DSers Automatic Pricing:
Adapt Your Product Prices
Why Use DSers Automatic Pricing
The margins you add to the AliExpress products you sell in your ecommerce online store are what allows you to turn a profit. In order to create such margins, you will need to change and increase the price of all the products you are importing from AliExpress supplier and wish to sell in your store. Those margins should include the potential shipping, the payment for the hours you spend working on your store and your ad spending. Doing this manually can take a lot of time, so DSers lets you apply some pricing rules, automatically, to all the new products you import.

How To Use DSers Automatic Pricing

Basic Pricing Rule
The easiest way to change the price of your products is to simply add a certain amount to the original price, or to multiply it by a certain number. This way, a ten dollar product can easily be price at 15 or 20 dollars when you send it to your store.
Standard Pricing Rule
Depending if the original price of a product is very low, or on the higher end, you may want to treat them differently. With the standard pricing rule you can assign different price changes to your products depending on their prices range.
Advanced Pricing Rule
For long term successful dropshippers, with a lot of products, with various prices, it is important to follow strict rules on pricing their products. The advanced pricing rules is a very elaborated way to set the exact price required on each product.