

Metacafe Homepage - DSers
Source: Metacafe

The user community consists predominantly of people who enjoy curated original content like cat videos and juggling tricks, as well as pranks and vehicle breakdowns. According to the website, around 12 million US users (40 million worldwide) visit YouTube alternative.

Video, playlists, and image galleries can be created individually by users. Content is designed to be easily shared, liked, and commented on.


  • Original, curated content
  • It's free
  • Uploads are unlimited


  • Most clips are short

2. Dailymotion

With Dailymotion, you can upload and share videos with your existing audience. It can be used to create a video channel, gain a following, and earn money from shared advertising revenues.

When choosing a YouTube alternative, consider your audience size as a content creator or marketer.

Dailymotion Homepage - DSers
Source: Dailymotion 

According to Dailymotion, its platform has 300 million users. If you look at their most-watched channels and videos, the numbers don't add up to 300 million unique visitors per month.


  • High-quality content
  • An easy-to-use layout
  • Ads and restrictions are fewer


  • The audience size is smaller
  • Advertisements on all videos, even those from non-partner channels

3. Vimeo

It's no surprise that Vimeo is a go-to platform for creatives since it was founded by filmmakers. Vimeo is used by everyone from video-makers to musicians to advertising agencies. This platform isn't for you if you're just looking for funny cat videos.

Dailymotion Homepage - DSers
Source: Vimeo

Content creators can also earn some extra cash through its high-quality videos (4K Ultra HD, to be exact). It has a great interface, and its videos surpass YouTube in quality. Users can also follow channels, comment, and upload videos to social media using Vimeo's built-in community.

Video channels and categories are organized by category and channel on the site. Don't know what to watch? Vimeo staff picks, updated regularly, can direct you in the right direction.


  • Playback and upload of 4K videos
  • Streams live
  • Embeds that can be customized
  • Engaged audience


  • A weekly upload limit of 500 MB for the free plan
  • A maximum video size of 500 MB for free users
  • No potential ad revenue

4. Twitch

It may be hard to think of Twitch as a YouTube alternative, but as the internet's home for thousands of users watching tournament game replays and live streams from their favorite Scandinavian gaming icons, Twitch has everything a user could desire and much, much more.

Twitch Homepage - DSers
Source: Twitch

Twitch caters to the gaming community, but also offers music, art, and television content. There's no better place to spend your lonely Sunday nights playing Fortnite (what a world we live in) or to catch one of your favorite gamers in action.


· Advertisement-free

· Suitable for gaming

· Communal atmosphere


· Targeted only at gamers

5. Vevo

With Vevo, you can watch videos without having to go to YouTube. You can group videos by the artist on this site, which is one of the best alternatives to YouTube.

Vevo Homepage - DSers
Source: Vevo

You can share them on any social media site, comment on them, and follow them. This app offers original web series and music videos.


· Suitable for music


· Offers only music

6. DTube

DTube is one of the best privacy-conscious video platforms, but it still has some similarities to YouTube. Videos on DTube are not uploaded and streamed from one centralized server as they are on YouTube.

Dtube Homepage - DSers
Source: Dtube

Their content is kept on a blockchain. The result is that hackers have a hard time tampering with video content, your data is unlikely to leak, and the platform is controlled by the community.

DTube also supports free speech (content is monitored by the community) and lets you earn cryptocurrency revenue from your content. Die-hard YouTube fans won't have a problem transitioning to this platform since the interface is similar to YouTube. Need to upload videos without worrying about tampering? DTube is the answer.


· Censorship is not allowed

· Make money with cryptocurrency


· The audience size is small

· Clumsy interface

7. Bitchute

Unlike YouTube, Bitchue is a free video-sharing website with fewer rules and policies governing its content. Content creators of all types are welcome on this platform, which is a free-speech alternative to YouTube.

Bitchute Homepage - DSers
Source: Bitchute

Because of its like-minded community, Bitchue has become a popular destination for YouTube creators whose channels have been banned or demonetized.

This platform does not have a huge audience, as does all YouTube alternatives, so that's a downside. The low competition, however, may prove to be an excellent opportunity for building a presence.


· Free speech is supported

· Competition is minimal

· A plugin can automate the uploading of content


· Ad options are limited

· Supports only 720p videos

· Platform users are not that diverse

8. Kaltura

vPaaS video platform Kaltura is open-source and free. It can be used as a successful alternative to Youtube. Use Kaltura to build video solutions for business, lifestyle, and education.

Kaltura Homepage - DSers
Source: Kaltura

Communication, collaboration, and entertainment are all possible with Kaltura. A built-in transcoder and other video enhancement tools provide the best quality.


· Live streaming and webcasting

· Plugins for LMS Video

· Toolkits for marketing

· Managing content


· PaaS model should be scrutinized for data security

9. Brid TV

With BridTV, video creators are also able to offer exclusive video ad solutions through a white-label platform, offering a scalable alternative to YouTube. Your video content can be managed, monetized, and streamed on time with their help.

Brid Tv Homepage - DSers
Source: Brid TV

Filmmakers can use this platform to showcase their video content in the best streaming quality. The main advantages of Brid TV are its in-built encoding and scalable, reliable adaptable bitrate streams.


  • Encoding video
  • Analytics for video
  • Recover inventory from Adblock


  • Users of their free basic plan have very limited options to explore the other features

10. Facebook Watch

In the past few years, Facebook has increased its focus on video. You can watch trending videos based on your interests and viewing history with Facebook Watch, which allows you to browse and watch trending videos.

Facebook Watch - DSers
Source: Facebook Watch

There is no other alternative with a larger user base than Facebook, which has nearly 3 billion monthly active users. While the interface is quite different from YouTube, the content and audience are often similar.

Facebook is now a major player in the video hosting and sharing market.


  • Larger reach and audience size
  • Facebook video sharing
  • You can earn money by placing ads
  • Files up to 10 GB and 4 hours long are supported
  • Retargeting campaigns with custom audiences
  • Streaming live


  • 1080p is the maximum resolution
  • Clumsy embeds


YouTube is the king of online video content, but its increasing restrictions and annoying advertisements make you boil with anger while waiting for the 10 seconds it takes to watch your favorite free video content.

A YouTube alternative can offer a variety of types of content, access to new audiences, and new ways to monetize your content, whether you are just starting or an established pro.

It's a good idea to use these YouTube alternatives if you can't handle all the red tape on YouTube. Choosing the right platform can make all the difference in your brand's ability to be monetized.

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