What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean? Everything You Need to Know Here!

What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean? Everything You Need to Know Here!

When you order anything online, the status of your order may say "awaiting fulfillment." But, exactly, what does "awaiting fulfillment" imply?

If you're not familiar with the 3PL business, this may appear hopelessly ambiguous, as if your order was lost in the middle of the procedure. Let’s check out what does awaiting fulfillment mean and the solution for managing dropshipping shipment.

What Does Awaiting Fulfillment Mean

There are quite a few steps between placing an order with an e-commerce business and having it delivered to your home. We usually don't pay attention to these states unless they say "shipped" or "delivered." However, if you are someone who tracks orders on a regular basis, you may see occasional phrases that you find confusing. One of those phrases is "awaiting fulfillment."

If your order is in "awaiting fulfillment" status, it signifies that the staff has received it. They're also preparing your cargo right now. As a result, you'll shortly receive a notification from them confirming the dispatch of your goods.

What Is Awaiting Fulfillment in the Ordering Process - DSers

It also indicates that your order has been received, but the logistics company has not yet started the packaging process for your order. If you happen to see Awaiting Fulfillment in the order status or notification, there is nothing to worry about. This means that soon the fulfillment warehouse or fulfillment center is preparing your order and the fulfillment process for your item will begin.

Therefore, once you see your order status marked awaiting fulfillment, don't freak out. It does not necessarily mean that there is a problem with your order. In fact, it indicates that they are currently preparing your cargo for distribution.

You may check your order status to stay up to date after ordering and paying online. In most circumstances, the status of your order will be "Completed". Then, "Awaiting Fulfillment" is the next order status you'll encounter. This indicates that your package has not yet arrived at the logistics team. However, your item is already being prepared by the seller. The merchant will send the item to the logistics department after it has been packaged.

Order Status You Need to Know Besides Awaiting Fulfillment

There are a few additional status updates that are closely connected to "Awaiting Fulfillment," status updates that you'll want to grasp so that you have a better understanding of what's going on with your purchase and your shipment in particular. Here are a few of the most popular order statuses!


"Pending" signifies you've begun the process of checking out the products. However, you have not yet completed the procedure. In certain apps, instead of "Pending," you'll get "Incomplete".

Order Status Pending - DSers

If you get this notification, you will not be able to get the things till you complete the checkout procedure.

Awaiting Payment

"Awaiting Payment” signifies you've finished the checkout procedure. The vendor, however, is still waiting for your payment. When you've finished checking out your products, the app or website will usually take you to the Payment. You may pay your bill here using your e-wallet or a bank transfer.

Most of the time, you aren't even aware of this order status. This is due to the fact that we usually check the order status after we have done the payment for our order.

Awaiting Shipment

Your order status will change to "Awaiting Shipment" after the merchant has coordinated with the logistics team. This indicates that the merchant is presently waiting for your goods to be picked up by the logistics crew.

It might also signify that your item has already been delivered to the logistics department. Most likely, your item is still in the logistics warehouse, ready to be shipped.

Awaiting Pickup

"Awaiting Pickup" means that you can now pick up your item at a seller-specified location. This isn't a typical order status. This notice is used by merchants who do not offer a door-to-door delivery service. Instead, they deliver to a site where all of their local clients may pick up their orders.

Partially Shipped

“Partially Shipped” is another not very common order status that you may get. Because it does not apply to all online shopping applications or websites, this is the case. In actuality, this is only used by online shopping applications or websites with a large number of merchants.

For example, if you only received two of the seven products you ordered online, your order status will be "Partially Shipped." This will continue to show and remain the same until all 7 items have been acquired.


“Shipped” signifies your items have already been shipped by the vendor. It indicates that your bought items are en route to you.

Order status Shipped - DSers

This does not imply that the things have been delivered to the purchaser. It just signifies that the products are in the process of being delivered.

Completed or Delivered

If your order status notifies "Completed" or "Delivered", you've already gotten the items you bought online. In most circumstances, the "Delivered" status is used to signify that the products have been delivered to the buyer. To put it another way, "Delivered" is more commonly associated with door-to-door delivery.


Orders can be "Canceled" for a variety of reasons. If you use a debit card with insufficient money, here is an example. The order status may initially be "Awaiting Payment" in some situations. If it stays unpaid for a particular amount of hours or days, it will be changed to "Cancelled."

Order Status Cancelled - DSers

The transaction will be considered canceled if the item you ordered is out of stock. As a result, the order status will be "Canceled."

It's also conceivable that the transaction will be canceled by the buyer. If you decide not to complete your order, you can always click or press the "Cancel" option to cancel the transaction. In that situation, the status of your order will be "Cancelled."


Your order is marked as "Declined" which most likely indicates that your payment did not get there. It's possible that the money in your e-wallet or debit card is inadequate. However, it's conceivable that your issuing bank is unavailable.

A "Declined" status might potentially indicate that your credit card payment was declined by the app or website. It's also conceivable that the credit card processor's system is down. However, it might also indicate that the merchant is not a credit card company's approved partner. In such a situation, if you have another credit card, you might try using it.


Order Status Refund - DSers

The "Refunded" status shows that the seller has successfully returned your payment to you. If, among other things, you did not receive the products you bought or received a damaged item, you would be eligible for a refund.

Partially Refunded

"Partially Refunded" status is used by certain businesses to signify that they have partially refunded the buyer's cash. Merchants, on the other hand, do not commonly use this order status. Merchants prefer to perform a one-time refund in most circumstances.

Awaiting Fulfillment vs Pending Fulfillment

There isn't much of a distinction between the "Awaiting Fulfillment" and "Pending Fulfillment" status – however, there are some minor variances that organizations may utilize to distinguish the two.

  • Awaiting Fulfillment often indicates that the invoice has already been delivered, is stored somewhere in the warehouse or goods area, and has yet to be addressed by staff.
  • Pending Fulfillment, on the other hand, usually indicates that the invoice has not yet been delivered – or that the fulfillment process has begun but has not yet been completed.

Awaiting Fulfillment vs Pending Fulfillment - DSers

If you see "Awaiting Fulfillment" or "Pending Fulfillment," it simply means your shipment isn't ready to ship yet since it isn't yet full with everything you purchased, and the firm isn't ready to drop it off with a shipping provider or have one come and pick it up yet.

DSers - Dropshipping Order Tracking Solution

If you want to remove some anxiety and guesswork out of package tracking and instead know precisely when your shipment arrived – without having to glance at your tracking information or checking your mailbox or PO Box every day – then the tracking solution from DSers is the way to go.

DSers dropshipping

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DSers combines numerous functions, but one of the most important features is order management, which allows you to place multiple orders with only one click. DSers is providing the solutions for you to track all the order status for dropshippers with many outstanding features:

Auto Sync Tracking Number

The Auto Sync Tracking Number function is the best solution for the dropshippers, which will ensure that any critical information is transmitted to your consumers as quickly as feasible. As soon as the tracking number from AliExpress becomes available, DSers instantly synchronizes it and sends it to your shop to notify the client.

Auto Update Order Status

Auto Update Order Status feature is the most suitable solution for your buyers to help them make sure that they always know where the orders are. With DSers’ dropshipping solution, you can automatically keep track of the order status and details of all your orders.


Above is complete information about awaiting fulfillment and the terms surrounding it. Hope the article has given you a basic overview of the shipping process and the solution for shipment management for dropshippers. Read more interesting articles at DSers Blog.

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