The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

The Benefits of Social Media Advertising

Being one of the most important strategies in Marketing, advertising has gone through a profound change over the years.

In the past, what took the dominance of the market was billboard advertising. As time went by, television advertising took the spot.

And now, social media advertising is surely the most popular strategy to draw people's attention.

In this article, we will give an overview about social media advertising and introduce you some valuable advertising tips to better run your business.

What's more, some frequently used social media platforms used for advertising will be mentioned.

What Is Social Media Advertising?

Social media advertising are advertisements delivered directly to the audience on social media platforms.

It is an effective way to build your brand, gain exposure and eventually increase sales.

The advertising process involves creating and publishing attractive content in social media profiles, engaging with potential customers, analyzing data and making optimizations.

How to Conduct Social Media Advertising?

With low expenses, social media advertising can reach incredibly good results. It is mainly conducted in two ways: paid or organic.

You can invest a certain amount of money in advertising agencies or platforms to realize your marketing goal or do the social media advertising all by yourself, which may cost you more effort.

It is recommended that you use paid advertising if you have enough funds to promote your business.

This is how it works: you can spend a certain amount of money to create customized plans for your business. Based on the object you sell or the target audience you want to reach, the plan may vary in different ways.

Let's say you're a chic shoe seller that is targeting young people. Then it is better for you to go to Instagram or TikTok for advertising, because most of the users in these platforms are young people.

In a more advanced approach, the website or the agencies you work with will analyze the user's habits, then push highly relevant advertisements to them.

If a user is frequently viewing some fashionable shoes online, then he might be your potential customer. After seeing your ads, there is a higher chance that he will purchase your product.

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The Advantages of Social Media Advertising

Benefits of social media advertising - DSers

It is no doubt that many people are deeply associated with social media. An article revealed that as of 2021, the number of people using social media is over 3.96 billion worldwide, with the average user having 8.6 accounts on different networking sites.

What's more, the average time a person spends on social media a day is 2 hours 24 minutes. There is a higher chance of getting a purchase from a Facebook ad than from a billboard.

The number of people highly interacting with social media being tremendous, it is very effective for you to advertise on those platforms if your target audience is among them.

It is actually a win-win solution for both social media platforms and people who want to advertise on them.

With the great traffic on social media platforms, by precisely pushing advertisement to people who might actually need the products, you will end up with a potential high conversion rate, increasing your sales volume and brand awareness.

💡 TIP: For platforms, the great success of one ad on their platform will also bring website flow and increase the website's activity. Most importantly, the big proportion of the benefits generated by social media platforms are directly coming from the ads fees that the advertiser spends.

Social Media Advertising Tips

To make your advertising process more effective and smooth, we'll offer some advertising tips that will help you spend on the right place to make the best profit.

Social media advertising tips - DSers

1. Set up Your Target and Know Your Audience

Let's start with clearly identifying your target. It's crucial to know what your business goals are.

Only when you know where to head in, can the rest be conducted at a reasonable pace. It also ensures you to choose the appropriate social media platform for your ads.

Now that we've made some clarifications about the importance of getting to know your target audience, being aware of whom you're going to reach is the next step, then you'll be able to create an appropriate form of advertisement and choose the best way to put them.

For example, it makes no sense to advertise chic high-heels on Instagram if your audience is a mid-aged man who only uses Facebook in his daily life.

2. Analyzing Statistics and Make Optimizations

Instant feedback is one of the major advantages of social media advertising. You're able to assess the effectiveness of a post and get advanced analysis reports within a few minutes.

After putting the commercials on various platforms, some of them are likely to resonate with users.

Keep record of which ones are getting the most clicks, likes, or shares, then analyze the reason why it gets so many positive results.

Sometimes it could be a funny image or a creative text that attracts users, sometimes it could be that you're just putting the ads in the right place.

The most exposed ads are likely to bring in the most purchases.

With the collected and analyzed information, it will be clearer to know whether you've hit your goals.

For ads that didn't reach your expectation, compare them to those ads that worked better, then make adjustments on time to prevent further losses, which is what we call making optimizations.

Some Popular Social Media Platforms

There are hundreds of social media platforms in the market, but it is best to start with the most popular platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Let's take a look on some of the most popular platforms you may invest your money in.

1. Facebook

With over 2 billion monthly users, Facebook offers advertisers an unrivaled ability to reach practically everyone.

One of the facts that Facebook advertising stands out in the market is that it allows advertisers to reach the target audience by location, interests, description and many other criteria.

2. Twitter

The monthly active users of Twitter reached 541 million, not as much as Facebook, but it is still one of the most popular social media platforms.

On Twitter, brands don't have to pay to reach their followers, which is good news for small businesses. It is very effective for them to use Twitter ads to increase brand awareness and make direct conversions.

3. Instagram

Though not as big as the two giants above, Instagram is performing exceptionally well. It has one of the highest audience engagement rates in social media which is way higher than Facebook according to statistics.

The platform relying heavily on images and videos, advertising in Instagram tends to perform best if they're engaging with visual media into their campaigns


Social media advertising is so powerful nowadays. There is no need to wait for people to come and read your blog or post. If you want to reach 100,000 people in a single day, social media advertising is absolutely a good way to realize this goal.

Conducting social media advertising is not hard at all, the tips mentioned above can surely help you.

Setting up goals and getting to know the target audience is always the first thing to do before you advertise. The statistics analysis and ads optimization are also critical steps.

Different platforms have their own special features that meet different needs. After thinking it through, you will ultimately choose a platform that suits you the best. Some popular ones like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram might be best suited.

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