Black Friday – Cyber Monday Report 2020

Black Friday – Cyber Monday Report 2020

BFCM Keeps Growing

This year is very different, the world consummation methods are changing, and the global pandemic has just accelerated this fact.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday (BFCM) have always been good incentives and sales booster, but it is very interesting to see the kind of impact that the world situation has had on what is becoming the biggest sale period of the year.

$5.1 billion: Total BFCM sales via Shopify globally

Analyst predicted that this year BFCM will see an unprecedented increase in terms of volume and value of good that are sold during this period. After more than 6 months of confinement and restrictions, people are looking to feel happier and prepare the end of the year holidays in the best way.

BFCM has also, generally speaking, proven to be a good opportunity to see the future trends for the next year.

Smartphones Keep Rising!

According to Adobe, analyzing the website transactions from 80 or the top 100 US online retailers, consumers spent around $6.3 million dollars per minute online, an Average of $27.50 dollars per person!

Compared to last year, smartphone spending increased by 25.3%! The pandemic made people less willing to go out of their safe home and more likely to shop from their couch to avoid crowded places, waiting lines, and potential infection risks. This trend is very likely to continue next year and it shows!

The smartphone spending reached a total of $3.6 billion, about 37% of the total e-commerce spending in the US only, showing the importance of a mobile friendly store interface for merchant!

The percentage of sale via smartphones even reached 70% for Shopify store owners, according to Shopify data.

Numbers Are Increasing in the US

$10.8 billion: Cyber Monday online sales (up 15.1% from last year)

$106.5 billion: season-to-date online spending (up 27.7% from last year)

$9 billion: Amount spent the day after thanksgiving (up 21.6% from last year)

$4.1 billion: projected online sales for Giving Tuesday (12/1) based on early data from Adobe.

25%: portion of total Cyber Monday sales during the “golden hours of retail” 7-11pm PST.

37%: portion of total Cyber Monday sales from mobile devices.

23.9%: sales decline in brick and mortar retailers.

41.3%: total foot traffic decrease for the period Friday-Sunday (Thanksgiving weekend); mall traffic was down 44% over the same period

23%: total foot traffic decrease for Cyber Monday

Shopify by Numbers Globally

$5.1 billion: Total BFCM sales via Shopify globally

$102 million: Sales in one hour at 12PM EST on Black Friday

$89.20: Average cart price

50%: Increase of the number of Shopify consumers compared to BFCM 2019

76%: Increase in sales worldwide compared to BFCM 2019

What to Learn?

The numbers of sales keep growing, with a 15.1% increase in the US, year to year, and up to 76% increase on Shopify.

As predicted, the online (41.3% decreased foot traffic) and mobile sales (up by 37%) keeps taking more and more share of the market.

Independent sellers are doing well, with a 50% increases in sales. This trend is likely to keep growing as people will keep buying online, and go less and less to brick and mortar locations (23.9% sale decline), giving more opportunities for the independent sellers.

2021 looks very promising for merchants and online retails

The pandemic is accelerating the customers buying habits and even a return to a “normal” situation will most likely not slow down those changes.

We hope you find this information useful. It's never too late to get started and create an online store. DSers will be here to help you!

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