What Is Creator Economy & How It Helps Grow Your Business

What Is Creator Economy & How It Helps Grow Your Business

If you are reading this, then you might already know the power of informative content. While content is gold in the present social-driven online landscape, its creators are certainly a goldmine.

This is exactly why the creator economy has taken a huge leap in the last few years and is expected to grow even more in the future. Therefore, in this post, I will make you familiar with its basics and provide some smart tips to make the most of this new-age trend.

What Is Creator Economy

In the simplest terms, the creator economy is comprised of various monetization and business practices that are undertaken by online creators. That is, the business is run by over 50+ million online influencers, YouTubers, podcast hosts, and all kinds of other content creators.

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Though, in recent years, the entire ecosystem is labeled as the creator market, which comprises individuals, teams, influencers, and even online content-based startups. As of now, the total creator market is worth over $140 billion and is only expected to flourish in the coming years. While the creator market can be driven by numerous channels, these are some of its common monetization sources:

  • Advertisement
  • Brand sponsorship and promotion
  • Paid subscriptions for exclusive content
  • Live streaming and virtual events
  • Merchandizing
  • Digital content selling
  • Product placement
  • Tipping, etc.

Benefits of Creator Economy for Online Businesses

As you can see, the creator marketplace is quite diverse and has a global impact. Though, before you start exploring it, consider the following key benefits that will help you utilize it in your favor.


This is one of the best things about the present landscape of the creator economy. From financial knowledge to lifestyle hacks and travel content to healthcare-related stuff, you can find creators in almost every domain.

This will make it quite easy for you to diversify as a brand and select relevant creators to promote your products.


Gone are the days when brands would go through unwanted hassles to get in touch with influencers and online creators. Now, you can just explore any popular creator marketplace where you can directly get in touch with appropriate individuals or teams.

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Most of these creator marketplaces are quite interactive and will let you know more about any creator before contacting them.


Creators mostly charge brands based on their influence and product placements. From micro-influencers to established teams, there can be all kinds of people you can get in touch with. Even if you have a restricted budget, you can easily get in touch with the right creators in your domain.

Long-term results

What makes informative content so powerful is its extensive lifespan. Let’s say you have come up with an informative YouTube video by collaborating with a creator.

Chances are that people will watch that video even after years if it stays relevant. This will help you generate long-term results by collaborating with genuine creators.

Seamless ROI

Since most creators take the assistance of social platforms, it becomes quite easy to calculate the ROI of your campaigns. You can ask the creator to share vital metrics like views, impressions, engagement, and so on to calculate the immediate ROI of the campaign.

How to Leverage Creator Economy

Let’s say you have an online store or a related business that you wish to promote. In this case, you can consider following these suggestions to use the power of the creator economy in your favor.

Handpick Target Platforms

Before you explore the influence of the creator economy, you need to identify the online platforms to target. Let’s assume you are the marketer of an online jewelry store. Now, targeting influencers on Twitch won’t be the best move for you. Instead, you should look for creators on platforms like Pinterest, Instagram, and Snapchat.

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Therefore, you first need to map out the kind of tone you want to convey and the platform where your target audience is most active. You can even come up with user personas to get better results with this.

Diversify Your Reach

While selecting the target platforms and content creators to collaborate with, you should maintain a diverse approach. Ideally, you should avoid sticking to a single platform and a handful of creators.

To get better results, follow a diverse approach and expand your reach on numerous related platforms. At the same time, you should collaborate with different kinds of influencers hailing from all sorts of backgrounds, locations, and styles.

Try Giving Value to Your Audience

To maximize your returns while collaborating with creators, you should always focus on providing value to your audience. A lot of newbies make the rookie mistake of making their collaborative content too promotional. Remember, it should not come out as a forgettable advertisement, which can be a major turn-off for your audience.

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Instead, you should collaborate with influencers and create the kind of content that your audience would remember. For example, if you sell hair care products, then collaborate with influencers on something related to hair-styling tips. One of the tips that they share can include the use of your product, which would be subtle product placement in the content.

Explore Creator Marketplaces & Tools

Needless to say, the present state of the creator economy is a bit chaotic. If you are running several marketing campaigns at once, then it can be extremely consuming to select the right creators.

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To avoid that, you can take the assistance of readily available creator marketplaces. Some platforms like TikTok and Instagram have come up with inbuilt marketplaces with a listing of creators of different kinds. Apart from that, there are also third-party creator marketplaces and platforms that you can explore.

Avoid Spamming

The golden rule of marketing applies to the creator economy as well. Let’s be honest – no one likes to be spammed. While it is recommended to have a long-term relationship with creators, you need to come up with feasible plans.

Try to diversify and have collaborations in gaps so that it would look more natural and organic.

Personalize Your Campaigns

With the change in the algorithm on platforms like YouTube and Instagram, more and more brands are coming up with personalized content. To do this, you can try to collaborate with micro and local influencers.

You can also come up with multiple marketing campaigns by bifurcating your target audience into different categories. This will help you come up with personalized content for your audience that they would remember.

Create a Narrative

Most importantly, your marketing strategy should narrate a story. For this, you can first try to identify the pain points of your audience and select the kind of creators who are experts in the selected field.

Later, you can collaborate with them and come up with a storyboard to place your brand and product organically. Your target audience would relate to your products easily as it would come from someone they know.

Build Long-term Relationships

Lastly, you should have realistic expectations when it comes to the creator economy. Most businesses only get profitable results from creators in the long run. The key is not to run a one-time campaign and then disappear from the digital landscape.

Instead, you should try to maintain a long-term and healthy relationship with content creators. Try to be a part of their journey so that their audience can become your customers automatically in the long run.

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Over to You

Since the creator economy is still evolving, you can easily leverage it in your favor to promote your business. Just make sure you engage with the right content creators who can become the mascot of your brand in a natural way.

This will let you educate your audience about your brands and generate long-term leads too. Go ahead and explore the creator market and take the assistance of DSers to step up your online store. It is the official AliExpress dropshipping tool that is freely available and packed with tons of features.

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