How to Create an Online Course and Make It Sell?

How to Create an Online Course and Make It Sell?

With the entire world inclined towards the online method of executing things, online courses have become extremely popular. Therefore, tutors or subject matter experts, who used to write books to spread knowledge, are thinking about creating an online course. Do you want to create an online course that sells?

You are a dropshipping business and you have gained success in a short span of time. With your experience, you think you can help other budding e-commerce entrepreneurs gain success. So, what do you do?

You can create an online course and allow your audience (budding dropshippers) to gain success in their career.

Below, we have discussed some tips for creating and selling online courses.

Why Create an Online Course

You may be wondering that there are many ways to spread knowledge, so why create an online course? Let’s find out:

  • Creating an online course can help you generate a consistent source of income. You can sell courses at a suitable price and consistently earn from the knowledge you are offering to budding dropshipping businesses.
  • You can use online courses to encourage visitors to purchase from you. When people like your courses, they start to like the person behind the course, which allows them to purchase from your dropshipping source.
  • By allowing yourself to teach other people, you learn. In an attempt to offer the best to your students, you may automatically learn more about the domain and become a subject matter expert.

How to Create an Online Course

Creating an online course is not a challenging activity if you know about the subject. It may be hectic and time-consuming, but it is not challenging or exhausting. You will enjoy creating videos, offering examples, etc.

Here are some tips for creating an online course:

1. Prepare for the Content

When you are creating a course in your expertise, you need to think through your options. You may think that your audience wants to know about growing dropshipping businesses or gaining business information. But, it is equally likely for your audience to think about how to start dropshipping and the basics of the e-commerce business model.

how to create online course - DSers.

We may quickly jump to the conclusion and think that users may want to know about an advanced topic. That’s, however, not always the case.

Therefore, use different methods to find out what your users want:

  • Run a survey amongst new entrepreneurs to understand their mindset.
  • Send an email asking for the opinion of your users.
  • Simply analyze data on the internet to understand the requirement.

There was a writer, who wrote her second book and received appreciation from across the globe. She decided to start creating online courses to reach a wider audience.

However, this writer was fearful because her first book was a failure. At the time, she didn’t assess the requirements of the audience and just went with it.

Therefore, she feared that creating a course would mean the same thing.

So, what should she do?

Many people give in to the fear of failure and stop. They have the talent and motivation to work on something, but they give in to fear.

Instead of giving in to the fear, try analyzing the requirements of the audience. Always validate your idea, check other courses in a similar domain, and talk to a few people in this field. Gather reviews to know if this is a feasible idea.

Build Content

If you pick any company across the globe, you may realize that most brands have a habit of adopting an approach that works backward. They built backward!

For example, Amazon or other similar companies release a press note informing the users of a new product. They have not designed the product, and they are not releasing the product with this press release. They are informing the customer of the pre-launch. This way, the company knows what value they want to offer to the audience.

DSers dropshipping

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Understanding the final goal helps using the backward approach and then working on the solution.

When you are trying to build content for your course, understand the value you want to offer to the customer. Is this content audio, video, or a mix of all?

  • What type of data can you give?
  • Will you personally speak during the course?
  • Or will you create a PDF?
  • Are you planning to offer advanced data or entry-level knowledge?

Deciding on these factors helps you work backwards and implement these things in your content.

Price Your Course

After designing the course and creating the content for it, you have to select the price. What should be the price of my course? Ideally, you may need to try a few pricing models in the initial courses to find the right price.

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Although you can find courses from USD 10-USD 2000, you should be able to decide on an optimum price for your talent.

Some factors to help you decide:

  • What is the cost of the course, including hosting and platform subscriptions?
  • What is the competitor's price for a similar course?
  • What is the suspected income range of your target audience?

Tips to Create an Online Course that Sells

The steps to creating an online course that sells are given below. These are simple tips that allow you to create a course your users want to interact with.

Choose a Popular Subject

Always try to choose a subject in trend. Of course, this is not to say that you should always create courses on popular subjects, but think about it, in-trend courses sell fast.

Hence, at least your first few courses should be in an area preferred by your potential audience.

Make It Engaging

Don’t be dull. We have all studied in a class, and we already know how depressing textbooks can get. If you are willing to create courses like this, then don’t.

While that was a little blunt, that’s the truth.

People enroll in online courses because they feel it gives them an interactive way to study. So, use videos, funny audio, and other things that make content engaging.

Add Visuals

You absolutely need visuals in your content to make it more engaging. There’s no way you can sell it without graphics or videos. The student can read a book if they are willing to just read, read, and read.

In place of this, add pictures, infographics, diagrams, etc.

Show Your Face

Try to show your face in a video. Personal interaction is the best type of conversation you can have with your audience. Talk to your audience, and if possible, create a course containing videos wherein you talk about some parts of it and show examples for others.

Offer Free Demo

A great strategy for building your audience is to offer courses for free. If you have time and you can offer courses for free, then try this strategy. This will help create an audience base, which will provide a window of opportunity for future paid courses.


The hardest part is not creating an online course, it is selling it. You may be a subject matter expert, and you may know a lot about the topic, but the process of correctly delivering this knowledge to your audience is the key.

Use the above tips, understand what your users need to know about dropshipping businesses, and then create a course worth watching or engaging with.

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