A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon to eBay Dropshipping

A Comprehensive Guide on Amazon to eBay Dropshipping

Do you dream of making more money on your terms? Many people crave flexible income options and chances to succeed in online business. One of the best ways is start Amazon to eBay dropshipping, an intelligent strategy to boost your income. Figuring out what to sell and how to keep customers happy can be challenging. That's why we're here to help! So, if you're ready to take control of your financial future, let's dive in together!

Why Dropship from Amazon to eBay

Amazon and eBay are prominent players in the online marketplace, each offering unique shopping experiences. Founded by Jeff Bezos, Amazon has evolved from an online bookstore to a global retail giant, providing various products and services, including fast shipping through its Prime membership. On the other hand, eBay, founded by Pierre Omidyar, introduced the concept of online auctions, enabling individuals and businesses to buy and sell goods through bidding. With its dynamic auction system, eBay has become a platform for buyers seeking unique items and sellers aiming to reach a broad audience. Together, these platforms have revolutionized people's shopping, offering consumers convenience, variety, and competitive pricing worldwide.


  1. Free and Fast Shipping: You can ship products quickly for free within 1-2 days if you have Amazon Prime.
  2. Large Product Selection: Amazon offers over 12 million products, giving you many options to sell on eBay.
  3. Easy Returns: Prime products come with free 30-day returns, making it convenient for customers.
  4. Extended Holiday Returns: You can offer extended return periods during holidays, attracting more buyers.
  5. 24/7 Customer Support: Amazon provides quick customer service through phone or chat anytime, ensuring smoother transactions.
  6. Global Markets: You can sell in multiple countries through Amazon's different marketplaces, such as the US, UK, DE, FR, IT, etc.


  1. Account Locks: Amazon might freeze accounts due to high purchases, but you can solve this by using verified credit cards.
  2. Tracking Number Issues: Amazon's TBA tracking numbers can't be read on eBay, causing problems with 'item not received' cases. However, you can convert Amazon tracking to BlueCare Express to solve this.
  3. Prime Membership Costs: Amazon Prime costs $119 yearly or $12.99/month, but you can switch to DSers to handle Prime orders, automate tracking numbers, and BlueCare Express conversions, which could be more cost-effective in the long run.

DSers dropshipping

Tracking Number with Auto Sync

Auto Sync Tracking Numbers - Automatically sync the tracking number from AliExpress to your store


How to Dropship from Amazon to eBay

Learn how to dropship from Amazon to eBay seamlessly with these easy-to-follow steps.

Step 1: Create an eBay Account for Dropshipping

The first step in starting dropshipping from Amazon to eBay is creating an eBay account specifically for dropshipping. This means signing up for a new eBay account or using your existing one if you have one. Make sure your account is in good standing to avoid any issues down the line.

Step 2: Identify a Profitable Dropshipping Niche

Choosing a profitable dropshipping niche is crucial. Research different niches to find one with high demand but less competition. Look for products people are interested in buying but are not widely available on eBay. A profitable dropshipping niche will help you stand out and attract more customers.

Step 3: Select the Best Products for Dropshipping

Once you've selected your niche, it's time to pick the best products to sell. Browse Amazon for products that fit your niche and have good reviews. Look for items that are lightweight, easy to ship, and have a reasonable profit margin. Consider factors like price, quality, and demand when making your selection.

Step 4: Optimize Your Product Listings

Optimize your product listings on eBay to maximize your sales potential. This involves creating compelling titles, writing detailed descriptions, and using high-quality images. Make sure your listings stand out from the competition and accurately represent the products you're selling. Optimization also includes setting competitive prices and offering excellent customer service to satisfy buyers. With these steps, you'll be well on your way to successfully dropshipping from Amazon to eBay.

Step 5: Create Listings with Amazon to eBay Dropshipping Software

When you're dropshipping from Amazon to eBay, making listings on eBay is the next step. You'll use special software that connects Amazon's products to your eBay store. This software helps you quickly transfer product details from Amazon to eBay, making it simple to create listings. You can import product images, descriptions, and prices from Amazon to eBay with just a few clicks. This saves you time and effort, so you can focus on managing your eBay store and making sales.

How to Research Amazon to eBay Product

Discovering profitable products to sell on eBay using Amazon as your source requires effective research. Here's how to conduct thorough product research for your Amazon-to-eBay dropshipping business.

Google Trends

Google Trends is like a tool that shows you what people are searching for on the internet. You can type in keywords related to products you're interested in selling on eBay from Amazon, and Google Trends will give you a graph that shows how popular those keywords are over time. This helps you see if there is a consistent demand for the products you want to sell or if interest is fading. If many people are searching for something, it might be a good idea to sell it on eBay because there's probably a big market.

Online Research

When researching Amazon to eBay products, online research involves using various online tools and resources to find popular products on Amazon and determine if there is a demand for them. This can include using search engines like Google to find trending products, browsing through Amazon's bestseller lists, analyzing eBay's completed listings to see which products are selling well, and utilizing keyword research tools and product research software to gather data and insights.

Amazon Best Sellers

When diving into Amazon to eBay product research, Amazon's Best Sellers section is a smart starting point. Updated hourly, this page showcases the hottest and most popular items across all categories. These products have proven their success, making them ideal candidates for your research. Using the categories available, you can pinpoint products suited for dropshipping.

Hot New Releases

When exploring how to research products from Amazon to sell on eBay, diving into the Hot New Releases section is like striking gold. This section is a goldmine for finding the latest trends in products. One big advantage is getting ahead of your competition by selling these hot items first. If you need help figuring out where to start, wait until you make some sales and then look for similar products to the ones you see in the new releases section.

Tips for Amazon to eBay Dropshipping

Dropshipping from Amazon to eBay can be profitable and safe if managed properly, but eBay has specific supplier policies. Understanding and adhering to these policies is crucial to prevent account restrictions or suspensions.

Try Amazon FBA Products

Trying out Amazon FBA Products can be smart if you're into dropshipping from Amazon to eBay. With Amazon FBA, you get access to many products stored in Amazon's warehouses that you can sell on eBay without worrying about storing them yourself. It's like having Amazon do all the heavy lifting for you. The cool thing is that when you choose products from Amazon FBA, you can use Amazon's order fulfillment services. That means Amazon finds the products, packs them up nicely, and ships them to your customers. This setup helps you handle many orders smoothly, ensuring your customers get their stuff fast and happy.

Avoid VeRo Items

eBay operates a program called the Verified Rights Owner Program (VeRo) to safeguard the intellectual property rights of product owners. This means that if you're selling on eBay, you need to steer clear of VeRo items to dodge any problems related to copyright or trademark violations. It's crucial to avoid dropshipping VeRo items from platforms like Amazon to eBay. VeRo items typically include trademarked products or widely recognized designs. To play it safe, research products to ensure they don't fall under VeRo. Please do so to avoid your account being suspended.

Optimize Products Information

To make sure you can sell stuff from Amazon on eBay without any problems, it's smart to tweak the titles and descriptions of the products first. Many folks who run eBay stores copy and paste everything from Amazon, but that's a risky move because it could get you flagged for having the same stuff as others. That's against eBay's rules. So, instead, focus on making unique titles and descriptions that describe what you're selling and follow eBay's rules. Making your listings unique can also help you use the right words that people are searching for, which means more folks might see your stuff. Plus, it makes your store seem more legitimate. It's important to monitor eBay's rules and any changes they make so you don't accidentally break them and risk getting your account suspended.


Amazon to eBay dropshipping offers a great chance to break from the 9-to-5 grind and find financial success. You can build a profitable online business with minimal costs by using Amazon's vast selection and eBay's auction platform. Though challenges like account locks and tracking issues may arise, solutions like verified credit cards or DSers software exist. By applying the steps outlined here and utilizing strategies like Amazon FBA and optimizing product info, you can navigate dropshipping and achieve your goals.

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