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Product variants are the unique features of products provided to customers.

What Is a Variant

Product variants are the unique features of products provided to customers. Customers visit your online store, and they can view the same products with various unique variants (identifiers), such as colors, pricing, materials, or any other specific features.

For example, suppose you sell pants online with two choices: size and color. The size option has three values: small, medium, and large. The color option has two values: black and blue. A specific variant of these options is a medium-size blue pants.

Why Is Variant Important

Especially for fashion and clothing brands, their products usually have dozens of styles. It is very important to communicate all these options to customers, and at the same time, do not let them feel overwhelmed with too many choices. In addition, some popular e-commerce platforms have product change restrictions. For example, Shopify has 100 variants limits

By creating variants of the same product, the e-commerce owner can simply create a list for each product, and then let the customer simply select a variant from the drop-down list. The product variants are presented in an intuitive, compact and one-page manner, enabling customers to easily compare other product options. Therefore, offering product variants creates opportunities to drive more sales.

How Will Variant Help Your eCommerce Website

Variants may make life simpler for business owners and operators of eCommerce websites. Here are 4 noteworthy instances:

  • Increase click rates

If you don't use variants, people seeking a certain item (like a red t-shirt) could not locate your product in the search results. This enables you to provide the product's specifications.

  • Enhance user experience

Visitors would not be able to click on a product and browse the variants to make a customized purchase if product variants were not implemented. The user experience suffers if visitors aren't given the choice to select.

  • Simplify bill of material

The definition of a single, streamlined bill of materials for a product template that contains minor differences for the variants is made simpler for website operators by variants.

  • Improve pricing system

The price of the product template may be used to calculate the default price of a product. Depending on the variant's dimension, more costs may be shown. This keeps the price system from being too complicated. Additionally, since each variant does not require separate pricing, it is simpler for the operators to manage prices.

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