Why Choose DSers AliExpress Dropshipping Service?

DSers is dedicated to helping dropshippers grow AliExpress dropshipping business and scale online stores such as Shopify, Wix, and Woocommerce stores.

At DSers, we believe that technology empowers us to provide our customers with the most effective and easiest dropshipping solutions.

Meanwhile, one core belief at DSers is the excellent customer service. We keep an ongoing effort to focus on the advance technology and better services.

DSers AliExpress Dropshipping Service

DSers knows well how dropshipping works and helps over 1.2M dropshippers just like you

Find the best suppliers on AliExpress

Find better and cheaper suppliers for your online stores

Quickly place orders to AliExpress

Place 100s orders to Aliexpress in seconds

Manage online stores on DSers Dropshipping

Easily manage multiple stores in one place


What Makes DSers Stand Out from Other Aliexpress Dropshipping Products?

Fast Order Placement

With the AliExpress official API authorization, DSers Dropshipping greatly reduces your ordering time by up to 97%. When your orders reach a large number like dozens even hundreds, it could be a huge workload for you to manually place orders to AliExpress one by one. DSers AliExpress Dropshipping gives you the one-click approach to place 100S orders to AliExpress in seconds.

Fast Order Placement - DSers AliExpress Dropshipping
Supplier Optimization Technology - DSers AliExpress Dropshipping

Supplier Optimization Technology

Taking advantage of Big Data technology, DSers Dropshipping makes it easy for you to find the best suppliers for your online stores. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy on comparing a large number of similar product suppliers, wonder if the suppliers ship items to certain regions, etc. You can quickly find some of the best performing suppliers picked up by DSers in categories. Besides, DSers Supplier Optimizer allows you to compare your suppliers and find a better one using our advanced supplier research technology. Or you can chat with our Mass Supply Program expert now!

Easy Ecommerce Integration

DSers dropshipping enables you to easily manage multiple stores in one place. Now you can integrate with AliExpress, Shopify, Woocommerce and Wix. In addtion to integrating to those mainstream ecommerce platforms, you can use DSers to push order tracking information to your PayPal. We also offer CSV support to help you manage orders for your offline business or other sales channels. If you don't have any questions or problems about the integration, we can just help to make things easy.

Easy Ecommerce Integration - DSers AliExpress Dropshipping
Product Mapping Technology - DSers AliExpress Dropshipping

Product Mapping Technology

At DSers Dropshipping, the product mapping tool is powerful but easy-to-use. It provides the Basic Mapping and the Advanced Mapping features to help you present your products accurately according to the product stock, shipping restriction and more. Moreover, the BOGO and Bundle features enable you to easily personalize your products for your marketing needs to boost your sales in an easier way.

Smart Order Fulfillment

DSers Dropshipping offers a smart and easy dropshipping solution that ensures your orders can be processed automatically and fulfilled smoothly. In the dashboard, DSers also allows you to customize the settings to make sure that uncommon orders, like the authorized order on Shopify, can run correctly as well. Therefore, you can just concentrate on the marketing strategy to boost your sales instead of dealing with a great amount of orders placement, product inventory and even order tracking.

Smart Order Fulfillment - DSers AliExpress Dropshipping

1.2M merchants trust and choose DSers AliExpress Dropshipping Service

DSers AliExpress Dropshipping Tech Solution

Advanced technology based solution

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What Our Customers Say about DSers?

SM**BR team
Yesterday at 2:52 AM

Veeery good App for Dropshippers and amazing support as well, the teams is always there to help you whenever you need. I highly recommend it!

.V**ÍA team
Yesterday at 3:49 AM

This is the easiest , fastest most reliable way to fullfill & import products directly to my store, also with their updated supplier analytics they are by far the best partners to do business with, thanks again DSers for making my life alot easier.

O**ed team
Yesterday at 4:35 PM

This application is absolutely optimal for drop shipping.Very easy to handle, Every tool you need and very accurate.User-friendly