Tips to Make Your Own Logo Online: Some of the Best Logo Makers

Tips to Make Your Own Logo Online: Some of the Best Logo Makers

Are you able to recognize a brand with just its logo?

When you are crossing a big M sign, don’t you know that you're lovin’ it?

When you see a big G with four different colors, don’t you know you can Google it?

We all recognize brands with their logos. It’s their unique identity that makes them recognizable.

So, don’t you think every brand should have a logo?

Absolutely! Let's see:

As a new dropshipping business owner, the first thing that you should change about your website is its logo. If you are wondering how you can make it, don’t worry. In this article, we have created a list of the best logo maker apps. Using these apps, you can create a logo online and link it to your brand identity. Before best logo maker app suggestions, we have also discussed some important tips to create a logo online. Read on.

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Tips to Create Logo Online

When you are creating a logo online, there must be some things that you should keep in mind. For example, its design, your brand’s identity, simplicity, and other factors. We have explained these tips to create a logo online, check out:

1. The Need

In your dropshipping business, the rule is to find the right customers. Often you can end up attracting customers who don’t need your products or services. This only leads to overheads and time-consuming activities.

Your logo plays a major role in this. You have to design a logo that people understand and take interest in. This is the first impression of your brand and you need to know why you need it.

For example, if a candle dropshipping business has a yellow, quirky, and loud logo, it will not be received as a candle brand. You may want to create something subtle and soothing similar to your product.

Keeping this example as a reference, create a logo that resonates with your purpose.

2. Brand Identity

Other than knowing why you need a logo and what type of logo your need, you should make a logo that communicates the identity of your brand. It should offer an idea of your product or dropshipping store in a clear unique manner.

Think about Amazon’s logo. It may seem pretty basic, but the arrow from A-Z depicts that they have every product. It’s an A-Z of products. Amazing, right?

That’s what you need.

For this, answer the following questions:

  • When did you start your dropshipping store?
  • What are its values?
  • Why you are better at it?
  • How you will describe your business?
  • What type of customers you should attract?

3. Competition

Once you have evaluated the above factors, you need to visit your competitor. It is definitely not a place to steal ideas, but you need inspiration. You need to know what to avoid, what seems good, and how you can make a difference.

If your logo resembles a competitor, your brand may be confused easily with another brand. If you are making the same mistakes, you may not get enough attention. So, explore your competitors – and learn from their mistakes!

4. Design Inspiration

Get the right inspiration for the design. Here are some tips to use:

  • Brainstorm for ideas. You have to check different competitors, brands, and research a lot. This will give you some of the worst ideas, but also the best ones.
  • Know your audience. Sometimes, your audience just needs subtle, so you make it subtle. Other times, you have an audience base that likes bling, so you go with that.
  • If more than one person is involved in your dropshipping store, then you need to involve everyone in the decision. Take everyone’s help to create a logo online.

5. Choose The Color

Choosing the right colors is extremely important. If you have selected the best logo maker app, you will find a full range of color options, how can you select from these. Let’s find out:

  • Red spikes excitement.
  • Orange is plain energetic.
  • Yellow seems friendly, but also youthful.
  • Green is soothing and versatile.
  • Blue is the class choice, everyone likes it.
  • The purpose is luxury.
  • Pink is millennial color. More girly, but also delicate.
  • Brown is strange but goes well for strong ads.
  • Black is also luxury, and modern.
  • White is minimalistic and peaceful.
  • Grey is very mature and also mysterious.

Depending on the products in your dropshipping store, you can choose colors. If you can’t decide any, then white and blue may be a safer choice.

6. Integrate Branding

Now, that you know how to make a logo, simply integrate your design with your branding. On your packaging, social media, and every branding collateral, your logo should be present.

This is not really a tip to create a logo online, you can achieve that with the best logo maker app. Integrating your branding enables you to use your logo correctly.

Best Logo Maker App Available

Now that you know the tips for creating a logo online, here are some best logo maker apps. Explore the list and create a logo for your brand today.

1. Hatchful


If you have a Shopify store, then you can use its best logo maker app, Hatchful. You don’t need to spend time learning about graphic design or tools related to it. Just open Hatchful, make a logo with drag and drop elements, and maximize your dropshipping efficiency.

How Hatchful works?

It is a user-friendly app that allows customizations as per your requirements. You only need to open your business environment and select the visuals you like. Hatchful will automatically create a series of logos for your brand.

2. Logaster


The second best logo maker app on our list is Logaster. It is a professional logo maker app that helps you create a brand’s identity in four steps. You have to type the name of your company, choose from concepts, select your logo’s concept, and create one. You can edit your logo design later depending on your requirements. There are endless possibilities for logo colors, icons, and text in this best logo maker app.

3. Canva


Canva is another one of the best logo maker apps on our list. It helps you make a logo, edit it, and convert it to different formats. There are hundreds of templates that you can choose from.

It is amazing that Canva also helps you make other marketing collaterals. Therefore, for your dropshipping business, you can make your logo as well as edit product images, and create new designs for social media.

4. Ucraft


Ucraft is originally a tool for website building, but also gives you the best logo maker app. You can explore and find the best shapes, icons, and text. The tool is extremely user-friendly and you can make a logo in merely 10 minutes.

5. LogoMakr


The last best logo maker app on our list is LogoMakr. It is a free tool, which features a drag and drop interface. When compared to other best logo maker apps in the list, LogoMakr is somewhat restricted, but it still offers you customization tools and high-res capabilities.


The logo of your business is your identity. It helps your users to connect with your brand and identify you uniquely. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the above tips in mind when creating a logo for your dropshipping business. Choose any of the best logo maker apps and create a logo online for your dropshipping store.

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