Copywriting Tips for Your Dropshipping Online Store: Sell More in 2022

Copywriting Tips for Your Dropshipping Online Store: Sell More in 2022

The majority of business owners haven't devoted much time to honing their copywriting skills. You probably have other responsibilities too.

Strong copywriting skills, however, can convince more readers to click, sign up, or purchase. A product's copy can help potential customers imagine how it feels to own it. They can see it in their hands, solving a problem or improving their lives.

How should good copywriting look? What should you do when writing for potential customers? We'll show you how to write any text you need and copywriting tips for your eCommerce store in this guide. It's all about writing words that pay you back.

What Is Copywriting

All text involved in promoting your brand or product is considered copywriting. The components include your ads, your homepage, product page, about page, and email sequences. Creating trust is how you get visitors to use their credit cards and, ultimately, how you get them to spend money with you.

Your dropshipping store might get ruined by bad copywriting. Depending on how you phrase your words, you could either influence someone to trust you or make them feel like you are trying to scam them. People could either trust or disbelieve your brand based on the way you phrase them.

Using eCommerce copywriting, you can effectively explain the benefits of your products and also help your online store rank higher in search engines. You have to be an excellent communicator, persuasive with words, market the voice of your brand, and understand the psychology of what makes a customer buy.

Where to Apply Copywriting

You should always use copy on all your most-visited pages, regardless of where you place it. Among them:

  • Homepage: A first impression can never be remade. Copy that communicates what you sell and why it's different will keep users on your site rather than bouncing away.
  • Descriptions of products: What makes the product worthwhile? Your product description copy should convey the feeling of owning, touching, or using the product.
  • Category pages: Visitors to your website are often looking for a solution to a problem, but are confused about which product will help. You can provide snippets about individual products and explain how products are grouped on the page.
  • About page: More than half of website visitors want to know more about the company behind the site they're visiting. Copy on your About page will make people fall in love with your brand.
  • Descriptions and meta titles: This snippet of copy appears on the search results page of search engines. A decision can only be influenced by copy-there are no images or videos. The difference between your website receiving a click from a potential customer and one of your competitors could be your SEO copywriting.
  • Emails: A customer-focused email marketing campaign should include promotions, abandoned cart campaigns, and purchase confirmations. Through a call to action, you can direct them out of their inbox and onto your website.
  • Posts on social media: People spend almost 2.5 hours a day on social media. You can direct them away from social media and towards your eCommerce store by focusing on the copy in your social media posts.
  • Direct mail: Promote your brick-and-mortar store through leaflets and postcards.
  • Advertisement: Advertising is really about the intersection of copy and creativity, whether it's Google Ads, Facebook campaigns, or billboards. Combine eye-catching visuals with compelling copy that encourages your target audience to stay around long enough to influence a purchase.

Things to Do before Writing Copy

You need to determine a few essential details before you begin writing the copy:

Identify Your Target Audience

No marketing campaign has ever been successful without understanding the buyer persona inside out.

Make sure you know all the characteristics of your potential customers, including age, gender, interests, motivations, and frustrations behind their buying behavior, and the features and benefits of your product that will appeal to them.

Copywriting tips 3 - DSers

You will be able to use all of this information to increase sales on your store's product and landing pages.

Research Keywords

For your page to be found by your target audience, it must be optimized for search engines. You should choose keywords that are relevant to your offer and match your target customers' search intent when doing SEO.

The keywords will appear in the page's title, description, headline, product description, and image tags.

Copywriting Tips to Increase Your Website Conversions

Here are some smart copywriting tips for you to increase your website conversions. Please check:

1. Know the Psychology of Your Audience

Understanding the psychology of your audience is the very first step in copywriting. Knowing the likes, dislikes, wants, and needs of your target audience are essential.

Determine what will cause them to purchase your service or product. You will only be able to influence your visitors if they can understand and accept what you write.

Social media networks are a great way to understand the audience's persona. You will get a strong insight into your audience persona by tracking the activities across various social media channels.

Once you have this information, you can easily incorporate it into your writing. It will not only make your content more personalized but also influence people to take the action you want them to take.

As a writer, you cannot succeed if you don't know how people think. You can be an average writer, but if you have a deep knowledge of human psychology, your copy will be very effective.

2. Be Aware of Your Tone

For your copy, you should keep your tone in mind just like for any aspect of marketing and branding. What you are selling to them, and how you can best cater to their needs, should be taken into consideration when creating your marketing strategy.

As you develop your tone, consider these other guidelines:

  • Those who work in more technical or education-related industries will need to know how their products work and what they do. If writing for this, avoid overly flowery or unnecessary language.
  • Being energetic, elegant, and dependable can set your tone in a way that is universally unaccepted and alienating. It will, of course, vary depending on what field you're in.
  • Educate and entertain your readers with your blog. Try adding a bit of your personality to your writing, unless your article is only statistics.

Your language should be as inclusive as possible. Even if you believe your audience will understand, try not to use jargon, colloquialisms, or references that aren't common knowledge. If you can't avoid them, try explaining what they mean within your text.

Maintain a neutral or positive tone. Your content can be turned off by too much negativity. You can inspire your audience with one word about your product by using appropriate metaphors in your product copy. By doing this, the audience will feel inspired by the product's capabilities.

3. Be Clear about Your Product's Benefits

Copy has the primary function of educating. Your product's benefits should be communicated in your copy. This can be achieved by identifying a pain point that your customer may have and showing why your product can alleviate it.

In your copy, you do not want your customers to be bored by a bunch of empty words that take up a paragraph. Having an excellent product is one thing, but it's another thing to make it happen. Then there is the why.

Copywriting tips 2 - DSers

By comparing your product to your competitors, you can make your cost/benefit analysis clear. Customers will almost certainly compare the specifications of specific products on their own, so your ability to do that for them will be greatly appreciated.

To avoid any potential liability, just make sure your information is accurate. Customers will flock to your product so long as it is better where it counts.

4. Write Easily Readable Copy

Making your copy too long and difficult to read is one of the best ways to permanently disengage any potential customer from your product. In addition to a larger vocabulary than most of the population is used to, this also includes sentences that are too long, as well as thoughts that don't make sense.

The time people have to explore your products and store is limited. They mustn't have to waste their time or do unnecessary work to understand what you're offering.

You can simplify your content by following these steps:

  • Don't tell personal stories
  • Be careful not to repeat yourself
  • Organize your vocabulary
  • Use your words efficiently
  • Learn about best SEO practices
  • Your content should be simple without being condescending

When writing good copy, you should keep in mind that you're not writing a book. Although you may be telling a compelling story, you do not necessarily want to write (or read) a sprawling epic. As a result of all this, we understand that an eCommerce store is the retailer's pride and joy, and we encourage you to express that passion in your copy.

5. Comprehensive List of Features

Communication of your story and what makes your products unique is important, but don't forget to demonstrate the more practical aspects of your products as well.

You must make sure that your customers have access to the information they need as a marketing expert. Provide specifications and exact features of your products that can be viewed quickly and easily. Be sure that any features listed are readily accessible.

DSers dropshipping

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In other words, make sure you don't have to go through too many links to get to it and don't surround it with too much fancy formatting or text.

Make sure you know what those exact numbers mean when you're providing a detailed list of pictures and specifications. In addition to being important for the customer, this is also significant for the seller, as the customer needs to compare your product with certain competitors, as well as for you to organize your stock accurately.

Infographics are great for demonstrating detail. Invest in a graphic designer who can create visually appealing infographics.

6. Include Keywords in Your Copy

While most of your copywriting should be aimed at actual shoppers, there is another audience you need to address - search engines. As you create pages, you have the opportunity to target specific keywords that will bring organic traffic and boost your ranking in Google search results.

Google Ads Keyword Planner and other tools can be used for basic keyword research. Your eCommerce website may also benefit from a content marketing strategy (like a blog) to attract more visitors from search engines.

7. Bullet Points

Shoppers who are just looking for sneakers can be intimidated by a paragraph full of text. For easier reading and better scanning, organize your copy into bullet points. This is especially useful if you have a lot of details about a product that you would like to highlight.

Bullet points have the following advantages:

  • By grouping ideas in buckets, you reduce redundant text.
  • You'll add whitespace and breathing room to your page, making it more visually appealing.
  • Mobile users can read them more easily than huge blocks of text that take up the entire screen.

8. Relate a Story

A store page must evoke emotions in visitors to convert them. Consumer behavior and decisions are influenced by emotions, not merely by facts and figures about your product. Use stories and narrative essays to evoke desired emotions in your customers.

It's more likely that a customer's heart will be stirred by a mini-story about your product. If you ask them to imagine it as an emotional companion in daily life, they will feel that they need it right now.

What is the best way to tell a story about your product?

  • Consider what inspired its creators.
  • Give an account of how this product was made.
  • Consider your buyer persona again: What are their emotional needs, and how can you illustrate how your product can meet those needs?

In case someone else writes your product descriptions, make sure to involve them in the process so they would know your target audience inside out. You should tell stories that motivate customers to buy instead of leaving your website.

9. Provide Answers to Customer Inquiries

The most obvious, yet often-overlooked tip for copywriters is to focus on answering customers' questions when writing product page copy. If after reading a product description you still have questions, then it didn't get the job done.

Create a list of all the possible questions regarding your product (that's where its features take center stage), and interlace your text with the answers to those questions. That way, you will not only provide customers with all the information they need, but you will also demonstrate that you understand their pain points and needs.

Copywriting tips 1 - DSers

Chatbots should also be considered here. You should choose a good one to put on your online store's homepage so that it can answer customers' questions. If you have the resources, consider implementing a live chat option so that site visitors can communicate directly with a real person who can assist them in making the right decision.

10. Create a Compelling Call to Action

You need to tell your visitors what to do on your website with your call to action. Many websites left the audience with no idea what to do after reading the content, as they didn't have a call to action.

The call to action on your website should be prominent, and the copy should be both compelling and non-pushy.

The CTA buttons with words such as "submit", "continue" and "next" have no meaning. Don't use those confusing words in your call to action button text.

From your CTA button text, your audience should be able to guess what the outcome will be if they click on your CTA button.


Copy that engages your audience and attracts them to your shop is an excellent way to gain their attention. By telling an entertaining and educational story about your business or product, you engage your audience on a fundamentally human level and keep them returning to your site.

Your writing can, however, misrepresent your company, bore potential customers and clients, and detract from sales if it is done poorly. As a result, copywriting is not a scary thing. When done properly, it can even enhance your business in a fun way. Regardless of what you're writing, make sure you avoid plagiarism at all costs.

You will soon be a copywriting expert capable of attracting a powerful audience and competing in search engines with a variety of businesses if you follow a few simple tips.

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