Black Friday Marketing Ideas 2021

Black Friday Marketing Ideas 2021

A previous American trend of deep discounts on toys and electronics has now become a global shopping phenomenon.

Black Friday has grown in popularity over the years, and it's prolonging the holiday season since it takes place after Thanksgiving.

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The holiday shopping season and Black Friday are perhaps the most opportune times of the year to boost sales for retail owners and executives.

Businesses might wonder what Black Friday promotions they can use to drive sales during the holiday season. What has worked or not worked? When and how do you implement them?

What is Black Friday?

During Black Friday sales, retailers offer significant price reductions and promotional offers to entice customers. In the past, it occurred after Thanksgiving Day, but now it extends for a month.

Black Friday used to be the day when consumers lined up outside physical stores early when online shopping was rare. Despite this, the majority of e-commerce traffic on Black Friday is expected to occur online, according to eCommerce statistics.

12 Black Friday Marketing Strategies to Maximize 2021 Sales

You can gain a competitive advantage with these proven Black Friday marketing ideas for increasing online traffic and attracting customers.

1. Prepare and build anticipation early

As we mentioned in the introduction, Black Friday and the holiday season are great times to boost sales, but two things are working against you:

  • In terms of time, there is a rather short window of opportunity
  • The attention of your target customers is being vied for by every retailer - competitor or not

As a result, you should start planning your Black Friday sale and building anticipation way earlier - like yesterday.

This doesn't mean that you should start blatantly advertising your Black Friday sales in September (although it certainly isn't out of the ordinary to do so).

To maximize your November reach, you'll want to work on growing your mailing list and social media subscribers during September and October. Besides, you may need to:

  • Improve retention and increase repeat sales with a loyalty program
  • Create social proof with photo reviews and review request emails
  • Reduce cart abandonment rate with wishlist and back-in-stock emails

Growave is exactly such tool to help. It's the all-in-one marketing platform exclusively on Shopify to get reviews, wishlists, loyalty, gift cards, and UGC all from 1 app and for a fixed price without any additional charges.


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2. Prepare and test your website

Always expect the unexpected in business. While having enough traffic come to your site that it crashes may seem like an impossible task to some, preparing for a possible surge in traffic is an essential part of a successful Black Friday marketing strategy.

You can do this by contacting your web hosting provider and discussing your store's traffic limitations. Even though many servers can withstand increased traffic without upgrading, be prepared for the worst by analysing data from previous years.

3. Create an email list

Creating a Black Friday marketing list is a great way to generate buzz. During Black Friday the company will notify potential customers of upcoming deals and capture their email addresses.

Users of WordPress have two ways to send promotional emails - an email subscription plugin and a newsletter plugin.

In the first type, pop-up forms will be used to collect email addresses, while in the second, the message content will be created, the template customized, and the email delivery process automated.

4. Use pop-ups to prepare

Customers won't always be wooed as easily and may end up leaving your site empty-handed. By using pop-ups, exit-intent technology allows you to win back their affection before they leave.

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you will face two main challenges:

  • Firstly, customers leave without purchasing
  • Secondly, how transient the value of your visitors on that day can be

Fortunately, pop-ups can help merchants with both of these concerns. Offer shoppers a gift as they leave your site, Black Friday deals to keep them coming back, and even Black Friday offers to keep them going.

5. Boost your presence on social media

Marketers use social media to influence consumers when making purchase decisions. Furthermore, it's one of the few platforms offering direct audience engagement for eCommerce companies.

In addition to promoting Black Friday deals, listen to your customers' needs and keep them happy during the event.

Here are some tips for social media marketing on Black Friday:

  • Make sure the social media accounts are optimized
  • Take advantage of social shopping
  • Use hashtags to promote Black Friday
  • Promote user-generated content
  • Post the Black Friday promotions on time
  • Don't go overboard with your Black Friday content
  • Advertise on Facebook
  • Micro-influencers are key
  • React to all comments and messages

6. Make sure your product descriptions are current

Make your product irresistible by writing a compelling product description if you want to sell more. As a start, here are three easy rules of effective product descriptions.

Make sure you use powerful words to sell

Knowing your audience is important. Your product can establish a connection with your audience if you are aware of what they want and what they need. In addition to these words, there are hundreds more.

Search engine optimization

You can share your message with the search engines if you let them know about it. If you leave your content online in obscurity, what’s the point?

Choosing good images for your product

Images play a very important role. Great product images drive Black Friday campaigns to success.

7. Establish a sense of urgency

Customers do not buy from online retailers just because they are offered discounts. Encourage them to rush to the website on Black Friday to maximize sales. Black Friday campaigns can be made more urgent in several ways:

  • Create a flash sale
  • If the quantity is low, display the stock level
  • Communicate in a time-sensitive manner
  • Highlight the offer with a color that stands out
  • You should reward the fastest customers
  • Display the number of customers who have bought the item on the product page

8. Consider mobile users

Hubspot reports that 75% of Black Friday shoppers used mobile devices to research products, compare prices, or make purchases last year.

Before Turkey Day, thoroughly test and optimize the mobile experience. Make sure your eCommerce site and any landing pages you create as part of your Black Friday marketing campaign look good on mobile devices. An unresponsive mobile experience during the holiday shopping season is the last thing you need.

9. Give rewards for a minimum purchase

You can also motivate your customers by offering incentives. Based on the minimum spend you expect from your customers, you can plan and predict your revenue on Black Friday.

Alternatively, you can also make the rewards tier-based if you want to try this strategy. The more things a customer buys, the more rewards they receive. Maintain profitability at all times.

10. Increase the average order value

Increasing Average Order Value, for instance, by encouraging buyers to buy more, can also help you maximize your sales. Using this tactic to grow your business is a good idea.

Average order value has been found to increase retailers' profit per sale because customers are buying more products per transaction. The customer is already on your website, shopping, so it generates higher revenues. Adding another item is easier

11. Give a percentage of your sales to charity

If you tell your buyers that a percentage of their purchase goes to charity, they may feel better about their purchases. You don't have to donate a lot of money to charity; even a percent of your profits will help.

Promises shouldn't be empty. Customers should be notified that their donations were received. You can request that the charity where you donate money send a thank you message to the buyers as well as posting it on your website.

12. Can't give cash discounts? Provide free shipping

Consider providing free shipping instead of cash discounts if you cannot offer discounts. Black Friday promotion ideas that include free shipping are among the most powerful.

According to one study, 48% of participants added items to their shopping carts so that they could qualify for free shipping.

According to a separate study, 90% of participants said free shipping as their top incentive for purchasing. Free shipping and same-day delivery make Black Friday campaigns pretty potent.


There are many ways to promote your brand during the 2021 holiday season.

I hope this has helped you determine the approach that will generate the most engagement from your fan base, even though you probably won't be able to implement all of these ideas.

It is important to be prepared now, but you will want to start your holiday campaigns as soon as you can. So let's let you begin.

Wishing you all the best!

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