AliExpress 11.11: The Ultimate Chinese Shopping Festival 2021

AliExpress 11.11: The Ultimate Chinese Shopping Festival 2021

11.11 is coming very soon, better get ready for it and enjoy massive discounts for one of the biggest online sales events in the world!

What Is AliExpress 11.11

If you've never heard of AliExpress 11.11, you can regard it as the Chinese version of "Black Friday". It comes from the "Singles Day" celebration in China, which is an event for single people (notice how the date is only with 1?), during which you can get hundreds of thousands of winning products with up to 70% off.

AliExpress11.11 - DSers
Source: AliExpress

It's the best time for dropshippers to save on costs, boost sales and provide great products to potential new customers with AliExpress.

When Is AliExpress 11.11 Happening

From October 28th to November 10th, this is the warm-up period on AliExpress for 11.11. At this time, you will be able to see all the future promotions on all the products eligible.

AliExpress 11.11 14 days to go - DSers
Source: AliExpress 

During this period, you will see the current price of the products, outside of the 11.11 discount, and the prices you will be able to enjoy when the promotion starts. This will help you to pre-set prices and calculate your future margins for the orders you will place and pay on 11.11.

On November 11th and 12th, all the discounts on products will be live on AliExpress! You will find products with up to 70% off and thousands of great deals!

What Types of Promotion During AliExpress 11.11

The AliExpress 11.11 promotion includes coupons, cross-store full reduction (e.g., 50-10), X% discount, and more.

AliExpress 11.11 Discounts - DSers
Source: AliExpress

Please kindly note that some promotions are valid directly from 10.28, while others are only valid on 11.11 & 11.12, so make sure to check carefully the time and different discounts available!

Recommendations for Dropshipping During AliExpress 11.11

1. Check 11.11 prices & pre-select winning products with a high-profit margin during the warm-up period to be ready in the store. Import them to your online store and make sure they look good to your customers.

2. Double check the valid time of the discount on prices. For example, if an 11.11 price can only be valid on 11.11 & 11.12, make sure to inform your consumers of later arrival date / a shipping delay.

3. Make sure to place and pay your orders on 11.11 & 11.12 to get the lowest price.

4. Let your customers know in advance about the upcoming huge discount on your store!

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