Automated Dropshipping: How Dropshippers Can Make the Most of Their Business

Automated Dropshipping: How Dropshippers Can Make the Most of Their Business

For dropshipping businesses, time isn't simply money; it's also a chance to gain an advantage and stand out in the competition. If you've been looking for ways to streamline your dropshipping processes, you're not alone. You might have tried a few automated dropshipping solutions and already use one in place. But let's be real, even in today's tech-savvy world, it still remains a challenge for SaaS providers to create a tool to completely automate the whole dropshipping procedure.

Due to multiple platforms involved, It's no minor effort to seamlessly connect all the dots in dropshipping. For example, how can it make sure data moves smoothly and stays secure across different platforms, like product sourcing platforms, sales channels, fulfillment centers and shipping providers?

In the paragraphs ahead, we'll take a deep dive into the realm of dropshipping automation. We'll uncover the key factors to consider for an automated dropshipping tool, explore how to set up the automation in every dropshipping stage, dish out some insider tips that you won't want to miss and discuss the potential standout solutions of dropshipping automation software.

What Is Automated Dropshipping

automated dropshipping - DSers

Before we start the discussion, let’s be honest: we only have a few hours in a day to complete business activities. From the 24 hours that we have, we spend 6–8 hours sleep, at least 1 hour in personal grooming, and 1 hour in consuming meals. This is the least we are counting. So, you really have 10–14 hours in a day to complete tasks of the business.

Here, too, there’s a catch. Initially, you may feel the enthusiasm to do it all yourself and work for the entire day. But, with time, this exhausts your mind and reduces your productivity. So, mistakes and challenges occur.

Therefore, to avoid reaching a situation where we are not able to manage manual activities, you can implement an automated dropshipping model. This will help you enhance operational efficiency and business productivity.

Automated dropshipping is a technique that allows machines to handle some tasks of your business. For example, automatically syncing the product dispatch or supply chain data to your dashboard. The purpose of this process is to automate and eliminate repetitive, error-prone, and mundane tasks.

In this article, we will discuss automating dropshipping business using technology implementations.

What Are the Benefits of Automated Dropshipping

Here are some widely known benefits of using dropshipping automation tools for your business.

1. Time-Efficiency

Time is imperative for every dropshipper. You have to find products, manage quality, arrange shipping, think about returns if any, and invest in marketing. In between juggling all these activities alone, time is a crucial factor that slips away.

By the time, you are shipping more than a hundred orders in a day, you have nothing left in a day to market, manage, or track products. Customers are sending in queries and you just don’t know what to do.

For this reason, automated dropshipping in this case helps you save time. The right technology can help you to place orders in a click, eliminate the time spent on finding a seller, and sync data to one dashboard. Amazing, right?

2. Accuracy

Another reason to use automated dropshipping is because of accuracy. When you are achieving everything manually, you are exhausting your mind and body every single day. This only drains you and stresses your mind and body.

As a result of the above situation, we end up making errors. Many of these errors are irreparable.

With automated dropshipping, you can automate workflows, such as shipping data integration in one place. This automation helps you reduce errors and introduce accuracy in your business.

3. Cost-Effective

Lastly, a major reason for using dropshipping automation software is cost-effectiveness. While as a common notion, we might believe that manual work is effective, it is not. Many times, we end up spending more money due to manual errors when compared to automated dropshipping.

For example, compliance issues, calculation errors, etc.

As your business scales, you may need to handle hundreds of orders in a day, and single-handedly taking care of the calculations and processes only invites more errors. This reduces your efficiency and costs you money and time.

Automated dropshipping can help you eliminate the issue. For instance, if you use a dropshipping tool, you can eliminate the cost of hiring an employee to just look after shipments. The tracker in the tool will sync data in one place, which reduces your hassle and improves cost optimization.

How To Implement Dropshipping Automation Software

There are many ways to use automation in your business. We have shortlisted some important categories below. Check methods to implement dropshipping automation software like DSers in your business.

1. Install DSers Tool

DSers is the best dropshipping tool to help you automate and streamline a series of processes and workflows. Let’s explore how it offers automated dropshipping to your business:

DSers dropshipping

Get Started Now to Grow Your Online Business with the Best AliExpress Dropshipping Tool - DSers!


  • DSers automates seller selection. On AliExpress dropshipping, you need to find an optimum listing of a product to get the right pricing and shipping options. On DSers, the AI tool automates seller selection, you have suggested the best seller for an order.
  • When you place orders through DSers on AliExpress, the details, such as tracking number, are integrated into DSers dashboard. Therefore, through this automated dropshipping process, you have the complete details in one place.
  • On DSers, you can place multiple orders in one click, given that you have synced your AliExpress and Website accounts with the tool. So, you can even automate placing orders for your customers.
  • There’s a choice to source AliExpress products on DSers directly. The directory of DSers helps you search and find relevant products for your business.

That’s not it! Automated dropshipping via DSers offers many valuable features. Check out these features here.

2. Use Email Automation

Whether you are using WordPress or Shopify, you can integrate an email automation tool into your website. With the help of an email tool, your automated dropshipping business can streamline notifications.

Let’s understand this with an example:

As a dropshipping business, you may already know that sending cart abandonment emails to visitors can help you convert more users. However, manually keeping track of this activity is not possible. With an email tool, your automated dropshipping business can send email notifications with a custom link for direct purchase.

Add to this the feasibility of automating most of the email notifications, such as orders placed, orders dispatched, etc. Since everything is handled from the DSers tool, you can integrate your entire dropshipping business.

3. Automate Product Tracking

One of the most asked questions in the e-commerce landscape is “Where is my order?”

Think about it, whenever we order something, from that moment on, we start expecting the order as soon as possible. We also visit the website or call the support to know where’s my order.

However, practically, a dropshipping business can’t send manual updates to every user about order placement, shipment details, etc. But, a tool can help you achieve automated dropshipping in this case.

Fortunately, DSers is already equipped with this functionality. Once you place an order from the tool, the data of the order is synced to your dashboard. If you have an email marketing tool, the details are also shared with this tool for automated email campaigns.

This way, whether the customer wants to check the email or call and ask you the status of the order, you can answer without friction.

4. Ensure Automated Data Updating

In the dropshipping business, you are sourcing products from AliExpress and selling them with your branding and marketing.

In this model, an important marker is the number of products available. At every time, you have to check and evaluate the number of products available on AliExpress. Following this, you need to update your website.

Ideally, this activity should be achieved multiple times a day.

With the DSers tool, you only need to integrate your AliExpress account into your dashboard. This way, the status of the inventory is automatically updated on the frontend and backend.

5. Schedule Social Media

Since dropshipping is all about marketing, you need to achieve automated dropshipping in this respect too. Find relevant tools and automate your posts and schedule your offers.

You can create your content and graphics at once, and schedule posts on every platform to avoid spending huge time on this activity.

For example, on a Friday night, you don’t need to wait till 8 PM to manually post a product review. Simply use dropshipping automation software to schedule the post. Enjoy your time and cater to other important processes as well.

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Automated dropshipping has a multitude of benefits in various fields, such as higher operational efficiency, cost-effectiveness, improved employee experience, etc. Whether you are thinking about reducing the load on your employees (Or yourself) or willing to improve the cost-effectiveness of your dropshipping business, dropshipping automation software is the solution.

DSers dropshipping can help you automate your supply chain, including order placement, seller selection, shipping details sync, and shipment tracking. You can achieve valuable automated dropshipping with just DSers. Visit our website now and find out how.

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