Is Customer Review Important? Check How You Can Use them to Increase Sales

Is Customer Review Important? Check How You Can Use them to Increase Sales

Every business relies on good internet reviews.

When users visit your website or social media account, they want to trust your brand. For example, in the case of a dropshipping business, the user came across your business. Now the user is searching for reviews of your business to understand if they can trust you or not.

It will leave customers with a negative impression if you don't even have a reviews section. However, you can mend it. It is not irreparable. But, if you have a lot of negative reviews, your brand's value might be damaged. Subsiding this negative marketing is challenging.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of customer reviews. We will also share how you can reduce negative marketing and collect positive reviews more effectively.

What Are Customer Reviews

Let's start by understanding what customer reviews are:

A customer review is a personalized message written by your customer related to their experience with your product. Whenever you sell a product to a customer or offer a service, the customer may write a review on Google or social media based on this experience.

It is necessary to note that customer reviews can be both positive and negative. While positive reviews work in your favor automatically, you need to respond to negative ones to control the damage.

Why Customer Reviews Important

Customer reviews are important for creating brand value online. Below, we will discuss how.

Understand Users

Customer reviews that customers leave on your website or social media help you get to know them better. For example, if you are receiving good feedback for one category, you can know that this can be your focus category or prime product for your future marketing efforts.

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Apart from this, you can use analytics and find customers' intent around your brand with the help of customer reviews. From the deep-rooted issues in your products to the point where you are offering positive experiences, you can know it all.

Generate New Leads

With the help of customer reviews, you can generate many more new leads. For example, you are a customer trying to purchase an organic shampoo from a brand. What's the first thing you should do? The first thing on your list is to check the website, social media, and Google reviews to see what other customers like you are saying about the brand. Occasionally, you might also visit Instagram and see if any influencer is endorsing the brand or not. If you research extensively, then you may also check YouTube for detailed reviews to see how the product works.

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If you have found positive reviews everywhere, are you purchasing the product? There's no doubt about the fact that this might help you make a purchase immediately knowing what the benefits of the products are. That's the type of impact customer reviews have on your dropshipping store. People tend to connect emotionally with other buyers who are like them.

Furthermore, when customers like your products, they will recommend them to their family and friends. They also recommend your products to their entire social media audience by posting a review.

Build Loyalty

Not every customer will leave a review on your website. Many who find your products and services mainstream may just let the thought of posting a review pass by. When you are able to convince customers to review products online, you are proving that the products in your dropshipping store are worth buying.

Therefore, your customer reviews indirectly help inspire user loyalty towards your brand. With this step, users start to believe that they can trust you for many more purchases. This leads to high revenue and ROI.

Improve Ranking

Search engines are evolving as we speak. The same strategy that used to work even just 6 months ago may not be favorable for your dropshipping business today. However, what seems to work almost always is your customer reviews. With this feedback, the search engines understand that your dropshipping business can be trusted.

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How will this impact your brand? Your search engine results page (SERP) ranking improves automatically. This allows more potential customers to find you, which means more potential income.

How to Ask for Reviews

You may be wondering how you can ask for customer reviews. What is the right method? Here are some tips on how to ask for customer reviews to improve the brand's visibility.

Ask in Response

When a customer has connected with you to write a review of your dropshipping products, it will be the right time to ask them to leave a review on social media. Of course, you can take a screenshot and post it, but screenshots can be easily forged. Hence, you may need actual reviews from customers on the internet to receive the above benefits.

Create Email Blast

The best, and most old-school, method for asking for reviews or feedback from customers is to send an email blast. If you have a dropshipping tool like DSers, you can integrate it with your email marketing tool and send a feedback email when the product is delivered. You can easily automate sending feedback emails after a few hours of receiving the product to get an online review from the customer.

Request Review

Soon after the customer completes a purchase from your dropshipping store, you can ask for a review of your website or their experience with your store. This will help you collect honest ratings and reviews on the purchase experience that you offer to your dropshipping customers.


We all like receiving gifts. Therefore, one of the best ways to ask for a review is to offer a reward in return. In your dropshipping store, create an incentive for customers who review your brand on social media or Google Reviews. This will become a win-win situation for both you and your customers.

Respond to Negative Reviews

Now, here you should pay attention!

While we have discussed everything that you can do to gather positive reviews for your dropshipping store, there's absolutely nothing you can do to avoid some negative feedback. Every brand gets some negative reviews, but they won't impact the brand a lot unless you don't know how to respond to negative marketing.

Some tricks that help you respond positively to negative reviews:

  • Empathize with your upset customer. You can't tell them that they are upset for nothing. In place of this, apologize that they had to go through this and then quickly offer a solution.
  • Learn to hear customers out. If the customer is trying to tell you their story, you should listen patiently and respond. This will allow you to understand the situation, give customers time to calm down, and offer a resolution.
  • Learn to apologize regardless of the situation. A sincere apology can take you a long way. So, apologize when you want to avoid a situation that is frustrating.
  • Find the best possible solution for the user. This means rectifying the issue and helping them receive the products or experience they hoped for.
  • Lastly, find out where you went wrong. Change your processes and remove errors to avoid further negative feedback.


Customer reviews are important for building loyalty around your brand. When a new customer visits your dropshipping business, how will they trust you? Your customer reviews will help convert these new leads.

When other ordinary people like us trust a brand, we tend to automatically build a sense of loyalty towards this business. This helps you improve revenue. Read the above methods, understand how you can get customer reviews, and convert more customers.

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