Why My AliExpress Order Closed and How to Solve It?

Why My AliExpress Order Closed and How to Solve It?

Most dropshipping business owners use AliExpress to source products for their e-commerce stores. It offers them a high margin and better profits without the hassle of manufacturing or maintaining an inventory.

However, due to an additional number of orders from your account, AliExpress may close your order. It is just for security purposes, and you can recover from this.

In this article, we will elaborate on how you can recover an AliExpress closed order. Read on.

AliExpress Shows Order Closed: Why Is that

For many reasons, AliExpress orders are closed. Some of them are:

  • The order has not yet reached the customer, but you have accidentally confirmed delivery.
  • Your buyer’s protection period has expired, so the AliExpress order has closed.
  • The seller has canceled the order or you have canceled the order by mistake.
  • The order went out of stock before shipping, so the seller canceled it.
  • One of the major reasons you are experiencing AliExpress order closed is because of the fraud activities. For instance, you have started making a considerable amount from dropshipping in a few weeks. AliExpress may suspect this as fraud and may want to monitor activity.

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  • Another suspected fraud may be that you are in one location and you are placing a lot of orders from this place. However, you are shipping orders internationally, which is common in dropshipping. But, for AliExpress, this may be observed as credit card fraud.
  • Many times, AliExpress orders are closed because your credit card is frozen. The bank is experiencing some challenges, and your card has failed, which means payments have failed.
  • It is also possible that you have left a few negative reviews and your AliExpress order was closed due to this, because you have a case with a supplier or seller on AliExpress.

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Source: AliExpress

What Can You Do about Closed Orders

Most of the reasons discussed above can be solved by talking to the provider, seller, or AliExpress customer support. We have some tips to handle AliExpress orders closed.

Find and Reorder

When your AliExpress order is closed, it is likely that you will not get a notification. Therefore, you need to first find out the same on the orders page. Go to View Details and understand the action. If you feel that you need more time to fix the issue, you should simply reorder the product to serve your dropshipping users on time.

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We understand that you can’t open this AliExpress order because it is closed. But, you can reorder and choose any fast shipping method.

Contact AliExpress

Now that you have placed the order, understand that we can fix the situation without challenges. For this, you need the following details:

  • Passport
  • Credit card
  • Business proof
  • Driver's license

It is possible that you may also need to offer contact details.

Keep these details handy, and we suggest scanning documents, blurring credit card details to avoid fraud, and compressing all the documents to easily transfer details. Once you have achieved this, delete your credit card and other details from your phone and computer. This is important as you don’t want to experience fraud.

When you have all the details to resolve the AliExpress order closed issue, you should contact AliExpress. You can reach them on chat, visit the contact us page, or give them a call. Have a quick conversation about the issue, explain that you are a dropshipping business trying to deliver orders to your customers on time, and find a resolution.

You would be asked to offer the above documents that we have already prepared. After providing details, customer support may need some time to evaluate the authenticity of documents. Once they have achieved this, they will confirm if you want to remove the AliExpress order closed or account block. You have to affirm. That’s all! After that, they will ask if you require additional support. You can ask any questions you want.

What Can You Do to Prevent It

To prevent AliExpress orders from being closed in the future, you have to get Alipay verified. Live chat will help you verify your account quickly. The reason we are suggesting this is that when you pay via Alipay, your orders are not closed. You can pay quickly, get refunds quickly, and there’s absolutely no hassle.

If you have cash, deposit money in the account and use your credits for future orders. However, remember that you can’t withdraw money from AliPay and it expires in a three-year time span, so you should be careful with these transactions.

Other than AliPay, PayPal is another reliable option for payments on AliExpress. This method also provides some level of security against AliExpress orders being closed. The only issue is that you need good cash flow for both methods.

What Should You Do as a Dropshipper

If you are a dropshipping business sourcing products from AliExpress, you should first think of your customers.

You placed the order five days ago, but the AliExpress order closed. What do you tell the customer? The order is obviously delayed, but how should you react?

Firstly, we would suggest being honest with your customer. Explain to them how there was an issue with the dispatch of the order or the product went out of stock. You can sincerely apologize and assure you that you are trying your best to dispatch the order as soon as possible. This will help your customers expect some delays, and they may be willing to wait a little longer for their order.

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There may be times when your customer gets furious and they may ask for a refund. In this situation, you can politely apologize and offer a refund to the user. This will help you retain the customer for future orders. If you refuse to assist them, they may leave negative reviews on the internet, which is never good.

If you are feeling really apologetic about the situation and the order has been really delayed, here’s how you can make it up to the customer:

  • Offer a generous discount coupon to the customer for the next purchase.
  • Send them a free gift with the original order.
  • Ask them to choose any product from a category and let it be on the house.
  • Send them an elaborated email and thank them for understanding the situation and staying patient throughout.

There are numerous ways to make amends with your customer.Try to stay honest, genuinely apologize, and listen to the user. Connect with them once the order is delivered to know if the package is of high quality and whether the customer is happy with the product or not.


AliExpress order closed is a challenging situation for a dropshipping store. At first, you may have no clue what to do. However, try to stay calm and use the above tips. By contacting customer support and offering the right authentic documents on time, you can resolve the situation at the earliest.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to reach out to your customers and inform them of the unfortunate delay. You can set up a bulk email for the situation for every open order. Handle the situation calmly and you will find a solution!

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