AliExpress Shipping Methods Changes

AliExpress Shipping Methods Changes

Starting January, AliExpress is standardizing the shipping methods available for all the products.

As a result, there might be fewer or different shipping methods that you can use to ship some of your orders.

Let’s have a look at what changed, and how you can make sure not to face any issue:

Standard Shipping Method

AliExpress is currently making website-wide changes to the list of available shipping methods for some products.

The goal is to simplify the choices for the users.

Nevertheless, the three AliExpress Shipping methods will still be available:

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping – 7-15 days estimated delivery
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping – 15-45 days estimated delivery
  • AliExpress Saver Shipping – to be determined (details are not settled yet concerning the name of the delivery method and the estimated delivery time we will update this information as soon as we hear back from AliExpress)

Due to this change, some previously available shipping methods will disappear from the platform for certain products with destination to some countries.

It is possible that shipping methods such as E-Packet, Yanwen, China Post, Sunyou Economy, EMS, SF Eparcel and so on, that you were previously using as your favorite shipping methods for your orders may not be available anymore.

Note: the actual list of products and countries affected is not currently complete, but we will post it as soon as it is available.

What You Should Do

DSers is working on a feature to help you detect if an order is using a shipping method that is no longer available and to help you adjust to the new shipping method standardization by AliExpress and developing some features to help you make sure you don’t face this kind of issues.

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In the meantime, please be careful about the shipping method you set as default on DSers, and the shipping methods that are available for your product on AliExpress.

AliExpress logo - DSers

Until the feature is ready and in order to make sure that your orders don’t face any problems, you should make sure that the default shipping methods you set globally, for specific countries or for specific products are still available.

This will be a tedious work at first, especially if you sell hundreds of products and have specific shipping method for countries and products, but it is necessary to ensure that your orders will not fail on AliExpress, or that AliExpress will not replace your current favorite shipping method which became unavailable by the cheaper option by default.

Indeed, while the changes are being done on AliExpress, your orders can still be placed to AliExpress, even if you selected a shipping method that is no longer available.

For example:

-You selected E-packet to ship your orders to Australia

-E-Packet is not available anymore -You can still place the order to AliExpress

-Then AliExpress will automatically replace E-Packet with another shipping method that is the cheapest available option for Australia

While this will help you in placing your orders normally, the automatically selected shipping method may be slower than what you want and cause extra delays to your orders.

How to Fix This Issue

First, go to DSers – Setting – Shipping

DSers Setting Shipping - DSers

Find the Shipping setting

DSers Setting Shipping country selection - DSers

Check the default shipping methods you set for specific countries

DSers Setting Shipping shipping method selection - DSers

We can see that for Australia we selected E-Packet as the default shipping method and Cainiao as a secondary shipping method in case E-Packet is not available.

Now, we need to check if the products we sell still have those two shipping methods available or not.

Go to AliExpress and find the product you are selling, and click to check the available shipping methods.

AliExpress product details shipping method - DSers

You will see all the Shipping Method available

AliExpress product details shipping method details - DSers

As we can see, the default shipping methods we selected for Australia (ePacket and Cainiao) are still available for this country.

AliExpress product details shipping method country details - DSers

Now let’s check another product

Go to the AliExpress product page, and click to check the available shipping methods

AliExpress product details country shipping method - DSers

As we can see, for this product, Cainiao and E-Packet are not available anymore.

AliExpress product details shipping method country details availability - DSers

In this case, if you place an order for this product, AliExpress would replace the default shipping method you chose with the cheapest one available (AliExpress Standard Shipping here).

Learn more about how to set shipping method for all products and to set shipping for specific product.

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