Call to Action (CTA) Examples: Complete Guide With Pro Tips

Call to Action (CTA) Examples: Complete Guide With Pro Tips

When watching advertisements or receiving marketing emails, you will see some quotes, such as "Download Now," "See more," etc. These quotes are known as "calls to action" in the marketing area. Why do we need a good call to action? Check my post to find the answers and see some successful CTA examples in reality.

What Is a Call to Action

A "call to action" (CTA) is a marketing term that represents a sentence in advertising videos or email marketing. It aims to make readers take the next step. For instance, when buyers receive an email marketing with discounts from your dropshipping store, you can take advantage of an impressive CTA and instruct them to access your store by clicking the button next to it.

What Is a Call to Action - DSers

The call to action in marketing strategies relates directly to the effectiveness of selling. Continue reading to learn about the benefits of CTA for your business.

Why Is CTA Important

Imagine that your store has a website and you want to drive traffic as well as sales. What should you do? An outstanding call to action is what you need.

Why Is CTA Important - DSers

Increase Conversion Rate

A high conversion rate is the final target of any marketing strategy. According to a survey, more than 90% of customers glance at the call to action and headline on a website. It can determine a strong connection between the CTA and conversion rate.

Get More Potential Customers

Many businesses take advantage of the call to action to identify and generate customers who are interested in their products. When they know who are potential, they will create a strategy to reach them. Another benefit of it is that it entices regular clients to buy "lucrative" deal items.

Show Customers What to Do

As I said, a call to action will help buyers follow the next steps. For example, customers will easily go to your store in DSers by clicking the call to action in their email marketing content.

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As a result, it is hard for them to ignore buying anything from your shop. Instead of hoving their mouse into the sale funnel, they just need to click on the CTA button to buy it. So convenient, right?

Impressive List of 10 CTA Examples

In this section, you will see the list of 10 kick-ass CTA instances. What makes these calls to action successful? Let’s explore and note some ideas for you!

GiftRocket: “Send a GiftRocket”

GiftRocket: “Send a GiftRocket” - DSers

For those who do not know, GiftRocket is a service that specializes in sending gifts and cards to your relatives and friends. It allows clients to choose the prize as well as the message they want to let their lovers know. Instead of asking new users to register or get gifts, this brand’s CTA makes people feel curious and want to click on it. Why should people "Send a GiftRocket"? Their call to action is the answer because it emphasizes its benefits and good service.

Less Accounting: “Let’s Do It”

Accounting for everything by hand can sometimes be very risky, especially in business. But now you don’t need to worry anymore because Less Accounting will help you do that. This business provides many accounting software options that you can use depending on your business’s scale.

Less Accounting: “Let’s Do It” - DSers

Their CTA is simple but still has a good effect on sales. "Let’s Do It" CTA shows customers its friendliness and creates a strong connection. They want to be the strong assistant that is always side by side with you to solve all the calculating problems in your business.

Basecamp: “Give Basecamp A Try”

Basecamp: “Give Basecamp A Try” - DSers

Basecamp is a firm that provides software to manage projects and work with clients whenever and wherever you want. Basecamp is highly rated by users because of its friendly interface and ease of use. Why do I take Basecamp's call to action as a kick-ass example? That is because it uses naturally persuasive words. "Give Basecamp a try" encourages clients to start a free trial and experiment with its good features without any fear of risk and effort-wasting.

KISSmetrics: "Log In with Google"

KISSmetrics: "Log In with Google" - DSers

It is hard to ignore KISSmetrics’ CTA on our list today. This company also writes its CTA simply to pique people's curiosity by mentioning Google. With only a link and a call to action "Log In With Google", KISSmetrics can demonstrate its credibility with customers. They don't exaggerate their benefits or special features, but they let customers know that they always try their best to offer powerful analytic tools.

My Perfect Resume: "Create My Resume"

My Perfect Resume: "Create My Resume" - DSers

Writing a good resume might be difficult for newbies. However, it is not your business anymore because My Perfect Resume will fulfill that mission. About its CTA, "Create My Resume" is a really practical appeal that encourages folks looking for the ideal CV to click straight away.

Zara: “View”

Zara: “View” - DSers

Simple but still effective is what you can see from Zara’s call to action on its homepage. Zara is a common fashion brand that creates many of the best seasonal collections. This brand aims to make customers discover the inside of your clothes rather than coaxing them to buy them like other eCommerce websites. Besides, they also grasp customer psychology very well when using the word "View" as a call to action. It will encourage clients to click on and purchase what they want.

Netflix: “Try 30 Days Free”

Netflix: “Try 30 Days Free” - DSers

What's better than providing a free experience for customers? That is what Netflix does to persuade customers to use their film-watching service. It is easy to see this CTA on their website. Also, I believe that this trial period is great for all users to consider purchasing a paid package. Moreover, the call to action's red button grabs customers' attention at first sight. Thanks to a good deal and outstanding color, Netflix can get more chances to increase the conversion rate.

Esty: “Shop The Stars”

Esty: “Shop The Stars” - DSers

Esty wins a lot of affection from jewelry-loving women. The success of this brand does not stop at the quality of products; they are not afraid of refreshing and creating. It's difficult to say no to some things with gorgeous visuals and compelling appeals. That is why Esty likens their products to stars to entice clients to purchase their jewelry.

Airbnb: “Redeem Now”

Airbnb: “Redeem Now” - DSers

According to WordStream, a CTA in promotional emails can increase sales up to 1617%. So, if you are looking for a call to action from email strategies, take Airbnb as a great approach. In this example, the company offers a 5% discount to its loyal users. They use the CTA "Redeem now" to express a sense of urgency and encourage clients to click on it.

Adobe Creative Cloud: “Save Now”

Adobe Creative Cloud: “Save Now” - DSers

Adobe Creative Cloud is an application developed by Adobe that helps its users save their creative products, such as self-designed photos, edited videos, etc. Its call to action not only inspires you to make something special but also lets you know that its application is an ideal place to save it.

Best Tips and Tricks for Great Call To Actions

As you might know, the best CTA will be catchy, powerful, and grab customers’ attention. That is why you should not miss this part to learn tips for writing a convincing call to action. The five factors below are ready for your exploration.

Create a Low-Risk Call to Action

A good call to action will provide high value but low risk when readers see and read it. To reach out to buyers, consider using a no-pressure approach. As you can see from those examples above, they allow readers to try out their products and services without investment.

Pay Attention to the Words Used

Another must-have tip I want to show you is to choose the right words. You can direct customers by following your suggestion as a result of it. Remember to keep your call to action short enough to make customers want to discover more. Plus, you should prefer the words to emphasize your special offers to aware customers.

Start with an Imperative

The main ambition of CTA is to convince people to choose your suggestion. Thus, using imperative words makes your call to action more powerful and persuasive. Specifically, it is much better to start with the words "shop now", "click here", "join now", and so on.

Make It More Urgent

Creating a sense of urgency is a smart step for marketers who want to persuade clients. In more detail, you can get more ideas from FOMO (fear of missing out) which is a psychological phenomenon that customers experience when they see a good deal. A tip for you: set a limited time for your discount to urge customers to make buying decisions.

Focus on Its Originality

Focus on Its Originality - DSers

Avoid copying the call to action from other brands. You should only refer to other CTAs to get more inspiration for your own. Moreover, don’t be afraid of creativity to make it unique and attractive. To create a strong call to action, you should understand your goods and determine your goal. Then, write down what you want customers to follow.

Want to Learn More Marketing Tips

A strong call to action can boost conversion rates and even sales. Without it, customers won’t be impressed and might move on to other things. I believe that you can understand the necessity of this quote through the best call to action examples above. Lastly, if you desire to expand your store’s influence via content marketing, pay a visit to the DSers blog now!

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