20 Best Business Podcasts to Learn from: Get Practical Inspiration

20 Best Business Podcasts to Learn from: Get Practical Inspiration

Are you lacking ideas to develop your company or selling activities? Listening to business podcasts will help you solve some of your problems with inspirational sharings and experiences from powerful people. But which are the reliable podcasts to listen from? Come with me to explore!

What Is Business Podcast

The business podcast is a series of stories about business-related topics. This series will have two podcast hosts who take responsibility for presenting and making all shows perfectly. Besides, they might invite some guests who are experts or successful in running their business to ask about their experiences as well as tips.

Is Business Podcast Worth It

I have to say "Yes!" You can gain a lot of business knowledge from these programs. That is because this program invites many experts or successful business owners who are not only popular but also have great experience in their business areas.

Is Business Podcast Worth It - DSers

Besides, you can easily come up with new ideas for your company. In particular, you can listen to this series wherever and whenever you want.

Top 20 Best Business Podcasts

That is what you need! In this part, I would like to introduce you to 20 popular business podcasts. Check them out and give them a try right away!

1. Entrepreneurs On Fire

Entrepreneurs on Fire is a well-known business podcast with many people. In 2013, this podcast program was awarded the Best of iTunes Award because of its valuable knowledge for startup people.

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John Lee Dumas, who is the founder and host, interviews successful businessmen on every show. He has invited different guests as well as the content on each show. That is why this show is always highly recommended for listening to by experts.

2. How I Built This

How I Built This - DSers

This podcast program, which is a product of National Public Radio, aims to provide listeners with insights into successful people. Guy Raz, the host of the program, helps audiences learn how these business owners make profits. He also asks them to share their strategies or tips to be prosperous. If you want to listen to inspirational stories about entrepreneurs, do not forget How I Built This.

3. Mixergy

Are you a startup? Then, here’s a great business podcast for you, which is Mixergy. The host of this program is Andrew Warner. You will get to know how these entrepreneurs survived and succeed when they were newbies.

Moreover, in some shows, you can also learn about challenges that you may have to face as well as how to resolve them. Mixergy invites famous leaders like Jim Morris from Pixar, Kedar Deshpande, CEO of Groupon, and so on.

4. RISE Podcast

The Rise Podcast is an unfamiliar show to many people, especially businessmen. This show is hosted by Rachel Hollis, who is a powerful woman and motivational speaker.

Aside from listening to other leaders' insights stories, you can learn a variety of tricks and techniques that will help you develop your group or company. With its incisive meaning, the RISE podcast was honored as the "Best Business & Entrepreneurship Podcast" at the first iHeart Radio Podcast Awards Ceremony, 2019.

5. The 100$MBA

If you are passionate about running a company, check out the $100MBA podcast by Omar Zenhom. This podcast provides audiences with how to grow and run their business in the most efficient way.

The 100$MBA - DSers

It has more than 50,000 listeners and is gaining a lot of new subscribers every day. With a 4.9 out of 5 rating from iTunes, I believe that The $100MBA is a great program for you to learn knowledge.

6. BizChix

BizChix is a special podcast for women who aim to be an entrepreneur. The host of it is Natalie Eckdahl, a businesswoman who has a master's degree in business administration with many achievements.

When listening to this show, you will learn information about training courses, tips, and even advice to solve your problems in company operations. She desires to help women do wonderful things and become more powerful. Therefore, do not forget BizChix with Eckdahl to change your life.

7. Business War

In business, "wars" can happen in the background. That is what David Brown always believed. So, he begins to build the stories about the "war of business" in this show.

You will see the differences between the two companies' competitors on each show. For example, he will compare DSers and Oberlo, as well as other well-known brands such as Nike and Adidas. Plus, he also lets listeners know how these companies retain their healthy competition.

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8. Inside LaunchStreet

Inside LaunchStreet is a business podcast that helps people refresh their entrepreneurial operations. Tamara Ghandour, a well-known innovator, is the host of this show.

In each episode, she is willing to share her tips and motivational strategies that you can use in your workplace. Besides, there are many new tips from other top innovators, such as Kevin Kruse or Dough Hall.

9. Outside In

Do you want to discover the "secrets" of successful companies? Outside In will accompany you to find the secrets of brands that are customer-centric.

Outside In - DSers

In addition, it is also filled with valuable information about business and marketing areas. And, of course, "customer first" is an important factor in any successful company. So, that is why you should not miss the Inside In podcast.

10. The GraryVee Audio Experience

It is a big pity if you missed The GaryVee Experience Audio. For those who do not know, this show was created by Gary Vee, who is a social media and digital marketing expert. Due to his reputation and achievements, his podcast is on the favorite list of many people.

You will find a lot of useful information for running your company, particularly in the marketing area. Moreover, it is also a part of the GaryVee series that includes GaryVee documentation and AskGaryVee questions and answers.

11. Unshakeable

I think Unshakeable will be on your list just after one listen. This is a creation of Peter Mallouk and Tony Robbins. Both of them are famous names in financial freedom areas.

Unshakeable - DSers

Unshakeable wants to show audiences ways to develop themselves as well as financial management. When you encounter any difficulties, you can spend a few minutes listening to this show. It will help you to feel more relaxed with a strong enough mind to deal with everything.

12. The Mind Your Business Podcast

This show is a great combination of self-help and business running. James Wedmore, who is the host, always wants to lead individuals to believe in themselves, and confidently do everything.

He also emphasizes that everyone should never give up. Just continue to move forward, and you can achieve what you have dreamed of.

13. Rise and Grind

If you like Daymond John from Shark Tank, you will probably like him even more on this business podcast. Rise and Grind, as the name implies, are important characteristics of a successful person.

When listening to this show, you will know how to manage and use your time as a leader. Plus, the founder of the Rise and Grind podcast is one of the most popular businessmen in the U.S. So, the content is very reliable and worth it.

14. Startup Nation

Startup Nation is also a great option for those who are going to start a business. The founders of this podcast are brothers, Jeff and Rich Solan. Their purpose is to lead audiences the right way when they start their business.

Startup Nation - DSers

Each show also has interesting stories with extraordinary leaders who make "crazy ideas" come true. Try this podcast and be inspired by their stories.

15. School of Greatness

Another choice for you is the School of Greatness, a podcast program by Lewis Howes. He is a well-known author for the New York Times and also a former professional athlete.

He aims to share inspirational stories for those who have problems or lack ideas for running a business. In addition, he interviews other powerful people, such as Russell Simmons, Jay Shetty, etc. to give listeners practical advice as well as a proper mindset.

16. The Indicator

The Indicator - DSers

Here I have a business podcast for busy people! With the Indicator, you just need to spend 10 minutes per day listening to financial and economic news. Moreover, this podcast also provides individuals with some weird problems with solutions. You can experiment with this podcast when you feel tired to gain more information and relax because they present it interestingly.

17. HBR Ideacast

A fan of Harvard Business Review will not want to miss the HBR Ideacast. This show consists of interviews and discussions with the leaders of the top entrepreneurs in the world.

You can even catch the latest world financial news as well as the problems of other companies. Moreover, if you want to know the running ways of big entrepreneurs, HBR Ideacast is a great option for you!

18. As Told By Nomads

Tayo Rockson, a digital marketing specialist, is the host of the As Told By Nomads business podcast. It provides audiences with a variety of digital marketing knowledge and its outstanding benefits to companies.

As Told By Nomads - DSers

Thanks to it, you will be able to build out-of-the-box ideas for marketing strategies to develop your company, particularly in the digital marketing area.

19. The Internet Business Mastery

The Internet Business Mastery is one of those podcast shows that resonates. That is because it helps people learn how to overcome and deal with their current issues. Plus, you know that the internet is becoming more popular these days. So, with Internet Business Mastery, it will not be hard to earn online money automatically anymore.

20. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss is not an unfamiliar name to many individuals, especially those who work in business areas. He used to be famous for his best-selling book, "The 4-Hour Workweek."

The Tim Ferriss Show - DSers

When you watch his show, you can listen to more stories from a variety of people, like Malcolm Gladwell, LeBron James, Morgan Housel., and so on. And, he also shares his morning routines and business strategies to be successful.

Final Words

The shortest way to being successful is by learning, learning, and learning! So now, are you ready to refresh yourself? I hope that with the 20 suggestions of the best business podcasts that I have introduced above, you will easily find solutions to any unexpected issues in your business!

Lastly, do not forget to learn interesting knowledge about selling in DSers blog. Good luck!

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