DSers Multiple Store Management:
Manage Multiple Stores In One Account

What Is DSers Multiple Store Management

Being able to manage all your different online ecommerce businesses in one place can be a great help. This is why DSers lets you link multiple stores, from different dropshipping platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix, into the same account. With DSers, you can stay logged in to manage all the products you sell online and place all your AliExpress orders, from different stores, in a unique account to simplify your dropshipping experience and increase efficiency. Having one account also helps you to have one generic product base, to easily spread them across!


How Does Multiple Store Management Works

DSers Dropshipping Multiple Store Management

Manage All Your Store In One Place

Having multiple stores becomes the norm for successful dropshipper and entrepreneur to diversify their offers and products. Nevertheless, it can become troublesome when you have to manage all those boutiques in different places. You lose in efficiency and it can be hard to track the progress and updates of each store. With DSers, you can link multiple stores in one account, to place your orders and manage all your products in one place.

DSers Dropshipping Multiple Store Management And Platform

Gather Different Platforms

Shopify is great, but it has its limitations, and so does WooCommerce, Wix, or any other platform. Nothing is perfect, and to each their own benefit. Having store on different platform can a blessing or a curse, considering that you have to check multiple website for new orders, product updates and so on. With DSers, you can manage store from different platforms from the same account!.

DSers Dropshipping Multiple Store Management Economy

Simplicity And Economy

Two of the biggest benefits of being able to manage multiple dropshipping stores in one place are simplicity and saving. By having access to all your stores, from the same platforms or from different ones, you get rid of the chore of having to log in to different account, checking stores one by one painfully and you save money by limiting the number of account from other solutions you need to manage your products and orders.