Best Free Shopify Themes 2022: Fast, Customizable, and Sales-Driven

Best Free Shopify Themes 2022: Fast, Customizable, and Sales-Driven

When you have a poor, weirdly designed online, who would visit you?

As a customer, would you purchase from a store that is not nicely designed?

Of course not! Let's see how you could do:

Usually, visitors don’t tend to trust a store that looks bad. This is because there’s a high chance that this store might be a fraud or not safe for transactions.

Therefore, if you are a dropshipping business owner, you need to really understand the users' requirements of an ecommerce store. Fortunately, we have Shopify to help us with that. It is a marketplace that helps ecommerce businesses create an entire online store quickly.

It is obvious that as a dropshipping business, you may have already thought of creating a dropshipping store on Shopify. But, don’t you want to save money?

We have prepared a list of the 6 best free Shopify themes. Read on and understand how you can create a Shopify store for your dropshipping business.

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What Are Shopify and What Are Shopify Themes

Shopify is a marketplace that allows business owners to rent a space on their server and create a website without any hassle. On this marketplace, you can find themes to set up your store. There are different layouts and designs that can be customized as per the fonts and preferences of your brand.

For instance, if you are a dropshipping business selling perfumes, you can find the best free theme that looks subtle, minimal, and stylish.

How can you find these best free Shopify themes? Check below, we have already prepared a list for you.

Some of the Best Free Shopify Themes

Now, let’s directly start exploring the best free Shopify themes. Since these are free for use, you can edit your mistakes. If you think that one theme is not looking good, you can change and shift to another theme.

Here are 6 best free Shopify themes:

1. Debut

The best free Shopify theme on our list is Debut. The reason why this theme is on the top number is that it is easily customizable, quick, very simple to navigate, and robust. It supports different types of stores and your huge inventory. You can get an optimized look on both mobile and desktop websites both.


2. Debutify

If you need an alternative best free Shopify theme that is not distributed by Shopify, then Debutify is the right option. You don’t need to know to code for this and it has a quick loading speed. These features help you improve your experience and decrease store abandonment.

You also have advanced options to customize your theme, add testimonials, and other features.


3. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is another well-known best free Shopify theme that has a mobile-first experience for your users. Therefore, if you are looking to create a great navigation experience for mobile users, this theme is perfect. It captures your inventory and helps you add eye-catching features.

However, usually, this theme is used for apparel store owners. So, dropshipping businesses in a similar domain can consider using this theme for their apparel store.


4. Narrative

The Narrative is not just the best free Shopify theme, it is the art of storytelling. As a dropshipping business owner, you can easily set up this theme for free and enjoy its single-page feature. This is basically the best free Shopify theme for small catalog businesses, who sell a dedicated niche of products.

On this theme, you can add a hero video that will play automatically when a user opens the website.


5. Simple

As the name suggests, Simple is a minimalistic and simple theme that showcases products for the e-commerce store in a grid. It has all the basic features that any ecommerce store requires to run smoothly.

On the shop page of your dropshipping website, you can display your catalog with product images. As a dropshipping business, this can be extremely beneficial.


6. Minimal

Minimal is another best free Shopify theme that features a minimalistic design. There’s a header and slideshow which gives a huge focus to your products. This theme is amazing for dropshipping businesses that need to display products like clothes, accessories, candles, etc.

The theme is quick to set up and you can launch it without hassle immediately once you have created it.


How to Select the Best Free Shopify Theme

While we have given many best free Shopify theme options in this article, how can you find the one that is perfect for your dropshipping store?

  1. Explore your target audience. Your audience helps you decide what they want to see. If you are targeting people in their late or early 30s, then you may want to create a minimalistic, neat, and functional website.
  2. Know the experience you want to give to your customers. Do you want your users to have fun on the website? Do you want them to click purchase now? What is your motive? Knowing this helps you design the website in the right manner.
  3. What type of features do you need to add? Find out the features that will compliment your dropshipping store.
  4. Don’t forget to customize your website for your users. For example, when a user logs in to an account, in place of just welcoming them, welcome them using their name. This small customization makes a huge difference.
  5. Use your branding everywhere. You need to make an unforgettable experience for your users and branding at the same time make them remember you. So, add unified messaging and logo on your website at different places.
  6. While it may be difficult for you as a dropshipping owner, try to set up good customer support. The best way to achieve that is through an AliExpress dropshipping tool. Take DSers, for example. It is an amazing tool that helps you find the right seller through its AI engine, and place orders from the dashboard only. These placed orders are automatically synced and you can find details on your dashboard. This allows catering to customer needs with issues.

Here’s a quick overview of DSers features:

  • DSers tool helps you find products from the dashboard directly. If you have DSers, you can search for valuable, highly rated products for your dropshipping store.
  • The tool automatically finds the right seller, who might help you deliver the right high-quality product to the end customer.
  • All the orders can be placed from DSers with a click. These order statuses are synced automatically to the dashboard, which allows proper customer support.
  • You can add a pricing rule for new products. Now, when you update a product on your dropshipping store next, the price will be automatically updated.


So, here are some of the best free Shopify themes that will help you build a robust website in 2022. Open all these themes and have a look at the features and outlook. Based on your branding and dropshipping products, select the right best free Shopify theme and set up your online store now.

If you want to grow your business on Shopify, use the given tips to improve your revenue. You can use the DSers tool to help you streamline your orders and supply chain. Get to know more about the tool on our website.

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