Best Dropshipping Products: 18 Hot-Selling Products in 2024

Best Dropshipping Products: 18 Hot-Selling Products in 2024

Over the last couple of years, dropshipping has certainly evolved a lot and has become niche-specific. If you are just starting with an eCommerce business or would like to give your existing store a much-needed push, then you need to start picking the best dropshipping products. With high-demanding products, you can certainly expand your audience and improve your results.

Here are not one, but 18 hot products to sell online that you can include in your store as well.

1. Mobile Game Controllers

Do you know that mobile games have witnessed a sudden surge in the last few years? The ongoing work-from-home lifestyle is one of the major reasons for that. With this, the need for mobile gaming accessories has also seen a spike.

One of the best dropshipping products would be portable mobile game controllers like console stands, gaming pads, and mobile joysticks. You can target these products to a global gaming community and can get fast results right from the start.

2. Home Workstation Setup

You might already know that more and more people are working from home these days. This has also increased the demand for various home workstation products. It has been observed that some of the most popular products to sell online are related to home workstations.

For instance, you can list products like laptop stands, desks, standing workstations, wire clippers, and laptop lights that are in high demand these days.

laptop - DSers

3. Running Shoes

If you are looking for a broader category that can help you reach out to a wider audience, then consider selling running shoes in your store. Apart from working from home, a lot of people are also taking fitness more seriously these days.

Do you know that the maximum monthly searched results for running shoes on Google is more than 100K? This means it is one of the most searched items on eCommerce platforms. You can further diversify this category into lightweight running shoes, women running shoes, marathon running shoes, and so on.

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interest over time

4. Yoga Mats

Similar to running shoes, yoga mats have also witnessed an exponential surge in the last 2 years. With the rise in home workouts, people are looking for more durable and high-quality yoga mats. What makes yoga mats one of the best dropshipping products is the high amount of traffic they attract (with more than 130K monthly searches). Also, you can market these products in different ways and can easily scale more profit. For instance, you can easily run ads on search engines or social media to target fitness enthusiasts and people who would like to attain a healthier lifestyle.

5. Art and Craft Kits

Let’s be honest – we all have explored some kind of hobby in the last few years. Your audience is just like you and might be looking for new ways to explore their creativity.

This has increased the demand for painting kits, brushes, canvases, and other things related to art and craft. You can reach out to both beginners and professionals by hosting a new range of creative products in your store.

6. Montessori Toys

Montessori Toys are considered far superior to plastic toys as they are made of durable and child-friendly materials. Due to this, more parents are buying Montessori toys online for their little ones.

You can also make the most of that market by listing these trending products to sell online. Montessori toys are one of the easiest products to sell that already has an active domain-specific audience

You can focus on cognitive toys that would develop the thinking process of kids or sell toys that would improve the overall motor skills of your little ones.

7. Kitesurfing Gears

You should not be surprised to see kitesurfing gears being trending in a couple of months. These days, kitesurfing has gained a lot of popularity among outdoor sports lovers. To tap this growing market, you can list all kinds of kiteboarding products in your store.

They would be one of the best dropshipping products to sell as they have a high demand and less competition. Even the 2024 Paris Olympics will include kiteboarding as an Olympic sport, which will increase the product’s popularity even more.

8. Water Shower Filters

Water shower filters have been trending for a while now on popular social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram. The good news is that you can easily find tons of reliable sellers for this product on platforms like DSers or AliExpress.

Even today, water showers are considered a trending product, and you can easily tap more leads through numerous marketing channels like social media platforms, influencer marketing, search engines, and so on.

9. Plastic Containers

This is one of the most profitable niches in dropshipping and is still considered one of the best products to sell online. One of the major reasons is their constant demand and affordability.

Due to their consistent demand, you would always have a target audience to sell plastic containers of all kinds. There is also a scope to integrate other kitchen and household utensils in your store with different containers to create bundle and upsells.

10. Air Purifiers

With over 280K monthly global searches, air purifiers remain one of the most hot-selling products even now. Since local air purifiers can be pretty expensive, a lot of people find stores with dropshipping products more appealing.

Besides their limited availability, the growing health hazards are one of the major reasons for their high demand. People living in cities are your preferred audience as they tend to purchase more air purifiers to fight the overall lower air quality in the towns due to pollution and they are likely to keep buying these products in the future.

11. Neck Pillows

Ever since neck pillows started trending, their demand never really saw a drop. Now that people are traveling again, they have started looking for comfortable and unique neck pillows.

You can market neck pillows in different ways as they appeal to a wide audience who look for comfortable accessories while traveling. It is considered one of the best dropshipping products as they can be extremely profitable with high potential margins.

12. Cannabidiol Products

After the legalization of CBD products in the USA, we have witnessed an exponential rise in their demand. The trend started around December 2020 and is only growing rapidly.

The good news is that the CBD industry is expected to have $20 billion in sales by 2024, which means the market will expand in the new few years. Some of the trending CBD products to sell online include edibles, capsules, vape concentrators, and more.

13. Initial Necklaces

If your store is related to jewelry or lifestyle, then you should consider adding some initial necklaces. Since they have a unique appeal, your customers can get dedicated necklaces for themselves or their loved ones.

There are tons of sellers for initial necklaces that you can browse on AliExpress and include these appealing products in your store. With over 17K monthly searches, they remain niche-specific high-demand products.

14. Tiny Home Furnishing

These days, people would like to have a minimalist appeal in their homes that can easily be achieved with tiny home furnishers. One of the best dropshipping products, they provide a unique appeal that goes perfectly with modern households.

Apart from that, you can also come up with referral programs for your customers since these products can give high margins.

15. Home Organizers

Just like furniture, there is also a growing demand for home organizers in the market that you can meet with your dropshipping store. With so many people having cluttered or limited space in their homes, the need for organizers has also been increased.

You can offer all kinds of resourceful organizers for clothes, kitchen utensils, shoes, and more in your store. The best part is that you can find an extensive range of these products on AliExpress with a high profit margin.

16. Padded Hairbands for Women

Recently, Prada has come up with a brand-new range of padded hairbands that has made them the new “it” thing in fashion. This has also increased the demand for fashionable padded hairbands that you can include in your store.

As of now, the monthly search result for these products is around 2K, but it is likely to increase in the coming days. Since it targets a specific niche and audience, it will be one of the top products to sell online.

17. Fashionable Men’s Streetwear

Streetwear clothes for men are considered pretty appealing as they look fashionable and unique. These days, there is a demand for comfortable yet appealing men’s streetwear that you can explore as well.

While the market for men’s clothing is extremely wide, streetwear is still targeted to a specific niche. There are more than 5K monthly searches for men’s streetwear, making it one of the best dropshipping products in fashion and lifestyle.

18. Floor Beds for Dogs

This is another niche-specific product that has a lot of scope in the market. Each month, more than 50 thousand people look for dog beds online. While you can find some dedicated stores for dog beds, there is still a lot of scope for growth in the market.

What makes dog beds one of the best products to sell online is the wide variety that you can find in places like AliExpress. You can list dog beds of different materials and sizes to make them more appealing to your audience.

Pro Tip: Use a Reliable AliExpress Dropshipping Tool

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There you go! I’m sure that after going through this list, you can find some of the best dropshipping products for your store. From clothing to furniture and accessories to sporting gear, there can be all kinds of profitable products to sell online. Just make sure that you focus on your niche and target audience to get better results.

💡 TIP: Besides that, to save time and get profitable results in dropshipping, consider using a reliable tool like DSers. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that would help you expand your eCommerce business with its high-end features.

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